Play Random TD to collect a variety of powerful towers that you can use to defeat your opponents. The game features a loot box system where players can acquire random tower cards, but they are generous enough to give players the chance to acquire these turrets for free even if they’re not willing to spend money. That being said, players who are given the rare chance to get the towers they want may not know which ones are the best. That’s why we made a tier list to help players make better decisions.

Random TD Tier List - Best Legend Towers

There are many types of towers in Random TD and we’ve discussed all their differences in our PvP Guide. We mentioned that Legend rarity tower cards are simply the best in the game, so don’t be surprised that they’ll be taking up our tier list. The only question that remains is which legend towers are the best so that players will have a better idea of how to use them in their deck.

Best Legend Towers

Discussing the best Legend towers requires a bit of understanding of what makes these structures so prized in the competitive field. We’ll mostly be ranking these towers according to their strength in the PvP mode, so we’ll be ignoring towers that are more powerful in the co-op mode and other PvE modes in general. Here are all of the best towers ranked from S-rank to B-rank.

S Tier

The S Tier towers are the most powerful and useful turrets in the game and should be included in all decks since they are extremely valuable and no other turrets can beat the value that they offer to your board.

  • Volcano/Waves

The Volcano turret and Wave turret are essentially the same structure with minor changes in their behavior and aesthetics but they both do the same thing. These towers are the best DPS structures in the game since they can easily help players snowball the game if they get more than three of these turrets out at the beginning of the match. They can quickly clear up waves even at level 1.

Random TD Tier List - Best Legend Towers

The part that makes these structures so valuable is that they are extremely powerful at all stages in the game and can quickly help players earn SP to fill up their board. Unlike a lot of other DPS towers, the Volcano and Wave turrets aren’t situational and don’t require players to place them in a “proper” position to maximize their effects. Don’t be tempted to add both to your lineup because it’s usually better to add other turret types to balance out your deck.

  • Growth

The Growth turret is classified as an attack turret but what makes this structure so powerful is that it periodically upgrades one of your existing structures. This is extremely impactful since it allows your board to max out quickly, depending on the number of Growth turrets available on your board. Pairing this with powerful offensive turrets like the Volcano or Wave turrets will allow you to quickly overrun your opponent.

Random TD Tier List - Best Legend Towers

The Growth turret doesn’t exactly have a powerful offense, but it’s not completely useless as a backup attacker which allows it to retain its spot as an S-tier structure. It’s easy to run away with the game with Growth turrets since you don’t have to spend as much SP just to power up your existing turrets using RNG mechanics.

A Tier

The A Tier towers are still powerful but not necessarily a staple of most decks since players can live without them. These turrets are worth considering and can be added to your deck as a priority over every other tower in the game aside from the ones mentioned in the S-tier.

  • Spaceship

The Spaceship is the most powerful single-target turret in Random TD. Its strength mostly comes from stacking, with the turret getting stronger the more spaceships you have on your board. It can stack really high and can easily get rid of bosses and tanky enemies on the wave. Unfortunately, single target turrets are the structures you want to fill up your board.

Random TD Tier List - Best Legend Towers

The spaceship puts in a ridiculous amount of DPS and is extremely powerful at the right moment. Its biggest strength comes from the fact that players don’t need these turrets to be in proper placement, making them very easy to use. However, it’s a good practice to only keep these structures at a maximum of five so as to make space for your other important towers.

  • Ice Maker

The Ice Maker isn’t exactly the flashiest tower on this list, but as a disruption structure, this is the best you can ever ask for. Unlike other disruption turrets that simply slow down your enemies from advancing, this turret completely stops them in their tracks, which is very game-breaking because that allows your AoE turrets to deal more efficient damage to the wave.

Random TD Tier List - Best Legend Towers

The Ice Make is very popular because it’s easy to acquire but that doesn’t take away from its strength. When using this turret, players should always use a powerful AoE turret to maximize its effectiveness in battle. Sometimes, the Ice Wall can buy you just enough time for your enemy to take lethal damage and get you the win.

B Tier

The B-Tier towers are still very powerful but they are extremely conditional and are sometimes prone to blundering when the luck does not go in your favor. Regardless, they are still worth adding to your deck even if they offer less consistent results.

  • Mini Sun

The Mini Sun is a powerful AoE DPS structure that can conflagrate waves of enemies without a limit. It offers extremely high DPS, especially when you meet the 1/4/7 condition that gives you a guaranteed chance to simply erase the wave off of the board regardless of how many there are on the field.

Random TD Tier List - Best Legend Towers

The obvious setback to this strategy is that players need to maintain the 1/4/7 count. Otherwise, the turret loses half of its power. In any other number, the Mini Sun is still a powerful nuker, but it’s not on par with the other turrets on the list.

  • Snake

The Snake is a unique case. It’s an extremely powerful enemy disruption turret but is extremely weak at everything else so having multiple copies of these on the board becomes a liability. On the other hand, its ability to downgrade enemy towers is very game-breaking in the PvP mode because it essentially ensures that your opponent is always weaker than you.

Random TD Tier List - Best Legend Towers

The biggest weakness of the Snake is that if you have more than four copies on the board, your DPS starts to become lacking. When that happens, it doesn’t matter if your opponent has downgraded towers because you might not be able to keep up with the wave that’s coming your way.