To play Random TD, we must first explore the fundamentals of the game and how these create such a unique experience for players who are both new to the genre and are long-time fans that are just coming back to re-experience the joys of playing games like these. The PvP tower defense genre isn’t an original experience of modern gaming since there have been many mods that allowed this gameplay experience even in older games that gave players some very fond memories.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Random TD

The game genre may not be anything new but Random TD uses many different features that set itself apart from other tower defense games. In this game, players will enjoy collecting different towers, upgrading them, and using them to fight other players by using the best combination possible. Make sure to install Random TD on BlueStacks to maximize your experience of playing the game. We’ll be explaining more about these features in our beginners’ guide to help players get the best possible start.

Tower Defense

The Tower Defense genre is a very old type of game that focuses on players laying out structures that attack waves of monsters that try to get from one point to the next through a direct pathway. The player earns resources to construct more towers whenever they kill a monster. Every now and then, a boss will appear after a wave that has increased stats which should provide a challenge for the player. The player loses when a certain number of monsters successfully get to their end destination.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Random TD

In Random TD, the core mechanics stay loyal to their original version with the biggest change being the randomized tower construction. Older tower defense games allowed players to construct their own towers to have more strategic opportunities. In addition, Random TD also utilizes the merge system where players can upgrade a tower by merging them with an identical structure which will be upgraded into a random tower once again. Keep this in mind when playing the game.

PvP Mechanics

The PvP system of Random TD is its most iconic feature with players competing against each other in the versus mode. The mechanics of a PvP tower defense goes by transferring monsters whenever they are killed. This means that if you kill a monster, that monster will be added to the enemy’s wave. This goes on until the boss stage where all the monsters will finally be reset and a powerful unit will replace them to make it difficult for the players. Once the boss is slain, the wave phase will continue and players will once again repeat the process.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Random TD

The PvP system, in general, in Random TD works like most other online games where players will be competing against other players to determine a winner. Every time a player wins or loses in a match, their standings change according to the number of points they gain or lose to their opponent. While there are some AI opponents at the beginner stages of the game, players will notice that the number of human opponents they face increases as they rank higher in the game.


Players don’t have a similar set of towers they can build. Players earn tower “shards” that they can use to unlock or upgrade new tower cards or existing ones that they own. These can be earned by completing missions and events or by purchasing them directly from the shop. It’s true that the more powerful towers in the game can be purchased using premium currency, but hardcore players can still get a chance to work hard and farm for ones that they can use to unlock powerful tower cards.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Random TD

Players can only have six tower cards in a deck. The cards that you put in your deck will determine what type of structures you can build while in a match. Since tower construction and upgrades are random, having the right balance of towers is key to making sure that you don’t end up getting useless structures early on in the game. Players will have to choose among dozens of choices which will only increase as they unlock more cards in the game.

Tower Types

Each tower in the game is different in what they do, its stats, and its purpose. Not all towers are meant to deal damage because there are support towers that provide assistance for other towers to be more efficient in killing monsters. There are also different types of damage-dealing turrets from single-target types to multi-target types. The way you can see what type of tower you have is to take a look at its card and its stats will show how they function when used in a match. 

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Random TD

Players need to understand the difference between towers to be able to make a proper deck. We’ll be discussing deckbuilding in Random TD more in-depth in a future article, but we advise players to start reading all their tower cards now to see how the information on each card works. A good rule on deckbuilding is that players need to have a good balance between all the structure types to maximize their ability to defeat other players in the PvP mode.


Every game has different currencies and mobile games in particular have a system of having in-game currency and premium currency. Gold is the primary currency in Random TD which players can earn primarily by completing missions and finishing matches. This currency can be used to buy low-level items or upgrade tower cards in your inventory. Gold is the currency that players will be spending the most throughout their playthrough since most of the things they do will cost a certain amount of this currency.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Random TD

Gems are the premium currency in Random TD and can also be earned by completing missions and events. However, this currency is primarily purchased by using real money. This is a very important currency that’s used to purchase chests that contain random tower cards. Other important resources that are used to upgrade tower cards and acquire powerful cards can also be purchased using gems.