Plarium seems to be rejoicing in the season of love as they have finally announced their newest legendary champion fusion event for all players on this special occasion of Valentine’s Day. The fusion champion is going to be Karato Foxhunter, a legendary grade Spirit affinity Attack type champion from the Shadowkin Faction. RAID: Shadow Legends, the popular turn-based RPG consistently brings out these Fusion champion events which help players get a legendary grade champion for “free”. Yes, they do not pay but have to pay with their time and energy to complete the various events and tournaments where players can obtain resources for the new fusion champion ingredients. 

This fusion is going to be a traditional stylized fusion where players collect the rare champions from the different events and tournaments. Further, they will need to level and promote them to fuse into the required Epic champion. The players will then have to level and upgrade the 4 copies of Epic champion obtained from using the Rare Champions to Level 50 at 5 Stars to fuse Karato Foxhunter. This will be an in-depth guide on the various ways available for players to obtain the different rare champions and fuse the legendary champion for the special occasion of Valentine – Karato Foxhunter.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

Karato Foxhunter is an Attack-type Spirit Affinity Legendary tier champion from the Shadowkin Faction which specializes in being a solid DPS that ignores all damage reduction effects from champion passives and masteries. Karato is an Attack type champion with a high base Attack of 1564. His passive ability Stoicism states his damage will not be reduced by enemy champion passive skills or masteries but boss passives can still decrease his damage. On the other hand, it also states that Karato’s damage cannot be increased by ally champion passive skills and masteries. Apart from that, he has a great synergy with Yumeko, his better half who is also a Void legendary champion. Karato can be very helpful in various PvE content areas like the Doom Tower, Dwarves Faction Wars, Ice Golem Dungeon, Dragons, Potion keeps, etc. However, he will mainly be used in Arena teams as a primary DPS as he can be useful against Duchess Lilutu or Candraphon defenses. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

During this Fusion event, Plarium provides 4 rare champions in multiple Events and Tournaments at certain point requirements. In some events and tournaments, even Epic champions can be found but at quite high point requirements. Players will then have to manually level and ascend them to 5 stars level 50 to Fuse Karato Foxhunter. Keep in mind that these events and tournaments will take a lot of your time if you’re going to manually play the game since Plarium only provides 30 instances of Auto-Battles per day. But don’t worry, you can easily bypass the hard grinding by simply using BlueStacks macro recorder to record your runs and keep re-running it.

Karato Foxhunter Champion Skills

Karato Foxhunter is a legendary grade Spirit affinity champion from the Shadowkin faction. He is listed as an Attack-type champion and all his skills damage scales according to his Attack stat. His base Attack is 1564 which is pretty high compared to champions of a similar level. His 1st skill Three Visitations is a single targeted damaging skill that hits the targeted enemy 3 times with each hit having a 20% chance to inflict a 25% Weaken debuff for 2 turns. His 2nd ability Bedevil is a single targeted damaging ability that has a 100% chance to Stun the targeted enemy for 1 turn. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

If paired with Yumeko and if this Karato gets a kill with this skill, then Karato will refresh the cooldown of this skill as well as grant himself an extra turn. This skill is extremely conditional because Yumeko is a Void legendary champion who is extremely hard to obtain. His 3rd ability Suppression Ward is an AOE targeted damaging ability that targets all enemies and has an 80% chance of inflicting Block Active Skills debuff for 2 turns. This debuff cannot be resisted if Yumeko is on the same team. His passive ability Stoicism is a new type of passive which states that Karato’s damage doesn’t get increased or decreased by ally or enemy champion passives and masteries. Also if Yumeko is on the same and if she dies, Karato will gain an extra turn and refresh all of his ability cooldowns. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

Here is a list of his skills in detail: –

Three Visitations [ATK]

Attacks 1 enemy 3 times. Each hit has a 20% chance of placing a 25% [Weaken] debuff for 2 turns.

Bedevil [ATK]

Attacks 1 enemy. Places a [Stun] debuff for 2 turns. Grants an Extra turn and resets the cooldown of this skill if Yumeko is on the same team and this skill kills an enemy.

Suppression Ward [ATK]

Attacks all enemies. Has an 80% chance of placing a [Block Active Skills] debuff for 2 turns. This debuff cannot be resisted if Yumeko is on the same team.

Stoicism (Passive)

Damage inflicted by this Champion cannot be decreased by enemy Passive skills or Masteries, except by the Passive skills of Bosses.

Damage inflicted by this Champion cannot be increased by this Champion’s Masteries or ally Passive Skills (Except Bosses!)

Whenever Yumeko dies, instantly grants a turn to this Champion and resets the cooldowns of each of this Champion’s skills.


