Princess Connect! Re:Dive’s PvP scene is one of the more competitive PvP settings in the mobile gaming community. After reaching a certain level in the game, the climb to the top rankings becomes almost impossible. If you played this game some weeks after the initial launch of the server, you’ll face off against opponents that have already made some progress on their accounts. Don’t let this discourage you from trying out this game mode and trying out one of the highlights of this game.

There are two PvP modes in Priconne: Battle Arena and Princess Arena. The Princess Arena is the main PvP mode but is only available until later in the game which is unlocked after clearing Stage 8-15 of the Main Quest. Since it’ll be a while before the Princess Arena will be an option for most players in the Global Server, we’ll focus more on the Battle Arena which already has thousands of players competing to climb all the way to Rank 1 of the standings as soon as possible.

Battle Arena Mechanics

The Battle Arena gives you the option of fighting against other people’s teams. Unlike the Princess Arena, you’ll only fight against one squad instead of three. Players can set their defense team. Regardless of whether you’re the challenger or defender, the party will be set on Auto-Mode but the defender will always have the advantage since their units will move a bit faster. This means that if both of you have exactly the same party members, you’ll lose every time.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - PvP Guide

Players can only participate in the Battle Arena 5 times per day unless they pay 50 gems to add another 5 attempts. Players can only attempt to compete in the Battle Arena every 5-minutes unless they are willing to spend 10 gems to instantly refresh the cooldown. As mentioned in our Guide to Getting More Gems, the higher you climb up the rankings, the more gems you’ll be rewarded. The game will also give you various rewards each time the server resets depending on your standings on the server that day.

Tips & Tricks For The Battle Arena

The Battle Arena isn’t impossible to conquer. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to win more matches and slowly climb about the ladder. Here are some things you can do to improve your performance for PvP.

  1. Refresh Your Arena Lists

There are thousands of opponents on the Battle Arena and while you can’t choose specifically which opponents you want to challenge, you can refresh your list of opponents an unlimited times until you find an opponent you think you might win against. This is one of the most useful tips that you can follow since it allows you to fight against an opponent that you can handle without a problem and almost guarantee that you win every time.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - PvP Guide

The general rule in choosing which opponents you want to fight against is that you taking a look at their power levels. Players with a Party Power that’s at least 500 points lower than you means that you have the advantage. Every 500-point difference that you and your chosen opponent have will increase the success rate significantly. However, you need to be careful about opponents that intentionally lower their party power by placing 1 low-level member on the defense team.

  1. Supports Are The King of The Arena

Never underestimate the power of a support or any unit that gives buffs. Units that give bonus attack boosts, defense boosts, or increase your TP regeneration are valuable additions to your team. Having at least two support units on your team will boost your offensive and defensive capabilities by a lot. Units with multi-target buff or debuff abilities are usually valued in PvP for that exact reason.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - PvP Guide

Having supports doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll fill up your team with support units only. A balanced mix of Tanks, DPS units, healers, as well as support units are the key to a fully functional team.

  1. Tanks Are A Lifeline

The first team to lose their tank will almost always lose the match. Tanks are a lifeline which is why bulky tanks that have a lot of self-defense buffs are powerful. Most teams have at least tank to balance out damage distribution but ensure maximum survivability. Losing your tank early means that most of your damage dealers are susceptible to being taken down.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - PvP Guide

The reason why Lima is such a popular tank is that she arrives at the battle a bit later than the other units. This allows the initial damage to be distributed so that she’ll be able to take more damage in the long run. 

  1. Copy Your Opponent’s Team

This method is reserved for players that have been collecting and upgrading a lot of units in their collection. Whenever you challenge a new player, you will be shown which units they’re using and what level those units are. A guaranteed way to win matches is to use an opponent’s team against them as long as the units you’re using is well-geared and is up a few levels compared to your opponents.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - PvP Guide

If you think your team has equal or lower power than your opponent’s, never use those units to fight. The defender always has the advantage because they move a bit faster compared to your own units. Using this method will yield significant results and is a common strategy in the Princess Arena.

Winning and Losing Go Hand in Hand

 There isn’t a single player in the world that has 0 losses since this game doesn’t contain an abuse that allows players to prevent losses from being recorded by exiting the game. Winning feels good but losses reward you with the gift of knowledge. There will be times when you’ll lose even when you were absolutely sure you had the advantage such as being 1000 party power up against your opponent or some instances similar to that. Don’t get discouraged about the loss and move on to your next match.