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RAID: Shadow Legends – Guide to the Best Champions in the Game

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RAID is an RPG that sets over 300 hundred heroes, each with 1 to 5 abilities, into 3 roles. With party compositions that can vary from 2 to 5 champions, the game is understandably a bit overwhelming for someone who is not used to this type of complex gameplay. Although a balanced party is often the best idea, getting the right heroes from the get-go gives you an immense advantage in the game. In fact, certain champions are so good, people often re-roll accounts until they get one of them from the random drops.

You can decide on the best farming strategies or devise the right gear configuration according to the abilities and stats of your units, but you don’t get much choice in terms of the champions you earn with Mystery Shards. To be fair, we found this a bit frustrating, as we kept getting weaklings.

However, this guide will help you recognize an overpowered hero when you see on. Read on to find out more.

Best Attackers

These are the game-changing heroes – the ones you use to down bosses, enemy units, and players in a heartbeat. The better they are, the higher your odds of winning. The Legendary Baron from the Banner Lords stands out as a fierce attacker. He owes much of his worth to the 33% attack increase aura that he gives to all his companions, regardless of game mode. If this were not enough, his Skypiercer skill has the potential to deal damage to all enemies while ignoring their shield and block damage buffs. It doesn’t really get any better than this. Equip him with an offensive set and watch all of your bosses and opponents melt away in an instant.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Guide to the Best Champions in the Game

A good alternative that is not as rare as Baron is the epic Knight-Errant from the same faction. Although an attacker by role, the Knight’s aura gives a substantial 32% defence to his allies in dungeons, making him an invaluable addition to any setup. His Half-Sword ability has a 1 in 3 chance to place a Leech debuff on the enemy, while consistently ignoring 30% of their defence. Killing an enemy with Mordhau will instantly reset all of his cooldowns, allowing him to use his skills once more. When used properly, he’s a savage force to be reckoned with.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Guide to the Best Champions in the Game

Best Supports

Supports are the backbone of any successful champion set-up. While they can do some damage, their primary role is to bolster your survivability through a combination of healing and beneficial buffs. Despite the fact that she’s far from being the best you can get, our powerful Warpriest saved our hides more than once with her Divine Light ability.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Guide to the Best Champions in the Game

On the other hand, the legendary Lyssandra can turn the tides of any battle, regardless of how hard it is. Her passive aura gives a noteworthy 24% increase in the speed of all allies. What’s more, her Energize skill gives everyone a speed buff for the following two turns, adds another 30% to their turn meter, and decreases the same amount from the enemies’ turns. If you also manage to equip two SPD sets on her, you’ll easily have all of your champions hit before the enemies’ turns and melt them down with your damage dealers.

In her absence, the epic Gorgorab from the Undead Hordes can be just as effective. Although the high elf Lyssandra took the spotlight on our list, Gorgorab’s Misfortune skill has a 50% chance to remove a random buff from an enemy unit of your choosing. Secondly, his Resurge skill can add 15% to all allies’ turn meters, as well as give everyone a 50% attack boost for 2 turns. Furthermore, he also has a 23% speed increase aura, which makes this unit a strong and versatile opponent in a series of challenges.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Guide to the Best Champions in the Game

Best Defenders

Lastly, the defenders can bolster you ranks by decreasing the amount of damage you take from enemy units. When it comes to protecting from heavy attacks, the legendary Ignatius from the Orgryn Tribes clearly stands out from the crowd. Although he is technically a defence unit, the utility he brings to any setup makes him a great all-round hero. For starters, his 25% increase to the party’s defence aura is a strong enhancement to overall longevity. His Battle Shout ability has a noteworthy 50% chance of Provoking the enemies, while is Skull Rattle attack has a 15% chance to stun your adversary for 1 whole turn.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Guide to the Best Champions in the Game

If you don’t have Ignatius, the epic Tayrel from the High Elves faction also does a great job of filling in for that defender role. Albeit a potent defender, Tayrel’s ability to debuff your adversaries is what makes him truly invaluable. Much like Ignatius, he has a 25% defence bonus aura, but his Humble ability has a staggering 40% chance of lowering the attack value of the two enemies he simultaneously attacks. His longer cooldown ability, Singing Steel, deals damage to all your opponents and has a 3 in 4 chance to lower their defence value by 60%. Without a doubt, he’s one of the greatest enablers for your damage-dealing units.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Guide to the Best Champions in the Game

Play Better with this BlueStacks Guide

Now that you know which are the best champions in RAID: Shadow Legends, you can effectively use this information to gather the best units in your challenge setups. Getting each and every one of them will be difficult, which is why you can opt for lower-rarity alternatives in every instance. More importantly, these units will ensure you will have a fun time in arenas, campaign progression, in dungeons, as well as against clan bosses.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Guide to the Best Champions in the Game

At the end of the day, you should prioritize having these strong units in our party over trying to make sure you have one champion suitable for each role. After all, you can successfully run 3 damage dealers with one support and kill everything in your path. Sometimes, this is a much better choice over slowing down your progression with a balanced arrangement that also includes defenders.

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