Increases Ally C.RATE in all Battles by 20%

Karato Foxhunter Fusion Event Guide

Karato Foxhunter is a traditional fusion where players need to fuse him by having 4 epic champions at level 50 and ascending fully. This time, players require 4 copies of a single new Epic champion – Fylja which can further be fused with the help of 4 new rare champions. All of the rare champions and 1 Epic champion can be found in various Events and Tournaments and can be collected by reaching certain milestones in them. Pretty simple, right? It is simple; however, we will give a detailed guide on how to manage your resources to obtain enough resources to fuse them. Let’s see who the new Epic champion required for fusing Karato Foxhunter is: –

  • Fylja (Magic Affinity)

Further, players will need the 4 new rare champions to fuse them into the above-mentioned Epic champion. The new champions are:

  • Trugorr (Magic Affinity)
  • Spymaster (Force Affinity)
  • Medicus (Spirit Affinity)
  • Cagebound (Void Affinity)

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

We will now list the various events and tournaments through which you will be able to obtain these new champions.

Here is the list: –

  • Ice Golem Tournament (10th – 13th February)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament Part 1 (10th – 13th February)
  • Summon Rush Tournament (11th – 15th February)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 1 (11th – 15th February)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 1 (12th – 15th February)
  • Spider Tournament (14th – 17th February)
  • Champion Training Event Part 1 (14th – 19th February)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 2 (17th – 20th February)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament Part 2 (17th – 20th February)
  • Champion Chase Tournament (18th – 21st February)
  • Dragon Tournament (18th – 21st February)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 2 (19th – 22nd February)
  • Champion Training Tournament Part 2 (21st – 25th February)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 3 (22nd – 25th February)
  • Fire Knight Tournament (22nd – 25th February)

Preparation for these Events and Tournaments

As we can see from the timings of these Events and Tournaments presented by Plarium that many of these collide with each other. If you are confused by what some of the terms mean or where some of the locations of the dungeons and events are, here is a helpful guide.  Now doing every event and tournament 1 by 1 will drain your resources very quickly, and you will be left with insufficient rare champions to fuse one copy of the Epic champion. You might need to spend gems to refill energy for completing the remaining events and tournaments. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

This is where efficient planning and using your resources judiciously comes in. Energy and Silver will be your 2 biggest resources, and if you have enough of these saved up, things will go more smoothly for you. But if you don’t have them stored don’t fret, we are here for you! Take a look at our preparation process for Karato Foxhunter Fusion here: –

10th – 25th February –

  • Ice Golem Tournament: Spymaster Champion (Obtained at 2250 Points)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament Part 1: Medicus Champion (Obtained at 390 Points) 

These 2 tournaments are fairly easy to complete on the first day itself, granted you have the resources saved first.  Farm the highest possible stage in Ice Golem Dungeon as you can and you will be easily able to complete the Ice Golem Tournament. Luckily, the Dungeon Divers event also coincides with the Ice Golem tournament for the joy of players. Hence, we recommend players to wait 2 more days for the Dungeon divers’ event to start to get points for both the event as well as the tournament. 

The Classic Arena Takedown is very simple, and you need to do battles in the arena daily. Make sure to save all resources and use them at the right time, including the free arena token refill. If needed or coming close to the end but short of tokens, feel free to use some gems to refresh the list for easier opponents or to get extra Arena tokens. Make sure to have an upgraded Great Hall for easier and faster battles. Also, for new players, the arena takedown tournament point requirement scales according to your level and rank in the arena. Hence, the point requirement will be lower for newer or low-level players.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

  • Summon Rush Tournament: Cagebound Champion/ Fylja Champion (Obtained at 2450/ 4600 Points)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 1: Trugorr Champion (Obtained at 3750 Points)

This event is very straightforward as well, the more you summon the more points you get. The quality of shards also hampers the number of points you get. The quality of champions, however, does not affect the number of points obtained in this event. Here are the points received depending on the quality of the shard: –

Mystery Shard: 1 Point

Ancient Shard: 20 Points

Void Shard: 100 Points

Sacred Shard: 500 Points 

The point requirements we feel are extremely high for this Summon Rush even for the Rare champion. If you’re not able to complete this event, then forget about fusing Karato Foxhunter as you cannot get another copy of Cagebound and will be left short of 1 Cagebound unless you get lucky from summons. 

In dungeon divers, players just need to farm and spend energy in the different dungeons presented to us in-game like Minotaurs Labyrinth, Ice Golem, Dragons, Spiders, Fire Knight, etc. Players just need to use their energy to farm Ice Golem Dungeon and they will get points for both the event and tournament. For this Dungeon divers, we recommend farming Ice Golem dungeon to get points for both the tournament as well as the Event.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 1: Castigator Champion (Obtained at 2500 Points)
  • Spider Tournament: Medicus Champion (Obtained at X Points)                                                     

Artifact Enhancement events are simple but drain a lot of silver resources. We haven’t had a new fusion in a while so if you were clever, you should have enough resources by regularly using your energy daily. If you were not prepared, then you might have to spend your precious energy to farm silver coins for upgrading your equipment. Here are a few tips to achieve those 2500 points:-

  1. You can pre-roll your artifacts till Lvl 7/11/15 and then simply spend silver to upgrade to the next level as you get points only after upgrading artifacts to LVL 4,8,12 and 16 with the highest points being given at 6-star LVL 16 artifact upgrade.
  2. You can level up 3 6-Star artifacts to level 16 to easily complete this event in a go
  3. Save up to roughly 6 million silver per artifact enhancement event, as this amount is roughly what it takes to complete these events.

