PUBG Mobile is an action game that can get intense extremely intense at some stages in a match. The game is designed to be fast paced and full of action and this might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Guns and weapons do play an important role in the game, but players can not rely solely on them. Guns do play a major role in your progression in PUBG Mobile, but survival is a key factor in the game too. Guns and weapons can only help you in combat situations but when it comes to survival and sustaining it, guns can not really do much. 

BlueStacks Guide to Healing Supplies in PUBG Mobile

Guns and weapons are not the only part in PUBG Mobile that are crucial. After spending time playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out that there are some utilities other than the guns and bullets that can help you stay in the game longer and even get you to Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. These are unknown to the players who play PUBG Mobile but are often overlooked or not given as much importance in the game. These utilities are healing supplies These include bandages, med kits, health kits, painkillers, energy drinks and adrenaline injections. 

What Are Healing Supplies? 

Healing Supplies are the utilities that let you regain the HP that players might have lost after being in an intense fight. These supplies can make you ready for another confrontation with a different set of enemies. 

BlueStacks Guide to Healing Supplies in PUBG Mobile

These are essential as they help you sustain longer in the match. Health supplies not only let you regain the lost HP but also allow you to gain boost that can in turn boost the HP slowly. Being high on health also lets you be a part of a fight for a longer time. It is best to acquire these supplies as and when you find them. 

What Are HP Supplies, and What Are Boost Supplies? 

There are two kinds of health supplies in PUBG Mobile. One that affects your HP directly and one that helps it increase indirectly by adding boost. Both of these are important in their own way, and it is best for the players to know which one is supposed to be used under what circumstances. 

HP Supplies 

HP supplies, as the name suggests, are the health supplies that help you regain your health bar after a fight. These include med kits, health kits and bandages. However, all of these are different and work differently. 

1. Med Kits 

Med kits are the most effective health supply in PUBG Mobile when it comes to the supplies that directly increase your health or HP. The med kit can help the players regain the full health bar in one use and therefore are very effective when used. The best time to use the Med kit is after you have been in an intense fight, and you do not want to take any chances. 

BlueStacks Guide to Healing Supplies in PUBG Mobile

This fills the health bar instantly to max, and you are good to go. These might be slightly more difficult to find than the other supplies in this category therefore having 2 or maximum 3 of them in your backpack can be a good option. 

2. Health Kits 

Health kits are very similar to the med kit apart from distinguishing factors. For starters, the health kit only refills the health bar to 75 per cent which is good but not as efficient as the med kit. Compensating that, the health kits are easily available and the gained health from the health kits can be taken to full HP by applying boost supplies. 

This does not take as much space in the backpack as the med kit, so players can easily keep 5-6 health kits in their backpack. If you are the healer in your team, it is best to keep a good supply of these to help your teammates when the need comes. 

3. Bandages

Bandages are the slowest to boost the HP of a player. It can boost only up to 20 per cent of your health bar making it very slow and an unusual choice in situations where you need instant health regain. It can take up to 5 bandages to take you from 1 HP to 100 HP and this might be very time consuming for players who like fast paced game. 

BlueStacks Guide to Healing Supplies in PUBG Mobile

The bandages do not take a lot of space in the backpack, so players can actually carry up to 20 bandages in the bag. However, it is best to drop some of them as soon as you get your hands on the health kits and the med kits. 

Boost Supplies

Boost supplies are additional health supplies that support the HP supplies in many situations. These supplies also have the ability to push the health bar all the way up to the full mark and get you back to the fight at hand. 

1. Adrenaline Injection 

Adrenaline injection is a boost supply that can actually help the players to reach full HP without actually using any HP supplies. Adrenaline can give players a full boost with just one application. 

BlueStacks Guide to Healing Supplies in PUBG Mobile

This means that on using the adrenaline injection once players can reach full HP in no time. This can be very hard to find in PUBG Mobile but having two of them can prove to be enough for most players. 

2. Painkillers 

Painkillers are a very effective supply in PUBG Mobile. These can help players get up to 60-65% boost with one usage. Using two of these can take you to full boost. This is a good option if you have lost some of your health and want to gain it back then using it would be a good idea. The HP supplies can not work when the health is over 75 percent and using the painkillers can help you reach the full HP. 

3. Energy Drink

Energy drink is the slowest out of all the boost supplies. It takes 3 cans of the energy drink to fill the boost bar. The energy drink should only be taken in times when you have some time on your hand. The energy drink can fill up to 35 percent of the health. It is a good complementary utility to use with HP supplies. 

Things to Keep in Mind while Using Health Supplies

There are a few things to keep in mind when using health utilities. Firstly, applying the health supplies do not allow to leave the process in the middle so if the enemy approaches you then you are under the threat of being killed. 

BlueStacks Guide to Healing Supplies in PUBG Mobile

Another important thing to take note of is that moving while applying health supplies slows the movement of the character. Meaning that it is much easier to track and kill you if you are applying heals in the open. Therefore, it is best not to leave cover when you are healing. 

BlueStacks Guide to Healing Supplies in PUBG Mobile

These are the things that players need to keep in mind while using heal supplies. These supplies are extremely essential and make the game even more fun than it actually is. To know about the guns and the weapons, you can check this out