Tired of using AKM and getting owned by Groza abusers? Well, maybe it’s time for you to dip your toes into the dark side. We want to help those of you guys utilize the AKM and its best case scenarios to come out on top. If you have played any shooter in the past, specifically tactical shooters you’ve all been told just aim and hit headshots. Most of the time this tip is easier said than done. This PUBG Mobile guide will expand this tip one step forward and tell the players aim at the bottom of the head, at the chin.

Many players make the mistake of aiming at the top of the head. The fact is that recoil control is very important. Aiming at the chin will give you a higher chance of hitting subsequent shots to the head even if your spray control is slightly off. As the bullets naturally ride up, aiming at the chin will still let the subsequent shots hit the center and the top of the head. If your spray control isn’t up to par and if you guys didn’t know this, the head hitbox is actually quite large. 

PUBG Mobile AKM Guide: Tips and Tricks to Make AK Do 47 Kills

In PUBG mobile, any shots that land from the tip of the head to the neck will count as a headshot. So don’t feel like you need to hit right at the top of the head or the center of the head because it all counts the same. This isn’t just specifically for PUBG Mobile either. If you play other shooter games it’s likely that it also has similar mechanics.


Burst firing is an extremely important habit to develop, especially if you’re more of an AKM user. This is because the AK doesn’t kill in one shot to the head at longer ranges. So tapping with this weapon is not ideal. On the flip side, those of you who prefer the M416 make sure that you’re practicing your taps. That will allow you to come out on top over those AKM’s. The best way to burst fire is to really use the timing in between each burst to straighten out your aim from side to side. 

PUBG Mobile AKM Guide: Tips and Tricks to Make AK Do 47 Kills

Tap shooting at longer ranges will always lose out to an SKS. Burst firing allows you to take advantage of the faster fire rate of AK and gives you the chance to just double tap for an instant kill at all ranges. If you’re spraying or crouching at long

range, you’re going to be an easier target to hit. Especially at long range, your hit boxes are much smaller, so accuracy is king here because spray patterns are RNG and balance. It’s especially not wise to rely on spraying to kill your opponents in these types of engagements.

PUBG Mobile AKM Guide: Tips and Tricks to Make AK Do 47 Kills

Although you shouldn’t be fishing to take fights at longer ranges, understanding how can really be a lifesaver. Implementing a good concise burst coupled with a crisp strafe will significantly improve your chances at killing players at long range even if they have AKM.


The idea is to really time your burst in between the pauses in your sprays as you’re changing directions. Although PUBG Mobile is a game that heavily relies on aim, movement is just as important. So, being a slippery target can really make you much harder to kill. It allows you the freedom to just land easier shots. A common mistake that many players do is hesitating to shoot through smokes because they’ve been punished before while trying it.

This is especially the case if you’re using AKM, or you tend to spray and just stay still while shooting. That’s because guns like the AK have louder and more audible shots. So whenever a smoke grenade is thrown and you’re in a position to potentially get some damage or kills through, try to shoot one to five bullets through the smoke. The key here is to stay mobile because you will sometimes get shot back and killed if you’re not careful. The rewards of shooting through a smoke far outweigh the risks. A good way to shoot through the smokes is by getting a few shots on the far left middle and far right of the smoke. Usually, players creeping up towards the smoke will either just be on the left side or right side. 

PUBG Mobile AKM Guide: Tips and Tricks to Make AK Do 47 Kills

If you use the burst firing method that we mentioned in tip number two, those smokes will be a lot more intimidating to work with for your opponents. You can also mark on the mini map the left and right sides to really just better visualize where you should be taking some pop shots. Over time with experience, this won’t be as necessary. If you’re having trouble getting these things done on the defensive side, the AKM could be a catalyst to really give you a better time.

In tip number three we cover how it’s better for pressuring smokes. This is especially good for the defensive side. That’s not where the pros end because the attackers have to eventually come to you. When you’re spread out on the defensive side, AKM’s close range and bigger magazine advantage will allow you to have an easier time securing multi kills as enemy swarms areas of the map, especially in ranked games. 

PUBG Mobile AKM Guide: Tips and Tricks to Make AK Do 47 Kills

The extra five bullets can really mean the difference between you living or dying in a lot of situations. Having the freedom to choose how you want to play on the defensive makes it just much easier to take fights at the preferred range of the weapon. You’re able to get two to five kills and many more times when the attackers come. 

Play Style

The easiest way to get the most out of the AKM is by playing in a way that complements the more aggressive, close range style. If you’re not playing in an aggressive way in close range, you might want to consider swapping to a gun that complements your own playing style. Aggressive and in-your-face style are mostly used by the duelists. 

It doesn’t necessarily matter what style you play because there’s always a way to close the distance and find those more favorable close range fights. The rule of thumb to do this is by using whatever throwables you have to help you get closer. Typically speaking, this is great at the start of the round to really clear space early. There isn’t a single player in PUBG Mobile that doesn’t have the tools to do so. You just have to get more creative and really just understand how these throwables can allow you to do so. 

PUBG Mobile AKM Guide: Tips and Tricks to Make AK Do 47 Kills

The core concept to take away here is really not being afraid to use your throwables to close the physical distance between you and your enemies. Practice does make you almost perfect and that’s no different for PUBG Mobile. Those of you who might be constantly swapping between different weapons are going to definitely cause more harm than good to yourselves. Each of these rifles is uniquely different so sticking to one will yield much better results especially if you’re not playing 24/7 like the pros.

Even if you prefer the AKM on certain maps, it’s important to keep consistency in mind. A general way to tell if the weapon is right for you is by gauging if you’re keener on aggression spraying or just playing doubles. If you identify with any of these indicators, it might be a sign that the AKM is right for you. Once you figure this out, just sticking to it for as long as possible will give you the opportunity to master the weapon. 

PUBG Mobile AKM Guide: Tips and Tricks to Make AK Do 47 Kills

You should be constantly warming up with your weapon of choice. Practicing bursting strafing and being comfortable controlling the spray without crouching is also great as well. This way you’re not habitually just crouching for the sole purpose of using it to help you spray control. Crouching is a form of movement really helpful in changing your hitbox. So the enemy will have to further adjust their aim to adapt to your head.

Now that you know a few more tips on how to better find value out of the AKM, you can go out there and dominate your ranked games. Just keep in mind that AKM truly shines in close range encounters. Use it and try your best to fight those types of engagements.