However, if you have enough silver or artifacts upgraded to a certain level, then feel free to use it to complete this event. It also takes a lot of time because the general upgrading speed for artifacts is very slow, and it fails many times as well. However, if you use BlueStacks Eco mode, you can significantly speed up this process and save so much time!  

Spider Tournament is straightforward like most of the Dungeon-related events. Players get points according to the gear they farm in Spiders Den dungeon. We recommend farming Stage 20 for the efficiency of the tournament. Knowing the previous point requirements for these Dungeon related tournaments, we can safely say the point requirement will be around 2250.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

  • Champion Training Event Part 1: Trugorr Champion/Cagebound Champion (Obtained at X/X Points)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 2: Medicus Champion (Obtained at X Points)

This champion training event is a light one with the requirement supposedly low since it contains 2 champions with Cagebound being placed at a higher point requirement. The point requirements might get a bit high seeing the trend of some of the events and tournaments for this fusion so be careful with your resources. Do not level up champions or rank up champions outside of this event. Try to save chickens if you can collect them from the Doom Tower. Always save potions for Ascensions as they count towards points as well. 

Artifact Enhancement event is straightforward like the previous one. It all depends on how much Silver you have. Keep your items leveled just before multiples of 4, i.e – 3, 7, 11, and 15. That is because you obtain points only when you level artifacts at Level 4,8, 12, and 16. Try to save silver and not remove items from your champions. You will also collect more Silver as you complete the above events and tournaments.    

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament Part 2: Spymaster Champion (Obtained at X Points)
  • Champion Chase Tournament: Cagebound Champion (Obtained at X Points)

This is going to be a light Champion Chase tournament but might come up with massive point requirements to get the Rare Champion Cagebound. In Champion chase tournaments, the quality of the champions acquired matters more than the quality of shards used. Players can get champions from Mystery Shards and Market as well to get some extra points if they are going short. Players can further summon their fragment champions if they have saved any to get more points. Any source of obtaining champions is counted towards getting the points. Players do not need to go for this event if players have already acquired the Epic champion from the previous event. However, if you were unable to get the Epic champion and have your resources burned out just to get the Rare champion from the Summon Rush, we do not recommend going for this as the point requirements might be too steep.

Classic Arena Takedowns are easy and simple. Win matches in the Arena, refresh for easier opponents, and always use the daily Arena token refreshes you get from completing daily missions as well as playtime rewards.

  • Dragon Tournament: Trugorr Champion (Obtained at X Points)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 2: Spymaster Champion (Obtained at X Points)

Dungeon Divers event 2 coincides with the existing Dragon tournament. Both the events and tournaments are greatly synergized and can save you tons of energy if you just farm the Dragons Dungeon Stage 20. By doing Dragons, you will be able to get points for both the tournament as well as Event. This will kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Dungeon diver’s event should be easily doable and players should get both the milestones. Just use your daily energy refreshes and save energy if the event is completed. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

  • Champion Training Tournament Part 2: Medicus Champion (Obtained at X Points)

This is another easy tournament coming with Medicus, the Rare champion. Players can expect a medium-low point requirement for this tournament. Complete it if you are going for the fusion and have completed the summoning-related events and tournaments. 

  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 3: Trugorr Champion (Obtained at X Points)
  • Fire Knight Tournament:  Cagebound Champion (Obtained at X Points)

One more Artifact Enhancement event! By this time, you might be drained of your silver resources: hence, we advise you to use all your available energy from daily missions, playtime rewards, clan login, and other areas in the game to farm Fire Knights. You can even use gems to refill energy for completing this Fire Knights tournament if necessary. Selling the artifacts from farming Fire Knights will lead to more Silver creation which will let you complete the Artifact Enhancement event. The time given is 3 days which is practically more than enough to complete both these events and tournaments.

Fusing Karato Foxhunter

After collecting all the 4 Rare champions from the event and tournament, players will further need to level them to Level 40 and promote them to 4-Stars and have them at 4th Ascended. All this to get 4 copies of the new Epic champion Fylja which further will need to be at Level 40, 5-Star Promoted, and have their 5th Ascension unlocked. For all of these feats, the players will need the following potions and chickens:

  • Lesser Affinity Potions: 40 Force, 40 Magic, 40 Spirit, 40 Void
  • Greater Affinity Potions: 16 Force, 16 Spirit, 96 Magic, 16 Void
  • Superior Affinity Potions: 24 Magic
  • 80 Lesser Arcane Potions
  • 108 Greater Arcane Potions
  • 12 Superior Arcane Potions
  • 48 x 3-Star Chickens
  • 16 x 4-Star Chickens

For leveling champions, we recommend farming 12-3 brutal stages repeatedly or using your brews to level them.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Karato Foxhunter Legendary Champion Fusion Guide

That is it from our side for everything you need to know about the Valentine’s Week Legendary fusion event for Karato Foxhunter! To read more such guides, check out our Blog section where we cover the latest happenings at RSL for our lovely community.

To Enjoy Raid Shadow Legends on PC, download it from BlueStacks for a smooth experience.