PUBG Mobile is a highly competitive game, and it is very hard for players to advance in the game after a point of time. As you progress in the game and move up the tier from bronze to silver to gold, the lobby becomes tougher and the competition becomes even stiffer.

There are some aspects of the game that can help players get an upper hand at least in the match that they are playing. There are multiple guns and weapons in the game. They belong to different categories. Choosing and using them depends on your gameplay style and your forte in the game. 

PUBG Mobile Guide: How To Rush an Airdrop

Some players are good as assaulters and some need ARs to spray down on the enemy from a distance. Different guns cater to different playing styles but there are some guns that are just elite and are not easily found in the map.

These guns are only found in the airdrops in PUBG Mobile. On playing the game on the BlueStacks emulator, we understood the contents and importance of airdrop. Seeing an airdrop brings a glimmer of joy to the faces of the players but there are a few things that need to be kept in mind in order to be alive to use the guns in the airdrop. 

What is an Airdrop?

An airdrop is a crate full of supplies that is dropped from a plane. One airdrop comes in every single zone with some exclusive weapons. The weapons in the airdrop can be from any category except shotgun and SMG. You can get AR, DMR, LMG or a sniper in the airdrop.

Guns in the Airdrop

The airdrop comes with guns from all across categories, but it is vital to know and remember that one airdrop offers only one gun at a time. The following guns can be attained from the airdrop: 

PUBG Mobile Guide: How To Rush an Airdrop

  • Groza(AR)

Groza is one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game. It is lethal and is a drop exclusive weapon. The rate of fire along with the recoil is very high but connecting 5 bullets out of a 30-bullet round can do the job.

  • AUG A3(AR)

AUG A3 is another assault rifle, but it is not as effective as Groza. The gun has a very slow reload speed and can put you in a compromising situation if you do not have an Extended Quick draw Mag attached to it.

  • MK14(DMR)

MK14 is the most powerful and lethal weapon in PUBG mobile. It is a DMR but can be fired in auto-mode as well. It also has the highest recoil in the game. The damage done is very high but the default magazine capacity is only 10 bullets, so it’s best to use it as a DMR unless you have an extended mag.

  • M249(LMG)

This LMG can fire 100 bullets before needing to be reloaded. It is best for spraying down enemies but only a good idea for short and medium distance fights.

  • AWM(Sniper)

Hands down the most powerful sniper in the game. This gun can finish a Level 3 helmet with a single headshot. It is a very effective sniper once you get your hands on it.

Supplies in the Airdrop

Apart from guns, there are multiple supplies in the airdrop that can be useful for players. 

PUBG Mobile Guide: How To Rush an Airdrop

  • Level 3 Gear

Level 3 gears are the most damage proof gear PUBG Mobile. The Level 3 Helmet and Vest and take a lot of damage before becoming useless and this helps you stay in the game a little longer. The Level 3 backpack allows you to put the most amount of supplies in it. You can carry more bullets and supplies than usual.

  • Ghillie Suits

Depending on the map you are playing on, the airdrop comes with a ghillie suit that allows you to camouflage with the terrain. For instance, the Miramar map is a very barren and rocky terrain with no trace of greenery so players get a brown ghillie suit to match the terrain.

PUBG Mobile Guide: How To Rush an Airdrop

The ghillie suit in Vikendi is either brown or white because the map is snowy but has patches of vegetation as well. While playing on Sanhok or Erangel, the ghillie suit is green. This is very good gear for campers who want to camp in the open during the last zone.

  • Bullets and Attachments

The airdrop also comes with bullets and attachments for the gun available in it. For instance if you get an AWM in the drop, you will also get its bullets, an extended mag and a scope.

How to Rush an Airdrop?

Airdrop is one of the most sought-after things in PUBG mobile and every team in the game wants to get their hands on it because of the powerful guns and important supplies that it brings with it. However, there are certain ways to rush and approach an airdrop in order to make sure that you are safe while looting it.

  •  Smoke The Drop

Most of the times, the airdrop lands in an open area. Open areas are very risky in PUBG mobile because there is a severe shortage of cover, and you can get shot from anywhere. 

PUBG Mobile Guide: How To Rush an Airdrop

The smart way would be to throw smoke grenades at the airdrop before actually starting to loot it. This will make it harder for the enemy to trace you and will let you loot the drop in peace.

  • Change Directions While Leaving

Baiting an airdrop is very common in PUBG mobile. Baiting means you keep a watch on the airdrop and the moment someone tries to loot it you shoot at them or rush with your whole squad. If you are looting a drop, there might be a huge possibility that it is being baited. The default action should be to throw a smoke grenade but while leaving, players should always try to leave in a different direction. Since the smoke doesn’t let the enemies see and they might be sitting with their scopes open in the direction where you came from, you should always try to leave in a different direction to avoid getting caught in the spray.

  • Scout the Airdrop Before Looting

One mistake that players usually do on seeing an airdrop is getting excited. They get excited about the fact that they will get to use better guns that they completely ignore the possibility of someone already being there. The wise thing to do would be scouting the drop area once before going in to loot it. 

PUBG Mobile Guide: How To Rush an Airdrop

You might encounter some enemies who are baiting the drop. You might also get to know if the drop is already looted or not. If there are guns and supplies lying around then it has been looted. Knowing this would help you save time.

  • Don’t Rush as a Team

Rushing as a team puts you at the risk of getting killed together and losing the match. It is always best to leave one or two of your teammates 20-30 m away from the drop. From there they can keep a watch on you and give you cover fire if required. 20-30 m is the ideal distance because you can control your spray for that distance and also use a sniper or DMR on the enemy.

  • Keep Note of the Plane Path

The first couple of airdrops in PUBG mobile happen on and around the path of the plane. So if you are keen on getting good guns, gears and attachments early on in the game then it is best to be aware of the path of the plane. 

PUBG Mobile Guide: How To Rush an Airdrop

Keeping these points in mind can you help you level up your game to a pro level and let you use the exceptional guns of the airdrop early on in the game.