When it comes to weapons in PUBG Mobile, you just need to have deep weapon knowledge. So that is exactly what this PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide will be doing. In this guide, you will be learning about the top guns to dominate in matches. Plus the guide will be giving you tips and tricks over everything that you need to know. So when you do take these guns into your games you can get high impact, carry your trash teammates and climb as a result.

AKM and M416

The first two guns on the list are the ones used the most by players. It’s the AKM versus the M416. In this guide, there is not going to be a breakdown of which one you should choose. That’s because there is not one you should choose. The AKM versus the M416 is going to be based on what you plan to do with them. Since both of these guns are going to be viable, it actually comes down to your preference. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

Generally, the AKM is far more punishing for any sort of gunplay fundamental mistakes. A lot of times, the M416 is going to be far more forgiving. With that being said, typically the best thing that you could actually be doing is not just one tricking a gun. Using a gun depending on what you’re planning on doing in that given match is generally a good rule of thumb. If you’re trying to take a long aim and you want to aggressively challenge somebody then AKM might be your best bet. With AKM’s one tap capability you will be able to kill enemies from the long to mid-range. 

Maybe you plan to do some lurking or maybe you are holding a point as a controller when enemies try to push. You’re going to smoke it off and you’re going to spray through the smoke. If that’s the case then the M416 is probably far better in that environment. You need to think about what you’re going to be doing with the guns before you decide which one to pick. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

Some matches you’re going to pick the AKM and somewhere else you’re gonna pick the M416. Typically, it is in your best interest to practice both guns because you never know if you’re going to pick up one of these guns on the battlefield. Yes, you could hypothetically just only pick the AKM, but there will be times when you end up with the M416. That’s why you need to be confident in both guns and both of these guns have strengths and weaknesses. You need to know what makes them ideal for you. Just keep that in mind and you’re going to do great going forward.


When it comes to the best sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile, then one has to mention the AWM. AWM is a sniper rifle that is reserved in the game for the most aggressive players. To get one you need to loot an airdrop and even after doing that there is no guarantee that you’ll get one. The thing is though, that AWM is not a gun that should be used by players who push in. Most of the time you’ll see that there are two predominant types of play that happen in ranked. There are the aggressive rushes that probably happen the most, then there are extremely passive teams where they just play in default for a really long amount of time.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

The reason these are the two predominant strategies in ranked is because they are simple. For the majority of rank matches, that’s just what happens. but the AWM is excellent when you’re up against non-rush opponents. When you’re up against rush opponents, most of the time they’ll use a lot of throwables. Sometimes you won’t even get to take a shot and that could be pretty bad for an AWM user. When the enemy is playing really slow or when they’re trying to bait or when they’re trying to gather information, the AWM can be an unparalleled weapon. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

Enemies do not get to just peek for free without using throwables if you’re just posted up with an AWM. If you and your team are putting all your resources into stopping a rush, eventually the enemies are gonna stop rushing. They’re gonna start playing more passive. Mostly, they will be resorting to that default play and an AWM can punish them for doing that as well. That’s why every single player should be at least competent with an AWM. You never know when it might be the perfect gun for the situation. AWM can pretty much shut down an enemy’s strategy. 


Moving on to your favorite weapon. It just feels so satisfying to kill with this weapon and to get killed by this weapon. Yes, it’s the S1897 pump. Jokes aside, the S1897 is a phenomenal weapon that has been a part of PUBG Mobile for a long time. The thing is that fire of the S1897 can one shot pretty easily if you set up the proper range. In a very similar way that you post up with an AWM, you can post up on a lot of angles with S1897 on defense. You basically get to one tap anyone who slow peeks that angle. The optimal range for an S1897 ultimate fire is between 8 and 15 meters with 12 being that perfect sweet spot. Honestly, you can one shot anywhere between 8 and 15.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

In order to get used to that distance what you should do is peek practice. peek a corner and standing in that optimal distance and wait for the enemy to peek. So if an enemy peeks, you can just right-click off. You want to make sure that you’re standing near cover. So that you can instantly right-click potentially get a kill and then dip out. Typically, where you want is to aim is actually about neck level because of the spread. You can get some on the head some down below. 

