Battle royale games come with a number of maps for the players to experience. There are some maps that just become more popular than others. Nuketown became very famous in Call of Duty games and the Inferno map is very famous in CS: GO. The same continues with PUBG Mobile. There are multiple maps and game modes in the game that players can enjoy and master. Players do have different preferences when it comes to the maps in PUBG Mobile. There are 4 maps in PUBG Mobile namely Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Karakin. There was another map until very recently called Vikendi but the map was discontinued.

The 4 maps are different from each other. The Erangel map is based on a city with bridges, houses, factories, and a military base. It also has a prison. It has lakes and rivers too. It is an island, so it’s covered by water on all sides. The Miramar map is based on a barren island as well with not a lot of vegetation. The map is full of hilly terrain but still has buildings and places like San Martin and Pecado that are full of houses and buildings. It is also the biggest map in the game. Sanhok is a small map that is full of greenery and vegetation. It is still based in a city and has small shacks along with buildings and places like the Bootcamp and Camp Charlie that give a military feel. The map also has a resort named Paradise Resort. These maps give a proper feel of a city and make it more engaging for the players to play on and move around. All of these maps are extremely fun to play with. However, while playing the game on the BlueStacks, we realized that there is one map that is extremely famous among players and the community. That map is Erangel.

 The Map

The Erangel map is 8×8 km in dimension with a total land area of 51.47%, the total water area is 48.53% and the total area that this map holds is 64 square kilometers. The map is loosely based on a city in Russia with the same name. The map has multiple locations and places that give it a proper city look and feel. There are hills, mountains, rivers and grasslands on the map. Locations like the Prison, Shelter, Military Base along with residential areas like Pochinki, Rozhok and Georgopol city give it a proper look of a good and engaging map that is filled with a lot of action.  

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Erangel Map

The map is separated by two water bodies on two sides. The Military Base on the map is separated by a water body and players need to take a bride to travel to and fro to the main map where most part of it is. Another separation is towards the northern side of the map near the Georgopol dockyard. This separates areas like Severny, Shooting Range, Georgopol City, Stalber, and Kamishki. A small water body separates this part of the map, but it is not very difficult to reach. This is the overview of the map that can give you a basic idea of the map and about the places that can suit your style of gameplay.

Places for Fast-Paced or Rush Players

Fast-paced players or rush players have a lot of places that can help them maintain the gameplay that people are aiming for most of the time. There are multiple hot drops on the map and since it is the most famous and popular map in the game, you can always find players mostly everywhere on the map. This map can also help them maintain a good k/d ratio.


Hot drops are locations on a given map where players land or come from all over the map and are popular for the high spawn rate of loot and supplies that players can pick up. These areas or some of these areas are always on the path of the plane. This makes them always crowded and full of players. 


Pochinki is one of the most famous places on the map. It is like a residential area that is full of buildings, houses, and compounds. This area provides a lot of scope for players to flank, rush and be in a constant attacking mode. Since it is one of the most famous places on the map, players are always coming and going to or through this place. This elevates the scope of finding enemies and other players here and gets more kills there. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Erangel Map

The supplies and guns here are also good, but if you see a lot of players landing in this area then it is best to take the church or the squad house. This will keep you in the middle of action while keeping you away from the risk of being attacked or killed. Pochinki is also in the middle of the map, which makes it even more accessible than other places on the map.


Rozhok is another very famous drop choice among players in PUBG Mobile. The major reason behind this is the location. Rozhok has a hill, buildings and a road that divides the area. There is a school located in proximity making it a good place for players to keep a watch at Rozhok. The presence of the apartment complex near the area also helps in being close to the action. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Erangel Map

The best part about the area is that you don’t have to land in Rozhok to be a part of the area. You can always take the hill. This will give you an upper hand as it provides a high ground which is crucial in a battle royale game. The presence of the school and apartments makes it a populous place. It is also because of these buildings that even the area around Rozhok is full of action.

Military Base

Military Base is one place on the Erangel map that tests your game sense and skill set like no other place on the map. There are 3 buildings famously known as the C-Buidling among the community. There are a lot of players who land here. The main reason is that the loot is good and there is a scope of getting higher kills. This can only happen when you are absolutely sure of everyone’s position, which is not always possible. The place is so important that the whole match might come to an end in this one place. All the zones and players come to this very point on the map at times. Military Base is a big area, so it might not feel that it is very crowded, but it is most of the time. So keep that in mind if you plan on testing your skills by landing there. 

