Punishing: Gray Raven is an action RPG originally released in 2019 in limited regions. This game offers exciting action combat in real-time, with a focus on free-form combos and stylish abilities and special attacks, reminiscent of genre-defining titles like Honkai Impact 3rd. However, even though its quality speaks for itself, the game was unavailable for most regions. Luckily, this all changed now when PGR launched globally and was made available for all to download and enjoy. BlueStacks is the official partner for Punishing: Gray Raven, and you can get the best experience by playing PGR on PC with our powerful Android emulator. You can also Play Punishing: Gray Raven in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

A good thing about getting access to a game that had been out for a while, but that was unavailable for a long time, is that there’s a lot of info floating around out there. In this sense, instead of diving into PGR blind, you can look up most of the important info to get started, such as beginner’s guides, articles explaining the most important aspects of the combat system, and so on.

Punishing: Gray Raven - Our Picks for Best Characters in the Game

However, even though Punishing: Gray Raven focuses mostly on its action gameplay, it’s still a gacha RPG at its core, which means that most of the best characters are unlocked via randomized summonings. Unfortunately, as a newcomer that doesn’t quite know what to look out for, you might have some issues knowing what characters are good and are worth upgrading, and which ones are worth skipping. For this reason, we’ve created our own list of the best characters in PGR, so that you know exactly which ones to focus on.

The Best Characters in Punishing: Gray Raven

The Constructs on this list are the ones that you absolutely want in your roster at all times. Understandably enough, though, some of these are also the hardest to find since they’re usually in the highest classes.

Lee: Entropy

This S-class Attacker Construct is a master of burst damage, being able to easily overpower most enemies by unleashing strings of attacks. While some other characters might rely heavily on QTEs to finish off foes, Lee is more than capable of vanquishing any foe by himself.

Punishing: Gray Raven - Our Picks for Best Characters in the Game

His skills are the following:

  • Red Orb: Dashes forward and deals several shots to the enemy. Lee is immune to staggers and CC during the animation of this attack.
  • Blue Orb: Launches a bomb that, upon exploding, deals heavy damage and creates a circle that continues dealing damage to enemies every second for 3 seconds. 
  • Yellow Orb: Dashes up to an enemy and kicks them, followed by shooting them with a marker. Successive attacks to marked enemies unleash an additional shot that deals a fraction of Lee’s basic ATK damage as additional damage.

Lee’s QTE skill simply summons him into the field, where he deals heavy damage to a single enemy. 

Lee’s Core Passive skill triggered by a 3-orb combo followed by a red orb skill, amplifies the effects of said red orb skill, causing him to deal extra damage with it.

Lee’s Ultimate skill summons a powerful cannon that deals heavy damage with every shot.

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Karenina: Ember

Another S-Class Attacker, but this time with an affinity for fire-elemental attacks. Karenina specializes in AoE attacks using her powerful flamethrower. This Construct has a particularity where she can switch to “fire mode” converting most of her damage to fire instead of physical.

Punishing: Gray Raven - Our Picks for Best Characters in the Game

  • Red Orb: Unleashes a powerful attack, causing physical damage. In fire mode, this attack deals increased fire damage.
  • Blue Orb: Summons several machines to the field that deal minor physical damage each. In fire mode, the machines deal increased fire damage.
  • Yellow Orb: Dashes forward and deals physical damage to enemies in the surrounding area. In fire mode, this skill does increased fire damage.

Karenina’s QTE skill simply summons her to the field to deal heavy physical damage to a single enemy.

Karenina’s Core Passive skill, triggered by using a 3-orb combo followed by her Ultimate skill, activates her fire gauge. When her fire gauge reaches 50%, Karenina can enter fire mode, increase the damage of her basic attacks, while also unlocking the additional effects of her orb skills.

Karenina’s Ultimate skill fires a laser that deals minor fire damage, and leaves a fire trail that continues dealing damage. This move fills her fire gauge completely.

