Memory Shards are the most important resource for upgrading your characters in Princess Connect. Ascension helps you achieve the highest stats and is the most difficult aspect of increasing your team’s overall Party Power. There are different ways to collect Memory Shards, but not all of them guarantee that you’ll get a 6-star character instantly. Actually, they can’t even ensure that you’ll get those high-rarity characters within the next week. Ascension takes a significant amount of grinding, but with some dedication, you’ll eventually get there too.

How To Get Memory Shards in Princess Connect! Re: Dive

The game features a lot of different ways to get Memory Shards, but the sad thing is that most of them are random. Getting Memory Shards of characters you don’t own isn’t necessarily a bad thing since you can use these to recruit characters you don’t already own. Having alternative options to get additional characters boosts you towards your goal to collect as many relevant characters as you can for game modes like Dungeons and Princess Arena.

Divine Amulets

Divine Amulets are your primary and most reliable way of getting Memory Shards. These Amulets can be used in the Shop to buy Memory Shards for a character of your choice. Divine Amulets are rewarded when you pull duplicate characters from the gacha summon. The more times you attempt to summon characters from the gacha, the more amulets you’ll be able to save up. Here are the Divine Amulet drops that each duplicate gives depending on the rarity of the gacha:

  • 1* Character – 1 Divine Amulet
  • 2* Character – 10 Divine Amulets
  • 3* Character – 50 Divine Amulets

How To Get Memory Shards in Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Keep in mind that the price of Memory Shards increases by one each time you buy the maximum limit for those characters. This means that it becomes significantly harder to buy new Memory Shards the more you spend on a single character because you’ll eventually hit a point where it becomes too expensive to continue buying Memory Shards from the Divine Amulet shop. You should try spreading your expenses equally on different characters if you want to be more frugal with your shards.

Main Quests (Hard Mode)

The Hard Mode is another good way to farm Memory Shards, and it only costs energy to do so. This mode offers a way of getting Memory Shards for the characters you need but is more random than buying shards from the shop. For one, Memory Shard drops in Main Quests are still limited by chance. This means that there’s no guarantee you’ll get a shard even if you complete the stage. The chance of getting no shards after three runs isn’t as unlikely as you would think.

How To Get Memory Shards in Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Hard Mode stages are limited to three runs per day, but you can reset it once daily by spending 50 gems. If you don’t mind spending 50 gems to reset the chances on a single dungeon, you should definitely do it, but F2P players are highly discouraged from doing so. Instead of spending gems to increase the daily reset for farming Memory Shards, you’re better off buying more energy or spending it to roll for the gacha. Hard Mode uses a lot of energy, too, so keep that in mind when you farm.


Dungeons are a great way to farm for Memory Shards, though they’re not without their downsides. Unlike the Hard Mode, Memory Shard drops are completely random, so you won’t know which character you’ll get after completing a run. There’s also no guarantee that Memory Shards will drop on each Floor of the Dungeon, which makes this method especially challenging. You can attempt to complete the Dungeon once per day, so make the most out of it by completing all the floors.

How To Get Memory Shards in Princess Connect! Re: Dive

The best part about farming Memory Shards in the Dungeon is that you can collect Dungeon Coins, a currency you can use to buy Memory Shards in the Shop. 800 Dungeon Coins will buy you five Memory Shards for the character of your choosing. Unfortunately, there is a set choice of characters that you can choose from in the Dungeon Shop, so you might find yourself choosing from a list of characters that you don’t use or own yet.

Arena Coins

Arena Coins are one of the easier resources to farm in the game, especially if you’re ranked 3000th and higher. Like Dungeon Coins, you can use 800 Arena Coins to buy a fixed bundle of five Memory Shards in the Arena Shop from a specific set of characters. This is limited to one purchase per day, but you can spend 10 Arena Coins to instantly refresh the limit and immediately buy another Memory Shard bundle for exactly the same price. You can do this an unlimited number of times, assuming you have the currency to do so.

How To Get Memory Shards in Princess Connect! Re: Dive

The biggest hurdle in farming arena coins is maintaining your ranking on the ladder. Check out our Priconne PvP Guide to learn more about how you can effectively prepare for the battle that lies ahead. Keeping your standing until the reset will also reward you with Arena Coins, but it’s a tiny payout compared to what you can earn passively from maintaining a higher standing in the Arena. The Princess Arena and Battle Arena have different currencies, so they don’t stack.

Mana Exchange

The Mana Exchange is probably the most expensive and least reliable method of getting Memory Shards but is still worth mentioning for people who have the means to do so. Starting from your 11th Mana Exchange, you have a 10% chance to get a random Memory Shard from any of your pulls. At 61 Mana Exchanges and above, that probability shoots up to a 35% chance. That’s a very small percentage assuming you’ve already spent thousands of gems to get to this point. 

How To Get Memory Shards in Princess Connect! Re: Dive

As a counterpoint, Mana Exchange isn’t really an optional thing in Princess Connect anyway. At some point, players will run out of Mana and will be forced to spend almost a third of the gems they get on the Mana Exchange. To make spending on the exchange worthwhile, it’s recommended that they splurge until they at least hit 30+ Mana Exchanges to get the most amount of Mana and Skip tickets. The Memory Shard is a welcome bonus to this endeavor.