Georgopol/Novorepnoye Containers

If the plane is even remotely crossing these areas, be sure of seeing a lot of players landing and taking up fights with anything that they can get their hands to. You can see players take fights with burst guns like Mutant. Some players even try attacking others with a pan and other melee weapons. Both the areas are dock areas. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Erangel Map

There are a lot of cargo containers and this saves the players from being killed by being a place to sit and hide. Georgopol dock has a city nearby, and it does make for an escape place for players. Novorepnoye does not have an escaping option because the Military Base is right next to it.

Places for Campers

Campers manage to camp in the most inconvenient of places and situations when the need comes, or they set their minds to it. However, the Erangel map does not make the campers struggle a lot.


Kameshki lies in the east corner of the Erangel map. It is a very secluded place and is a paradise for all the campers out there. It has good loot for your whole squad, and you can just stay there until the zone pushes you away and forces you to move towards a safe place. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that only land here if it falls on the path of the plane. This will increase the chances of it being a part of the safe zone. Since it is in the corner of the map, there are very high chances of it not being a part of the end zone more often.


Primorsk lies in the southwest corner of the Erangel map and not a lot of players come here. It is very easy to reach as it is close to the Military Base but far enough to keep you away from the action and help you camp. It has a lot of houses and buildings with decent loot for two whole squads.

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Erangel Map

The hiding places are also ample. It is very easy for the players to experiment with their camping techniques in this place and be innovative with their ideas. You can reach this place by landing a little ahead of the Military base but keep in mind that there is a very high possibility of being shot mid-air.

Water City near Rozhok

The Water City is one of those places on the map that is prominent but is also good for campers. The area is very close to Rozhok and you can always decide to change your gameplay style in case you want to rush. This place is mostly on the path of the plane but the reason why players avoid going to this place is the presence of water. Water slows the movement of players, and they can not move as fast as they would on the ground. This is a good place to camp because whoever comes to this place has restricted movements and can be taken down very easily. Don’t let the area restrict your movement, be on top of the roof of buildings.


Zharki is slightly above Georgopol on the Erangel map. It is in the corner of the map and most players including campers tend to ignore that and this makes it an excellent location for all the pro-campers out there. This place has ample loot, but it can be challenging to rotate from there. If you are sure about your zone predictions then choosing this place for camping is a good option. Keep in mind the location.

Guns for the Erangel

There are a lot of guns and weapons in PUBG Mobile. Some guns can be very effective in the Erangel map. These weapons are a good option for campers as well as fast-paced players.

  • M416

It is an assault rifle and some players like to consider it to be the best assault rifle in the game. It is the ideal weapon for close and mid-range combats. It has a good fire rate and the recoil is easy to handle. The gun is also easier to find on the map. It is also a very effective weapon in the long range if you use it in the single fire mode.

Ideal Attachments for M416

The attachments remain the same for both campers and rush players. These attachments provide more stability and better recoil control to the weapon. If you can find a compensator, a vertical foregrip, an extended quick draw mag and a tactical stock. The choice of scope depends on you and your gameplay. It is ideal to always keep a 6x scope with you because you switch between 3x and 6x, making it good for mid-range as well as long-range. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Erangel Map

  • AKM or Beryl M762

Both of these weapons are extremely effective in the close range and are very similar too. These weapons can be easily acquired on the Erangel Map and are effective too. If you lack a sniper, you can pop on a 6x scope and use the gun in the single fire mode as a sniper. The damage done by both the guns is high and can take down enemies with 2 headshots.

Ideal Attachments for AKM or Beryl M762

The attachments are not recommended based on your gameplay but will help you control the weapons better and be more effective with your sprays. The AKM can be a lethal gun with a suppressor and extended quickdraw mag. The Beryl M762 needs a vertical foregrip, a suppressor and an extended quickdraw mag for best performance. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Erangel Map

The scope remains the choice of the players. Suppressors help you stay quiet when spraying your enemies and do not reveal your location.

  • M24

M24 is the best sniper available, excluding the drop exclusive guns. It has the ability to destroy Level 1 and Level 2 helmets completely with one headshot. The damage done is also on the higher side and can be very effective if you have a sniper in your team.

Ideal Attachments for M24

The suggested attachments for M24 would help you have a better aim and spot enemies in a better manner. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Erangel Map

You can attach a suppressor, an 8x scope, an extended quickdraw mag for the sniper along with a cheek pad. This will make the weapon fully equipped and ready for action. The 8x can be used as a 4x scope too.

Good Loot Locations

There are a number of good loot locations in Erangel. Here is a list of locations that can offer good loot for as many as two full squads.

  • Pochinki Middle Compound
  • Military Base C-Building 
  • Rozhok City
  • School
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Mylta 
  • Severny
  • Novorepnoye

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Erangel Map

Erangel is one of the most famous maps in the game and mastering it can really help you elevate your game and become a pro.