Lucia: Dawn

In contrast to her previous appearance, this A-Class Attacker combines physical damage with lightning, and also boasts a speedy playstyle that generously rewards player skill. Though she’s very quick, she’s also quite fragile and will crumble in a few heavy attacks. Nevertheless, her damage potential is massive, especially if you can dodge and counterattack. Play Punishing: Gray Raven on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Punishing: Gray Raven - Our Picks for Best Characters in the Game

  • Red Orb: Deals 5 consecutive slashes, inflicting physical damage to the target. At 3 orbs, this skill does lightning damage instead. Lucia is immune to CC during this attack.
  • Blue Orb: Deals two powerful attacks to nearby enemies. The first hit inflicts lightning damage and pulls all targets close to Lucia. The second attack does physical damage and marks all the targets.
  • Yellow Orb: Unleashes an attack that deals medium physical damage to a target, and spawns an electrified area around the initial target. This area lasts for up to 5 seconds, deals additional lightning damage every second, and marks all enemies that wander inside.

Lucia’s QTE skill unleashes an attack that deals physical damage to a single enemy.

Lucia’s Core Passive skill doesn’t require triggers, and instead makes it so that attacking marked enemies have a chance to trigger lightning strikes that deal additional lightning damage. The chance of this skill triggering increases as the target has more marks on them.

Lucia’s Ultimate skill summons several swords that follow Lucia, and that deal additional lightning damage whenever she attacks or uses a basic skill. These swords last 15 seconds, though their duration is refreshed if she uses her ultimate again before they expire.

Bianca: Zero

A powerful A-class Attacker that, while not the best character in her class, shines due to the fact that you can get her for free after logging on for 7 days. Bianca has powerful single-target burst damage that is ideal for dealing against sturdy enemies, though this comes at the cost of her AoE capabilities, as she has nearly none of it.

Punishing: Gray Raven - Our Picks for Best Characters in the Game

  • Red Orb: Shoots a series of arrows that deal physical damage to an enemy. Stringing red orbs increases both the number of arrows as well as their individual damage.
  • Blue Orb: Bianca charges her bow, making her shoot additional arrows with every attack for up to 8 seconds. These arrows also deal additional physical damage.
  • Yellow Orb: Unleashes a barrage of arrows that deal physical damage. This skill grants Bianca energy for every arrow landed.

Bianca’s QTE skill summons her to the field, where she launches 5 arrows at the target. Though the damage of these arrows is minor, they are guaranteed to crit, dealing much more damage than normal.

Bianca’s Core Passive skill makes it so that every time she unleashes a 3-orb combo, Bianca saves up 2 energy arrows, up to a maximum of 6. These arrows can later be used for enhancing the damage of her ultimate skill.

Bianca’s Ultimate skill rains arrows on the selected area, dealing medium physical damage to all enemies. Every energy arrow stored from Bianca’s CP skill increases the damage of this skill by 100%.

Liv: Luminance

An S-class Physical Support Construct that combines wonderful support with decent damage and some CC. Liv is quite durable, if not due to her stats, then due to the fact that she can slow enemies and heal her teammates quite reliably. She’s a good addition to any team.

Punishing: Gray Raven - Our Picks for Best Characters in the Game

  • Red Orb: Fires her cannons, dealing medium to all enemies caught in the blast and reduces their movement speed for 3 seconds. The intensity of the slowdown increases by the number of orbs used.
  • Blue Orb:  Deploys a gravity field that pulls enemies towards the center and deals medium damage. This field traps enemies within its pull and marks them, and lasts for up to 9 seconds.
  • Yellow Orb: Enhances Liv’s basic attacks, causing them to launch additional beams and deal extra damage. This buff lasts for up to 5 seconds.

Liv’s QTE skill summons her to the field, where she heals the entire team and gives them a shield that lasts 2 seconds.

Liv’s Core Passive skill triggers whenever she uses a 3-orb combo. This skill heals the entire team slightly, and also triggers a light charge that deals minor damage to the enemy. Also, whenever she attacks marked enemies, Liv has a 20% chance to trigger a light charge on the target.

Liv’s Ultimate skill deploys a circular particle field on the ground. Enemies that enter this field are randomly hit by light charges. Furthermore, allies that remain in the area receive 75% reduced damage.

While most of these characters can be quite difficult to obtain via summonings, particularly due to the low chance of acquiring them on every pull, they’re more than worth the effort as any of these can give you a significant advantage during the early game. Furthermore, please consider that our recommendations in this guide only include the Constructs available in Punishing: Gray Raven at launch, which only has a very limited roster, compared to the other versions launched in 2019. 

Nevertheless, these are the best Punishing: Gray Raven characters that you can get at the time of its global launch. If you’re aiming to reroll in this game, these are definitely the ones you want to keep an eye out for. Why wait? Play Punishing: Gray Raven instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.