When you play Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight, it is important to acquire Hero EXP and Gold to be able to upgrade your heroes. In this separate guide, we discussed several methods of strengthening your heroes. Most, if not all, methods tackled in that guide involve spending resources such as Hero EXP, Gold, and Diamond. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the various ways of earning resources in Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight. This will focus primarily on where and how to acquire Hero EXP, Diamond, and Gold but some of the methods discussed here are also a source of other resources such as equipment for your heroes, Breakthrough Stone, and the like.

Auto Combat Earnings

Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight is an idle RPG and that already means that idle combat, also known as auto-combat, is going to be a primary method of acquiring important resources.

During auto-combat, your heroes automatically fight infinite waves of enemies for you. This occurs regardless of if you are online or offline. As enemies are being continuously eliminated, resources such as Gold, EXP, Hero EXP, Search Points, Diamonds, Essence Stone, Breakthrough Stone, and some new equipment (i.e., swords, armor) are acquired and stored in a chest. 

You can collect auto-combat earnings by tapping the chest anytime. Note that the chest becomes full after 12 hours, so it is advised to collect your earnings at the point in which the chest is near-full to full. Once the chest is full, resources earned after the fact will not be stored so make a schedule on when to log into the game and collect the earnings.

The four main resources generated by auto-combat (Gold, EXP, Hero EXP, Search Points) are generated at a constant rate. This rate can be seen on the top-left of the screen. The production rate can be increased by completing story quests (Challenge Lord).

Fast Raid

The main problem with auto-combat is that it takes plenty of time to collect those important resources. As mentioned, it takes 12 hours for the chest to be full and sometimes you cannot afford to wait that long. Fortunately, you can utilize the Fast Raid feature.

Fast Raid can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Fast Raid’ icon located on the bottom-right of the screen, located just beside the ‘Challenge Lord’ button.

Through this feature, you can immediately have two hours’ worth of auto-combat earnings by clicking on the ‘Fast Raid’ button.

The game gives you one free ‘Fast Raid’ every day. After using the free attempt, you have to spend diamonds to continue using Fast Raid. However, the catch is that you can only commit 3 additional Fast Raids if you are a normal user. If you are subscribed to the ‘Fast Raid’ privilege in the game’s Privilege Store (costs $9.99 in real money), you get 3 free Fast Raids and the ability to purchase 8 more attempts with diamonds. Essentially, you get a total of 4 Fast Raid attempts (only 1 is free) as a normal player whereas you get 11 eleven attempts (3 are free) as a subscriber to the Fast Raid privilege.


Instances are special quests that are dedicated to acquiring resources in Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight. You can access Instance quests by clicking on the ‘Instance’ tab. There are six types of instance quests in the game but for this guide, we’ll only tackle the first two as these are the ones, you’ll have earlier access to. 

Resource Instance

This is where you can commit raids and complete challenges to earn a specific resource. The resources that you can earn here are: Gold, EXP, Shard, Creature, and Rune. 

One resource contains multiple instances that have their own difficulty level. The difficulty is rated from Easy, Normal, Adventure, Hard, and Shura. The more difficult the instance that you choose, the more resources you get upon completion.

To unlock instances, two conditions have to be satisfied. First, your hero team must meet the Combat Power (CP) requirement of the instance. Second, you must have completed the instance before it. When these conditions are fulfilled, you can now ‘challenge’ that instance. When you complete an instance, you can redo it and earn the rewards again by clicking on ‘Raid’.

All raids and challenges consume one Challenge Attempt. Every day, the game gives you 2 free attempts for each resource category. 

Top of Clouds

The Top of Clouds consists of clearing floors to earn rewards. Each floor consists of an enemy team that you need to defeat. If you defeat them on the first try, you get Breakthrough Stones as a ‘First Clearance’ Reward.

Like resource instance quests, Top of Clouds also have limited attempts. You are given 2 free attempts per day, and you can purchase 3 more (one additional attempt costs 20 diamonds).

Upon clearing a floor, you can redo the floor and instantly gain its rewards. This will consume one attempt. Additionally, the game does not give you the ‘First Clearance’ reward again when raiding an already-cleared floor.

Daily Sign-in

The game rewards you just for simply logging in every day through the Daily Sign-in rewards system. 

The rewards page pops up when you log into the game for the first time of the day or by going through ‘Home’ > ‘Benefits’ > ‘Daily Sign-In’.

Daily Sign-In is the easiest way to earn diamonds in the game. Starting from Day 3, you can earn as much as 200 diamonds every other day. Aside from diamonds, you can also earn other resources such as high-quality gear, gear shards (acquire new gear when you have enough shards), Breakthrough Stones, and R.Xtal.

Daily Quest

Completing daily quests is another great way of earning diamonds and gold but with an added bonus of stat upgrades to your heroes.

Your daily quests can be accessed by going through ‘Home’ > ‘Daily’ > ‘Daily Quest’. 

As the name suggests, daily quests consist of tasks that you have to do within the day. For each completion of a quest, you can earn diamonds, gold, or other useful items such as Breakthrough Stones and Common Summon Tickets. Aside from that, however, you also earn Activity. When you garner enough Activity, you can either increase your Activity Level which in turn gives you stat bonuses like +500 HP and +50 ATK, or be able to open a bonus rewards chest. The chest consists of additional diamonds and other items and the rewards become greater as you earn more Activity.