Comprehensive Guide to the New FPP Mode in PUBG Mobile

Comprehensive Guide to the New FPP Mode...

PUBG Mobile has added a new game mode with the 0.60 update: First Person Perspective (FPP) play. The console and PC players received the same update a few months ago, which adds a true FPS (first person shooter) mode to the game. In other words, you can now play PUBG Mobile like “Counter-Strike”. But changing the point of view (PoV) is not just about changing a camera angle: It completely changes the mechanics of the game and requires you to give up the style of play you are used to. In this article, we will examine PUBG Mobile’s new FPP mode in detail and discuss what kind of changes it makes in regards to game mechanics.

Things You Need to Know About The FPP Mode

Here’s what you need to know about this mode:

  • You can use FPP mode only in “classic” games. FPP cannot be used in “arcade” games, which become unlocked at level 10. Therefore, you can only use this mode in Erangel and Miramar maps at the moment.
  • FPP mode does not have a character level limit, you can use it even at level 1. Just select “FPP” from the main menu.

  • FPP players and TPS (third person shooter) players cannot play in the same match.
  • While jumping from the plane and parachuting, the game is still in TPS mode. The FPP mode is activated when you land.

  • You can see your hands while you are running, but you cannot see your feet. In other words, the PoV angle of the camera does not change according to your movements in a three-dimensional
  • Field of view (FoV) angle is rather narrow. We estimate that it is more than 90. You cannot change this angle and this can negatively affect players, especially those who switch from PC. FoV angles of 90-100 cause a narrow field of view which limits your awareness. This issue will be discussed in detail below.

How Does FPP Mode Affect Game Mechanics?

The classic mode allows you to see a fairly large area as it is played from the TPS point of view. The broader your view, the greater the amount of space you can control – in other words, your environmental awareness is quite high. You can easily see the players around you, you can see where they are hidden. Another advantage of the TPS mode is that you can use the camera angles to “look around”. For example, you can see the inside of a room from outside, just by turning the camera. So even if your character does not move, you are still aware of what’s going on around you. Tactically, TPS point of view is a very useful method to distinguish Battle Royale games from competitive FPS games.


The FPS mode, on the other hand, reduces environmental awareness due to the narrow FoV angle. For example, while you can control a 180-degree field in TPS mode, this value drops to 90 degrees in FPS mode. Sometimes, you may not even notice the players in your immediate vicinity. Of course, the same is true of your opponents: If they are not looking at you, you can easily approach from behind and kill them. If you carry a weapon fitted with an 8x scope, this situation gets worse: Even the weapon itself covers a large part of your field of view. FPS players have to constantly move the camera in order to see their surroundings. So now your character must move in order to see what is in the rooms and behind the corners: It is not possible to see anything by simply turning the camera. This, above all, requires you to stay in constant motion.

Of course, combat mechanics are also affected by this situation. If you are playing in FPS mode, you are no longer playing a Battle Royale, but a competitive FPS game. Your response time has to be much faster, and even a one-second delay will cause you to lose a skirmish. If you played games like Call of Duty before, you know what we’re talking about: You do not have time to use tactics or strategy, whoever shoots faster wins the battle. In this context, FPP mode causes matches to end in much shorter time than the classic mode. We can also say that it offers a more “casual” gameplay, but only if you like that type of games.

Tips & Tricks For FPP Mode

The most important advice we can give is that you continue to use BlueStacks. It’s not fun to play competitive FPS games with a control device other than the keyboard and mouse, as console players would agree. No matter how skilled you are, your reaction time and aiming precision won’t be at the desired levels. If you play FPP mode on a mobile device, we guarantee that you will be disappointed: The touch controls do not provide enough sensitivity for such a mode. First of all, you need to turn the camera very quickly and keep track of your opponent constantly. You cannot do this on mobile devices: You have only 10 fingers and there is a limit to what you can do with them.

Using BlueStacks, however, you can play PUBG Mobile FPP mode like any other competitive FPS you play on your PC. Move with the keyboard, aim and shoot with the mouse: If you want this mode to be fun, you should use BlueStacks. When the right controller is selected, FPP mode can indeed provide a pleasant experience. We also recommend installing XPack for optimal performance. Other tips we can give for FPP combat scenarios are:

  • Stay on the move and jump frequently. It is more difficult to follow objects moving up and down in a three-dimensional plane. For this reason, never stay still: Continue jumping even when moving.
  • Use corners for ambushes. The corner of a building or room is now the ideal place to wait for your opponents. It is very difficult to see the corners due to camera restrictions while in FPP mode. Remember that your opponent has a 90-degree view: He will not be able to see you as long as you stay outside this angle.

  • Aim your sights little higher, especially when entering buildings or turning a corner. This is a tactic used by the professional CS GO players. This way, you can hit the head of your opponent (or an area near it) when you hip-fire.

If you are using BlueStacks, we are sure that you will enjoy the new FPP mode. We encourage you to read the other guides we have prepared for PUBG Mobile: Our guide on weapons, in particular, will help you decide which weapons you should choose for combat. Good luck on your island adventure!

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