A player’s playing style is defined by a lot of factors in PUBG Mobile. If they drop in locations like Bootcamp or Pochinki and start taking engagements immediately, they probably prefer the more aggressive playing style. If you ever thought to yourself, who are the players that use all the throwable, it’s the aggressive ones. When you are playing with the mindset of finding good engagements and taking kills, then you are bound to depend on your game sense a lot. Now, building game sense is not easy and it takes a lot of hours in-game to build a solid foundation. However, something else that is also needed is just raw data. 

PUBG Mobile SMG Comparison Guide: UMP vs Thompson 45.ACP

This data can be your tips, tricks, strategies, and gun knowledge. This PUBG Mobile guide is going to fill you with data to increase your gun knowledge. SMG guns play a very important role in the overall aggressive playing style. It makes sense at a logical level if you think about it. SMGs have a very high rate of fire and some of them even have a good damage stat. This means that their effective range, which is very limited, makes them even better than an M416. Not all of them but guns like the Uzi, UMP, Vector, and Thompson show a lot better performance at close range than many assault rifles. 

PUBG Mobile SMG Comparison Guide: UMP vs Thompson 45.ACP

Another thing is that when it comes to loot spawn in PUBG Mobile, SMGs spawn a lot more than any other weapon if you take pistols out. So it makes sense that the chances of you picking up an Uzi are a lot more than picking an AKM. With that in mind, this guide will be taking a look at two specific SMGs. UMP and Thompson are two SMGs that offer good in-game performance than other SMGs. It should come as no surprise that both of them use the same ammo type, .45ACP. This guide will be pitting the two guns against each other to find out which one of them makes a better pick. 

Damage Comparison

When it comes to damage stats, the UMP can do 2% more damage than the Thompson. When it comes to hitboxes, the UMP does 73.5 damage to the head and 48.2 damage to the body. Thompson on the other hand, does 71.8 damage to the head and 41.9 damage to the body. However, it is the limb damage stats that these guns do that make them so powerful at close range. UMP does 28 damage to the hand and 17 damage to the legs while Thompson does 25.8 damage to the arms and 16.2 damage to the legs. 

PUBG Mobile SMG Comparison Guide: UMP vs Thompson 45.ACP

Now, to understand why these guns are able to do such serious damage at close range, you need to understand bullet velocity. Bullet velocity is the speed at which the bullet travels. In close-range combat, bullets don’t have to travel any significant distance. This means that if a gun shoots bullets faster and those bullets reach the target to deliver damage faster, the target will die faster. Just to put it into perspective, it takes four bullets to the legs from the UMP on a target with a level 3 helmet and vest to kill them. 


Players who take a lot of close-range fights despise heavy recoil as it involves a ton of movement. Having to move around while keeping your crosshair on the target and handling recoil just makes for a less advantageous position to be in. Engagements are all about which player has more advantages and having a gun that can kill opponents fast at close range without much recoil is a massive advantage. So, between the UMP and Thompson, it is the UMP that has less recoil but is a bit more complex. UMP’s recoil has a more lateral bias than horizontal bias. So when you shoot with the gun without any attachments, your recoil will sway a little from side to side. 

PUBG Mobile SMG Comparison Guide: UMP vs Thompson 45.ACP

It will still be very manageable since UMP has one of the easiest recoil to handle. You can use any attachments you want with your gun depending on how you want to run it. However, if your goal is to reduce the gun’s recoil as much as possible then use the Compensator muzzle attachment and Vertical foregrip for best results. Thompson will give you a little more recoil than the UMP. It won’t be unmanageable but it will be noticeable. Thompson’s recoil is more horizontal biased and that’s why it is more noticeable. Something to note about the Thompson is that it cannot use many attachments. All you can use with this gun is the Suppressor muzzle attachment, Vertical foregrip, and Extended Magazine attachment. 

PUBG Mobile SMG Comparison Guide: UMP vs Thompson 45.ACP

Both Suppressor and Extended Magazine don’t affect the recoil in the slightest. Even the Vertical foregrip is not able to do much when it comes to managing recoil. So, Thompson has more recoil than UMP and it cannot be managed by attachments. When it comes to the hip-fire bullet spread, it is the Thompson that has more recoil, meaning that the Thompson has more bullet spread and is less accurate when compared to UMP.

Rate of Fire

It should be obvious by now why a higher rate of fire is important in an aggressive playing style. When the UMP is pitted against the Thompson, it is the UMP that edges out ahead but not by much. Basically, UMP is always a bullet ahead of the Thompson. The UMP has a rate of fire of 0.088 seconds per bullet, while Thompson’s rate of fire is 0.09 per bullet. That’s almost 2 milliseconds slower than UMP 45. When you are in an intense fight, that difference of one bullet can be the deciding factor of who will be coming in the kill feed. This very rate of fire is affected by the bullet velocity of the weapon. 

PUBG Mobile SMG Comparison Guide: UMP vs Thompson 45.ACP

The faster the bullet reaches the target, the faster the target will receive damage. The UMP has a bullet velocity of around 360 m/s while the Thompson’s bullet velocity is around 280 m/s. That means when you put them against each other, the UMP’s bullet will travel 30% faster than the Thompson’s bullet. To put it into perspective, the UMP can fire faster and its bullets travel faster than the Thompson. That is one of the reasons why players who pick SMGs in TDM games are choosing UMP most of the time. In PUBG Mobile, there is no other weapon that can put up a decent fight against the UMP at close range, except the AKM.

In the end, it is the UMP that is a better weapon to pick than the Thompson. The one advantage that Thompson has over the UMP is in magazine capacity, as it has the bigger mag. But even then, those extra bullets cannot make up for the limited attachments, recoil, bullet spread, and accuracy. The UMP is by far the best first pick gun in PUBG Mobile when it comes to SMGs.