PUBG Mobile is all about moving around the map and different maps require different styles of movement. Movement across and around the maps is not restricted to vehicles. There comes a time in the game and match when players need to give up the vehicles and be on foot.

This can happen because of multiple reasons. First, you might land somewhere where a car does not spawn, like the water city near Rozhok hill on the Erangel map. A car does not spawn there, and it might get very difficult for players to get out of there. Another such area on the Erangel map is the middle Novorepnoy. That area is a dock area and is loaded with cargo containers. A car does not spawn in the middle of that and executing an escape from that area in a heated combat situation can be very challenging. The second case where you might not have a vehicle is if someone has damaged your vehicle in a combat situation. 

That would force you to look for a vehicle on foot. This is the worst situation you can be in when you have already exposed your position to enemies because of the recent combat. The Miramar map is the biggest in the game and there are not enough cars justifying the size of the map.  All of this makes the players vulnerable to multiple things. The third scenario can be of scarcity. You might run out of fuel in the middle of a combat situation or while you are being chased down by the enemy. This will force you to get out and run for your life and eventually get caught in the firing. Being on foot in a battle royale comes with multiple risks.

To start with, it broadens the scope of someone running you over in a vehicle. It also leaves you exposed to getting shot from distance. On-foot movement in PUBG Mobile is very easily traceable and a little calculation on the enemy’s part will turn you into a crate in no time. Lacking a vehicle also means that you can not reach some high grounds on the map. Having a high ground in PUBG Mobile is an added advantage for you as you can take down enemies before they spot you.

Jiggle Like Jelly: BlueStacks Jiggle Movement Guide for PUBG Mobile

On playing the game on BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out that there are multiple combinations of movements that can help you reduce the damage taken and is effective in messing with enemies aim as well. That movement is Jiggle.

As the name suggests, jiggle movement means being constantly on the move and not letting anyone set their aim at you. This might sound easy but takes a lot of time to master. Players should spend a good amount of time in the training ground working on the movement while shooting at targets. You can also try firing at other players in the training ground since they are already moving and practicing their own drills.

Jiggle Like Jelly: BlueStacks Jiggle Movement Guide for PUBG Mobile

There are multiple types of jiggle movements, and you need to know about all of them. You can slowly start practicing with the basics and slowly try your hand at all the other types one at a time.

1. Sideways Jiggle Movement

This is the most basic jiggle movement and the easiest to get used to. This movement requires you to move your joystick left and right at all times. It might sound very hectic at the moment but the development of muscle memory is pretty fast. This has multiple advantages in and out of combat situations. In a combat situation, this movement will help you dodge a lot of bullets that the enemy might be firing at you. Further, there are 2 types of sideways jiggle movement.

The first is the short sideways jiggle and the second is the long sideways jiggle. In the short sideways jiggle, you move your joystick very fast. This makes the movement look fast on your screen but the enemy can still trace you because you are not covering a lot of distance and your range of movement is the same. This is, however, very effective in extremely close combat situations and last zone circles.

Jiggle Like Jelly: BlueStacks Jiggle Movement Guide for PUBG Mobile

The long sideways jiggle is slightly more focused on the mid and long-range. For this movement, you need to move the joystick left and right for a longer period of time so that you cover some ground in the direction you’re moving.  This makes the enemy spray you down from a distance because the wind and bullet drop are already an annoying thing, the movement will just add salt to the wound.

Practice for Sideways Jiggle Movement

In order to get a good hold of this movement, you need to go to the training ground, stand in the shelter where the guns are available. You can move past the poles that support the shed and cross every pole in a left-right manner. For example, if you are crossing one pole from the left then cross the other pole from the right. Try shooting at the targets after you have got a hold of the movement. This will be difficult initially, but you will get the hang of it and once you get the hang of it, taking down enemies would become very easy and fast. 

Jiggle Like Jelly: BlueStacks Jiggle Movement Guide for PUBG Mobile

You can try the long sideways jiggle first by taking longer strides between the poles, and it does not require very fast movements but slow and long movements. This will help you set muscle memory. Once you feel that you have gotten good at this, you can try the faster short sideways jiggle movement.

2. Front Jiggle Movement

This is the ideal movement for players who like to rush or have a very fast game pace. This movement will help you prevent getting shot while you are rushing to the enemy. The movement is very simple. You need to start sprinting and then move left and right at the same time. This way you will be advancing towards your enemies without being traced easily. This might create panic for the enemy if it is the last circle and that player is the only survivor of the team. Make sure to sprint while performing this movement as walking normally will be slow and make it easier for the enemy to trace you.

Practice for Front Jiggle Movement

You need to go back to the training ground and stand at the end of the area. Try sprinting ahead while simultaneously trying to maintain a sideways movement. You need to make sure that you are moving forward. Since you will be rushing, the enemy would already know your position and direction of advancement. 

Sprinting would be a better option. Even while flanking the enemy, this movement can be very effective. While in the training ground, try to aim at the head of the enemy. Headshots have the most damage and the enemy might be taken down faster by a headshot.

3. Back Jiggle Movement

This movement is effective in very few scenarios but is still useful. This movement can come in handy when you have a cover behind you. The movement is a little slow as you can not sprint backward but at the same time, it helps you keep an eye on the enemy, and your surroundings. 

Jiggle Like Jelly: BlueStacks Jiggle Movement Guide for PUBG Mobile

One thing you need to make sure of is that your back is covered and a teammate is providing cover fire. Since you can not look behind, it is very easy for someone to sneak up and take you down. So make sure you have cover fire.

Practice for Back Jiggle Movement

Like everything, this also starts in the training ground. Stand close to the targets and start moving backwards while trying to move sideways. Try to keep your crosshair on the enemy and make sure that you are taking the enemies down during practice.

Jiggle Like Jelly: BlueStacks Jiggle Movement Guide for PUBG Mobile

You can try all of these movements in arcade mode before taking them to the classic mode. If you want to improve your game then these movements will help and make you move like jelly.