Skills and the ability to control guns and weapons are an integral part of PUBG Mobile.  A battle royale game like this needs players to keep better in the game. There are a lot of ways to get better in the game. However, just like not every player has the same level of skill set, not every gun and equipment is designed and developed in the same manner in PUBG Mobile. Some guns are more powerful than other guns even in the same category. Since the guns in the game are taken from real guns, the way they function is very different from each other.

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Flare Drops

There are a number of guns and weapons that players can acquire in a match. There can be guns that are personal favorites of the players, and they try to look for that throughout the game. However, there is a category of weapons and equipments that can be considered top-tier in every category. After spending time playing PUBG Mobile on the BlueStacks Emulator, we realized that these guns are not available lying around like other guns in the game. These can only be acquired from airdrops, but one can not always rush to and loot the airdrops. The game allows players to call for their own supply drops as flare drops. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Flare Drops

Flare drops are just like airdrops. Airdrops come in every zone and whoever reaches it first gets to loot it and keep the weapons and the equipments. However, with flare drops this is not the case. Flare drops are like supply drops that can be seen in multiple Call of Duty games. You can call for it, but you do not have control on the guns and supplies that you will get in the drop.

How to Call Flare Drops in PUBG Mobile?

The mechanism of calling for a supply drop, or flare drop as it is known in the PUBG community, works on flare guns. Flare guns are equipment that is used to call for an airdrop. The flare guns do not do any damage to the enemies if fired at them. The guns are only for the sole purpose of calling the airdrops. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Flare Drops

These can be difficult to acquire but are available on all the maps and players can call for an airdrop in every map. These drops do not come immediately after firing the flare gun. Players need to wait for 15-20 seconds before a plane drops the supply off like an airdrop. 

Where to Find Flare Guns?

There are some places on every map where players can find the flare gun. These places might or might not fall on the path of the plane, but there is a very high chance of finding a flare gun in these places. Try reaching these places and pick up a flare gun as soon as possible. The places only on the Erangel and the Miramar map are mentioned here since these are the two most popular maps in the game. 

  • Erangel

The following are the places on the Erangel map where players can find the flare gun and call for a drop. 

  1. Shooting Range 

You can find a flare gun here, but the chances are on the slimmer side. You can still take a chance and reach here as the risk of encountering enemies is on the lower side. This is also not a very widespread area, so you won’t have to spend a long time looking for it. 

  1. Novorepnoye 

This is a place near the military base on the Erangel map. The chances of getting a flare gun are very high but a lot of players land here, and it is one of the hot drops on the map. The risk factor is high, but it is worth the reward. 

  1. Mylta Power

Mylta Power is very close to Mylta City and most of the crowd goes to the Mylta city. The chances of finding the flare gun here are slim like the shooting range, but the risk factor here is on the low side, so you can take a chance of landing or reaching here. 

There are other locations on the Erangel map like the Military Base or Georgopol but bear in mind that these places are mostly very crowded, and it can be very risky to land here if you do not have a complete idea of the location. 

  • Miramar

Miramar is a big map, and you can not always rush to an airdrop. These places on the Miramar map can help you find a flare gun. 

  1. Monte Nuevo

This is a place where you can find the flare gun without much risk. This is a secluded area on the map and not a lot of players come here. So you can land here, find the flare gun and get good guns for you and your teammates. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Flare Drops

  1. Pecado 

Pecado is one of the hot drops on the Miramar map. It is always crowded, making it a risky place in the game. However, the chances of finding a flare gun here are high, and you can always take the risk. 

  1. Hacienda Del Patron

Hacienda Del patron is a location close to San Martin. Most of the players land in San Martin, making it a less crowded place. This is the best part about this place. Players can find a flare gun here. The chances are on the higher side, but the risk factor also remains high. 

Some other locations on the Miramar map where you can find the flare gun are San Martin and Power Grid, but the probability is very low. You can always take a chance and check these places out in order to find a flare gun. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Using the Flare Gun 

Flare guns can make players extremely impulsive but there are a few things that need to be kept in mind while using a flare gun. 

  • Do Not Use it Outside the Zone 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Flare Drops

Flare drops bring in multiple things in them but they do not work outside the play zone. You need to make sure that you are inside the zone before you fire the flare gun. It will be a wastage if you happen to fire the flare gun outside of the zone. You might be waiting patiently for the drop to come but something like that might never come. 

  • Fire It in the Air 

Even though a lot of players might already know this, it is very easy to lose track of basic information when calling for a flare drop. The flare gun will only be able to work and get the drop when fired in the air as it will indicate the plane to drop the supplies in a particular spot. 

  • Try Firing It on the Edge of the Zone 

Flare gun attracts a lot of attention from players all across the map. Some players might also rush towards you to attack you and loot the drop that you summoned. The best way to avoid this is to fire the gun at the edge of the zone. Make sure you are inside the zone, only then the drop will be delivered to you. 

  • Keep a Watch on the Drop from a Distance

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Flare Drops

As mentioned above, the drop gathers a lot of attention and to avoid getting caught by the enemy it is best to hide after you have fired the flare gun. Taking cover will help you safeguard yourself while keeping a check on any supposed movement. Players should not immediately rush towards the drop but rather wait for a while after it has landed. 

Things Players Can Find in the Drop

Weapons are not the only thing that can be found in a flare drop. There are supplies and gears as well. The following is the list of things that can be found in a flare drop

  • Guns 

Guns from every category can be found in the flare drop but players can not choose a specific gun that they want. They need to settle for whatever guns they receive in the drop. Flare drops come with 2 guns in the crate along with Level 3 gears, unlike the air drop which comes with only 1 gun and gear. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Flare Drops

The following are the guns that can come in the Flare drop. 

  1. Groza: Assault Rifle- Uses 7.62 mm bullets
  2. AUG A3: Assault Rifle- Uses 5.56 mm bullets
  3. MK14: Designated Marksman Rifle- Uses 7.62 mm bullets
  4. M249: LMG- Uses 5.56 mm bullets
  5. AWM: Sniper- Uses .300 Magnum bullets
  • Vehicles 

The flare drop is not restricted just to guns and gears. Players can also call for a vehicle. This vehicle is the BRDM. It is a heavy duty vehicle that can run both on land and water. It also has the highest resistance to damage among all the vehicles. It might not be the fastest but is definitely the safest vehicle in the game. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Flare Drops

This is all you need to know about the flare gun and the drop. It is an integral and important part of the game and if used wisely can be the game changer in multiple matches. However, make sure you don’t rely on it all the time and try out other weapons in the game too.