The best way to play Random TD is to have fun and enjoy every moment of your playthrough. However, many players like to min-max their experience and you won’t be judged for wanting to get the most out of playing a competitive game like this. The PvP mode makes players really motivated to log into the game every day and get a few wins on the ranked ladder. The problem is that there are some players who might struggle with playing the game, which is why we have a few tips and tricks to help them out.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Random TD

Random TD has so many gameplay mechanics that you might find yourself lost trying to figure out what you need to do in the game for hours. Many new players just spend hours just competing in the PvP mode without even realizing that they can do so many things to help them get helpful rewards that will allow them to progress further into the ranked ladder. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful tips and tricks that we’ve gathered to help players get the best possible start.

Participate in Events

Events in this game are so full of rewards that if you were a competitive player, it would be a complete waste not to participate in the new game modes. Every season, Random TD introduces a new game mode that players can enjoy with the sole purpose of giving players new content that they can play. While some people may think that it’s a complete waste of time, the rewards that you get from the events are simply too good to pass up and will actually help you rank up faster because of the items that can be acquired.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Random TD

Aside from the game modes, Random TD also has quests and goals that players can complete to earn even more rewards like gems and gold. As you already know, gems can be used to purchase chests, which contain random cards that include rare towers. Competitive players should aim toward earning 2500 gems, which is the amount needed to buy a Legendary chest. We mentioned in our Tier List that legend tower cards are the best and if you’re planning to get them, you better start farming gems from events and quests.

Change Your Hero!

The hero is a very important part of your strategy because it offers not only an added ability that you can use occasionally, but it also dictates how many life points you have. Ideally, players always want the Lucky Bunny hero because gives players 5 life points in total and the chance to increase the level of their towers whenever they merge. However, those who do not have the Lucky Bunny can simply choose among the rest of the heroes that they already own to increase their chances of winning.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Random TD

The Pioneer and Genetic Engineer are the choices that will be available to you early on and while it might not seem like it matters too much what you choose, the abilities are actually very impactful to the result of your match. It depends entirely on your playstyle and what you want to choose but the best factor to think about when looking at your options is always the number of life points that they offer. Sometimes, having one extra heart can win you the game.

Visit the Shop

Visiting the shop should be a player’s habit in Random TD. While most of the items available here are only purchasable using real currency, there is a portion in the shop where players can purchase tower cards and earn free gold. This portion is the Daily Deals shop that rotates every day, meaning the choices will change, and can sometimes offer an extremely rare card that you might need. It’s important to take a few seconds every day just to check what deals are available and if you want to buy them.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Random TD

You don’t have to buy everything that they offer in the shop because it often offers really bad items that you don’t really need. The most noteworthy items in stock are the Purple and Gold border items since they are very useful when playing in the PvP mode. Make sure that you’re saving up gold and not using all of your resources to upgrade cards that you won’t probably use in the future. This is a mistake that most beginners make because the notification dot annoys them.

Double Your Rewards!

In Random TD, you can multiply all the rewards that you get from completing quests and events but you might not like how it’s done. In this game, players can double their rewards by watching a short advertisement every time it’s available. For competitive players who don’t spend real money, this is an absolute rule that they need to follow because it’s always a good idea to maximize everything that you can squeeze out of the game even if it means doing things they hate.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Random TD

Players who are using the BlueStacks platform don’t have the problem of sitting through a 30-second or 1-minute ad because they can simply change windows and do something else. While you can set aside your smartphone when you do this, being able to change windows and simply go on the internet to take a quick scan on social media can actually make the experience of having to go through endless waves of ads less annoying to deal with.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild is the final tip that we want to share and it’s a very important one as well. Being able to socialize with other players and talk about the game improves your overall experience but the true value of joining a guild comes when Random TD releases a guild-specific event. This means that you have more chances of earning resources and items as long as your guild works together.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Random TD

It’s important for players to join an active guild instead of simply joining a low-requirement group with inactive members because you won’t be able to maximize the rewards that you get from events. A good rule is to look for the top 20 guilds on your server and take your pick from among them since they are most likely to be the most active ones.