Have you started to play Random TD and competed in its PvP modes? The first few matches make you feel like you’re unstoppable, with most of our opponents losing to us but as we progress through the ladder, the opponents become more difficult to defeat. It’s easy to blame the fact that their towers are better than ours, but the game’s design actually gives F2P users a chance to compete with players who have better structures than us with some advanced PvP strategies to help with our chances.

Random TD - Advanced PvP Strategies

Random TD’s PvP isn’t as action-packed as other games but it can get very exciting once the pressure starts to build up. You and your opponent compete in a test of wits and a little bit of luck to make things interesting which isn’t always a bad thing because it levels the playing field even if one party has towers that they acquired by spending real money. This guide aims to help players increase their chances of winning the game by understanding advanced strategies that will give them an edge over their opponents. 

Assembling Your Deck

Properly assembling a good deck is the first thing that players need to understand about PvP in Random TD. We’ve talked a bit about this topic in our Beginner’s Guide, so check that out to learn more about the fundamentals surrounding this game. Towers in this game come in the form of cards, which a player can assemble their decks by choosing among all their cards to include in their deck which is limited to having six towers in total. This limits your choices but allows players to have a higher chance of getting a specific structure.

Random TD - Advanced PvP Strategies

There are two things to keep in mind when assembling your deck and we’ll have to talk about them in detail. The most important thing to remember is that you only have a choice of six cards in total and players are given so many options at the beginning that they may not understand fully as a newbie. To understand the tips that we’ll give below, it’s important for the player to read all of their cards and compare the information in each tower to make sense of what each of them does.

  • Tower Types

There are different types of towers that focus on different things. There are the DPS towers, support structures, economic buildings, and disruptors. For the DPS towers, there are single target damage-dealers and area-of-effect nukers. Keep in mind that the best lineup is having three DPS towers, one of each support, economy, and disruption building to help sustain your damage output. None of these is more important than the others, but some are more effective when left at a certain amount.

Random TD - Advanced PvP Strategies

Damage-dealing structures are the core of your strategy because you need them to clear the waves that come at you. Support structures improve the capabilities of your damage dealers and economic buildings increase the rate at which you acquire SP to buy new structures or upgrade them, which is important so that you can keep ahead of your opponent. Disruption buildings prevent your routes from being overrun quickly and assist your AoE towers to effectively deal damage when enemies are clumped in one area.

  • Rarity and Upgrades

As you may already realize, each tower has a specific rarity and the higher rarity ones have better abilities and base stats. This means that they’re much stronger than regular towers and are often valued higher in deckbuilding because they’re simply too good to pass up. However, there are exceptions such as having a tower that’s upgraded quite high up that their base stats make them better to have than a legendary card because they’ll have better functions when in actual play.

Random TD - Advanced PvP Strategies

In Random TD, you should always have the right balance of rarity and upgrades. It’s always better to have the higher rarity cards with the highest level. Players can determine the rarity of the card by the color of its background and crystal, with gold being the highest and green being the lowest. It’s a good idea to avoid putting green and blue towers in your deck because their stats are simply too low and the abilities are usually weak so even having a high upgrade level can’t justify adding them to the deck.


Now that you’ve successfully built your deck, it’s time to go into the actual match. Positioning is an important factor in Random TD. While it’s true that buying structures will place them in a random position on the board, you can still manipulate your placement and positioning when you merge existing structures. While it won’t often go your way when adjusting tower positioning, having the right idea and planning ahead will increase your chances of winning by getting high-reward plays.

Random TD - Advanced PvP Strategies

Merging towers will free up one tile and randomly upgrade the target. When you have support structures or towers that work better when a specific structure is beside them, it’s a good idea to manipulate their surroundings by moving pieces to free up tiles or get the chance to upgrade them. Generally, it’s really bad for your board to have two support towers beside each other because you don’t maximize their effects. Move your towers in a way that allows you to gain an advantage.

Buying and Merging

Buying and merging towers aren’t just a spontaneous decision where players simply do it when they can. Players need to properly plan out when they will buy new towers and merge existing ones to avoid putting themselves in a disadvantageous position. The most common mistake that players make is merging their towers at the beginning of the match when their board state is not yet established. It’s a good idea to fill your board with towers up to 75% before you start merging so that you don’t get overrun by your opponent.

Random TD - Advanced PvP Strategies

Before you start merging, make sure that you have plenty of damage-dealing towers to clear the wave. The best towers to merge at the beginning of the match are economic structures since they give you more resources to buy more structures. Once you’ve established your board, you need to merge your turrets slowly. A good rule of thumb is to buy a new tower immediately after merging existing ones to replenish your board and avoid losing precious DPS in the process.