That’s where you’re going to get the maximum amount of actual pellets in the enemy. If you are not playing around behind a naturally covered ledge that you can jiggle behind, you can be playing along a wall where essentially what you’re doing is slicing the pie backward instead of peeking an enemy aggressively with the S1897. You’re holding one angle and an enemy swings out, you alternate fire them with the S1897 and kill them. Then you slice the pipe backward and hold another angle, so if another enemy swings then you get to shoot them.

You can just keep slicing the pie backward, holding that angle and shutting down any player that just wants to wide swing you. A lot of times people will just multi-swing an S1897 and try to kill you in that little downtime period between your shots.


Moving on to another weapon that’s freaking nuts in this game right now; the M24 sniper rifle. A quick peek with the scope out on the M24 is actually fast. It’s gonna take some getting used to when compared to the AWM because you will be aiming at head level. What you need to do is practice this gun to perfection. Practice the M24 in a deathmatch environment and in no time you’re going to get a lot better at it. You just got to make sure to adjust your crosshair placement. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

An amazing thing about this quick peek style strategy is that when people are holding angles with AWM or AKM, M24 can just absolutely shed on them. That’s why this gun is really a gun that is worth getting good at. Typically, you will have to pre-aim and have to know where enemies typically hold. Then you need to swing that angle fast because that’s the only way that an AWM is going to actually miss that shot. 

So definitely keep that in mind, but because of this quick peeking power M24 can actually threaten the AWM. When you’re holding on defense, just getting a body shot and then backing away from the angle is typically good enough. You can get another body shot later on or you can finish them off with the secondary gun. Basically, you get to give free damage with very little risk. M24 actually plays better up against non-rush weapons. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

That’s because it’s more difficult to hit players who are running and moving very quickly rather than just being posted up. The last thing that you have to remember with the M24 is that crouching makes you nearly perfectly accurate. So in a pinch, if enemies are rushing, you can body shot someone very easily.

UMP 45

Moving to the next weapon that needs to have a breakdown is an SMG. Most players are underestimating this gun and it’s the UMP45. This SMG is still really strong and on the attack, it is going to be better than something like a pump shot. Moreover, it’s a lot harder to control the distance when you’re on the attack with the S1897. While it still can be viable, it’s not going to be as reliable as a UMP45. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

However, this gun is a lot weaker for those long distances. It’s going to be more difficult for you to just shoot enemies from long range. So you need to be thinking about where you’re going to rush as an attacker beforehand. If you plan to dash somewhere aggressively, flash into the garage or do anything that is going to put you in a very close effective range onto the enemy, then the UMP 45 might be your best bet. If you do get an enemy off guard or you catch them when they’re mistimed and rushing in a really close area you can just rack up the kills. 


The last weapon of PUBG Mobile that needs to be covered is a revolver. The R1895 is a sidearm that has extremely high upside but it can be very difficult to use. One thing that a lot of players need to do with the R1895 more is to utilize the fact that it has high penetration. Wall bang a lot to clear everything you possibly can and aim at head level, always. Just try to fish to clear a lot of areas because you can hit someone in the head and kill them with the R1895.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

Unfortunately with the R1895 getting body shots is not going to kill someone quick enough if they have a rifle. They will be able to kill you without even hitting headshots on you. If you go full-body shots you’re still going to die. You won’t be able to get those three shots off. So there are two ways that you could play around with the R1895. The first way is by jiggle peeking angles and doing damage while being mobile. You jiggle peek, counter straight, get a shot off and then go away from that location. That way you can do a bit of damage and you’re not fully committing to anything.

Plus, you won’t be giving that enemy any time to spray you down, but the best way is just to get a headshot. That does require a very high level of gunplay fundamentals. With that said, almost more than any other, the R1895 is a gun that you should really be practicing in practice mode and in deathmatch. It’s one of those guns that actually work on your fundamentals for every other gun.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: Top Guns Listed and Compared

Let’s say you run two or three deathmatches with a rifle. Make sure that you plop in a R1895 in there towards the end. Get a bit of a share of practice every single time. If you get really competent with this gun you have the capability of carrying some rounds that on paper, you have just no business winning. You can get one or two kills with the R1895 just with good crosshair replacement. Catch the enemies off guard and instantly kill them.