Upgrading heroes is very important when you play Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight. The strength of your heroes is what determines your victory against enemies in story quests (challenge lords) and especially PvP competitions in the arena. Fortunately, the game gives several methods of upgrading your heroes and we’ll discuss how all that works in this guide.

But before delving into that, we must first know how hero strength is measured in Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight. The collective strength of your heroes is measured in CP. You can know the amount of CP from the ‘Player Info’ page which can be accessed by clicking on your character’s profile picture on the top-left of the screen. 

This CP number is a culmination of the individual CPs of your heroes. You can know the CP of a particular hero by going through the ‘Hero’ tab and selecting the hero whose CP you want to see. When we say upgrading a hero, we are upgrading their CP which subsequently increases the collective CP.

Upgrading Heroes with Hero EXP and Gold

A hero’s basic stats such as HP, Armor, Speed, ATK, and M.DEF. If you want to know more about these stats as well as other characteristics that define a hero, you can check this beginner’s guide here. These stats can be upgraded by spending two resources: Gold and Hero EXP.

To do this, go to the ‘Hero’ menu, select the hero that you want to upgrade, and click the ‘Up x5’ to level up your hero. By default, your hero will be leveled up by five levels (hence ‘Up x5’) for every instance that you upgrade. This will only change when you do not have enough resources to level up to five more levels.

As you are leveling up your heroes, they will eventually reach a level cap. At this point, you must initiate the hero’s ‘Breakthrough’. What breakthrough does is increase the max level of your hero but also significantly increase their base stats (more than what normal level-ups can do). To commit a breakthrough, you will need Gold as well as Breakthrough Stones.

All of the resources that you spend on a hero can be completely refunded through ‘Rebirth’. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Rebirth’ button on the hero’s page. Upon undergoing a rebirth, the hero will immediately go back to Level 1. Rebirth can only be used a maximum of 15 times per day. Strategically speaking, use rebirth when you urgently need to upgrade a hero and concurrently have a hero that you are willing to ‘dispose’.

Equipping Gear

The world of Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight is filled with weapons and other equipment that your heroes can use. Heroes can be equipped with at most four gear items to further increase their stats.

  • Sword – increases ATK
  • Shoes – increases ATK
  • Helmet – increases HP
  • Armor – increases HP

Like heroes, gear items also have their own ratings. The same rule applies, a higher-rated gear item means that it is more powerful.

Gear also comes in sets and you can receive some bonuses such as an additional percentage of HP and ATK when you equip two or all parts of the set. The bonuses that you acquire depend on how many parts of the same set your hero is equipping. As much as possible, equip your strongest heroes with complete gear sets to maximize their strength.

Fusing Gear

Generally, gear items can be acquired as rewards for completing story quests. However, these are usually low-quality gear that are not going to be particularly useful. 

At some point, you are going to end up having a surplus of low-quality items. Fortunately, weak gear can be fused together to craft higher-quality gear by going through ‘Home’ > ‘Smithy’.

Three pieces of gear with the same rating and gear type are eligible for gear fusion. For example, three one-star swords are eligible for fusion and creation of a single two-star sword. You will only need Gold for the fusion process and the higher the quality of the resulting gear, the more expensive the fusion will be.

Summoning Heroes

When upgrading your existing heroes is not enough, you can always summon new heroes to have a chance in acquiring a stronger one. 

You can summon new heroes by going through ‘Home’ > ‘Summon’.

Summoning heroes are divided into three categories: Common, Supreme, and Friendship. For the most part, you will be using Common and Supreme summons as these utilize Summon Tickets while Friendship summons utilize Friendship points. The game gives you two free Summon Tickets (one for common, one for supreme) every day but this is not true for Friendship Points.

Hero Rating Common Supreme Friendship
1-star 52% N/A N/A
2-star 36% N/A 36%
3-star 10% 80% 48%
4-star 1.6% 15% 15%
5-star 0.4% 5% 1%

You can also summon a hero from a specific race of your choice by going through ‘Home’ > ‘Summon’ > ‘Race’. This does not utilize Summon Tickets however as you will need to use a resource called ‘R.Xtal’. This can be purchased from the Purchase Limit Store or Arena Store.

Fusing Heroes in the Bravery Temple

In the Bravery Temple, you can fuse heroes, in almost the same way that you can fuse weapons, to create one stronger hero.

The Bravery Temple can be accessed by going through ‘Home’ > ‘Bravery Temple’.

To create a higher-star hero, you need to have three copies of the hero itself but with the specified rating. For example, creating a 5-star hero requires three copies of the same hero but with a 4-star rating. Additionally, you will also need a certain amount of heroes that are of the same race and same rating.

Creating a new hero necessitates sacrificing some of your existing heroes. Fortunately, all resources spent on the heroes that were used for the fusion will be completely refunded. This includes the gear they wore, Breakthrough Stones used for them, and other resources that you used to upgrade them.