Maps play a major role in PUBG Mobile. There are several maps in PUBG Mobile and all of them come with a different set of challenges. All the maps in PUBG Mobile are designed differently. There are new additions to the game and the maps play a major role in shaping the popularity of the game. A map is supposed to be interesting and full of places to hide as well as attack. Maps also play a major role in holding the interest of the players so that they can come back to it over and over again and discover something new about it. 

Become the King of Karakin: BlueStacks Guide to the Newest Map in PUBG Mobile

Sometimes developers can take it a step further and add a completely new map for the players and for them to have a new experience. There have been 4 constant maps in PUBG Mobile namely Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. However, on playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator we noticed that in an effort to keep the excitement and the interest of players alive in the game, the developers switched the Vikendi map with the new Karakin map. It is the newest edition in PUBG Mobile and players and the community are taking it really. So, what does this new map bring to the game and how different is it from the existing maps?

The Map

Karakin is a new map in PUBG Mobile that is not very big in size. The map is only 2×2 kilometers big making it one of the smallest maps in the game. It is based on an island on the coast of Northern Africa. To put into perspective, the whole map of Karakin can fit inside the Military Base on the Erangel map. The map is mostly dry, filled with open areas and rocks. Since the map is not very big, all of these areas play a major role on the map. The map also has hills and a lot of ridges. The map does not have any water bodies in it. 

Become the King of Karakin: BlueStacks Guide to the Newest Map in PUBG Mobile

Like the other maps in the game, it is an island and surrounded by the sea, but there is no water body and stream running through the map. Another thing that differentiates the Karakin map from the other maps is that it allows only 64 players at a time. All the other maps in the game allow 100 players in one lobby. The map also has a demolition zone where the players who are even inside the buildings will take damage. This forces the players to move out of the buildings, making the match even more intense and filled with action. The thin wall bullet penetration is also one of the new things that the map brings to the game. 

Become the King of Karakin: BlueStacks Guide to the Newest Map in PUBG Mobile

This allows players to shoot the enemies through the walls if they are hiding behind them. It forces the players to come out of the cover and take fights, making the match fast-paced. Players can expect the gameplay of Miramar with the pace and excitement of Sanhok. The map also has snug and cramped tunnels that can make the players bring out the stealth in their game and pick up more kills. 

New Things in the Karakin Map

There are some changes that have with Karakin. Guns like the G36C and MP5K have been added to the map and can be used by the players. The spawn rate of health supplies like health kits and medkits has been increased whereas the spawn rate of bandages has been decreased. Since the map is erroneous, the number of sniper rifles and designated marksman rifles have been increased as well. The blue zone effects have also been updated.

Become the King of Karakin: BlueStacks Guide to the Newest Map in PUBG Mobile

The availability of scopes like 2x, 3x and 4x has also been ramped up. The attachments of the sniper rifles and designated marksman rifles have also been increased as a result of the increase in the availability of these weapons. However, spawn rates of the magazine attachments along with melee weapons and canted sights have been reduced on the map, so players can consider themselves lucky if they get their hands on any one of them. The sawed-off shotgun has also been removed from the map. Sticky bombs are also a new addition to the Karakin map, these are explosives that can stick to the walls.

Become the King of Karakin: BlueStacks Guide to the Newest Map in PUBG Mobile

All of these changes added with the size of the map might make it more difficult and challenging for the players, but the intensity of every match will be high. 

Places for Fast-Paced or Rush Players

Since the map is small, the only way to go about the map is by being a fast-paced player. All the areas on the map are easily accessible however, there are still some hot drops on the map where players can land and try to command the course of the match. 

Hot Drops 

Hot Drops are areas that are always in the center of the action and these areas are available on the Karakin map as well. 

Al Habar

Al Habar is the largest city on the map with a lot of buildings. The city is on the north of the map and is on the corner. The area has a lot of loot, and it can be enough for more than 2 squads. The presence of the buildings allows for a lot of hiding places for the players. Since the area is on the corner of the map, the only way out of there is moving towards the map. 

Become the King of Karakin: BlueStacks Guide to the Newest Map in PUBG Mobile

Being the biggest city on the map, there is a very high chance of it being a part of the end zone. The movement in this part of the map is constant and if you can hold a spot in the area, you can pick up a lot of kills without really moving around much. 

Hadiqa Nemo

Hadiqa Nemo is an area that is on the southern side of the map. This also has a number of buildings, and it is easier to reach there because of the small size of the map. This is one of the hot drops on the map as it has good loot and the map, in general, has a larger spawn number of supplies. The area also has a coast that can be a good place if you see a number of players landing and do not want to engage in a fight right away. The coast and the dock are not much of help other than hiding and holding the spot because there are no streams of water crossing through the map, so the sea can not be used for moving around. 


Bashara lies on the west side of the map and is another area that has a lot of buildings and houses. The loot here might not be as much as Al Habar, but it is a spot on the map where you can get good loot and supplies. The hiding spots are also in ample. The area does not have any dock on the coast. The area can be ideal for players who like to have a defensive kind of gameplay and are not very comfortable with the idea of camping. 

Become the King of Karakin: BlueStacks Guide to the Newest Map in PUBG Mobile

A lot of players like being on the defensive side and this can make the area crowded and bring in a lot of players. On landing here, you can be a part of the action, but you can escape it as there is an open space behind the area, and it can be a good way of escaping the action. 

Places for Campers

Camping is an art and players can manage to camp anywhere if they are willing to. The Karakin map might not have a lot of cities or areas, but there are a lot of areas on the map for campers. These areas can be utilized by campers to up their game.

Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship is not an area on the map, as the name suggests, it is a ship that is parked in a corner of the map in the southern direction. This place can be ideal for campers as it is secluded. The ship is big and has a significant amount of loot. Players can spread out and utilize different types of camping techniques here. 

Become the King of Karakin: BlueStacks Guide to the Newest Map in PUBG Mobile

The Houses in the Middle of the Map

One funny thing about the Karakin map is that all the major places on this map are on the corners and the middle of the map is just empty with a number of ridges covering the area. However, there are multiple houses there that can be a good spot for camping. These houses are only approached by players when the zone is closing in. So if you land there and pick up the loot, you can wait there until other players approach that area. These houses are in the middle of the map so the probability of the zone being there is high. Campers can take advantage of it and lay out the camping as they plan. 

Become the King of Karakin: BlueStacks Guide to the Newest Map in PUBG Mobile

Another thing to keep in mind about the map is that it is not very ideal for campers as it brings multiple new elements to the game that make fast-paced gameplay preferable. This means that it might not be a very good idea to camp on this map. Campers need to change their ways of playing and should try shifting to a slightly more aggressive style of gameplay. 

The introduction of the Panzerfaust is another thing that players should keep in mind while playing on the Karakin map. It is a rocket launcher that can take down any vehicle in the game. This is a very powerful weapon and can be used as a weapon in the primary slot. This is ideal for the rocky and barren terrain of Karakin. This weapon could only be seen in the Payload mode of PUBG Mobile earlier, but now has made a permanent appearance in one of the maps in the game. 

This is all players need to know about the new Karakin map. Understanding and practicing on the map can help players develop new skills and techniques that can help them elevate their game in the long run.