Reaching the last level in Rings of Anarchy will take a lot of time – casual players may need to play the game for months to reach the end-game phase. Since the game really “starts” at the last level, gaining those XP points faster is important. Well, worry no more: Below, you can find the best tactics to level up quicker.


The Basics Of Leveling

Your character needs XP points to level up. Take a look at the bar at the bottom of your screen: It represents how many points you need to advance to the next level. The faster this bar fills, the quicker you level up.



XP points come from a variety of resources: You can complete quests, grind enemies, and participate in events. There are also a couple of boosts you can use to gain more XP, such as a companion pet and becoming a VIP (check out our Tips and Tricks guide to learn more about these).


Grind Wisely: Use Multi-Tasking To Your Advantage

As we mentioned in our other Rings of Anarchy guides, we highly recommend following the main story and completing quests, until they run out. Quests will be your main source of XP until you reach level 200+. Until then, we do not recommend automatic grinding: You gain levels too fast and only after an hour or so, enemies on the map stop giving XP points, as you overpower them.


Without a quest, we are killing the enemies like there is no tomorrow: This is called grinding.


However, using BlueStacks will give you an advantage in this regard: You can multitask while your hero is fighting by himself. Simply put, activate automatic battle and start doing other things: Surf the internet, watch a movie, grab a cup of coffee. Just remember to move onto another map (where enemies will be on the same level as you) every hour or so. You are not using a mobile device; you are a BlueStacks player: There is no need to “watch” the screen. This method is so effective; it will allow you to reach the last level in 15 days or so. If you also do the quests, this period will be shorter.


It took only a day to reach level 108 with this method. Yay!


Activate Offline Leveling

That’s right: You don’t even need to keep the game open in order to gain XP points. Your character will keep grinding even when you are offline. This feature is called “offline leveling” and if you want to use it for free, you must join a guild. Every guild member gets 2 hours of offline leveling time for free – you can purchase more time from the store.


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There is no need to purchase additional offline leveling time: Just combine your 2 hours with the wise grinding method we described above – doing so will further reduce the leveling time.


Join A Team Or Create One

Being in a party while doing quests or grinding has its benefits: The more members your party has, the bigger the XP bonus will be. Each party can host up to 4 members and finding 3 more players is not a hard job – the game does this for you automatically. In fact, even the offline characters of other players can join your team, so forming a party literally takes seconds. You don’t even need to talk or stand next to each other, just being in the same party is enough to get the XP buff.



However, if you really cannot find members for your party, BlueStacks still covers you: Use our multi-instance tool, create three more instances, send invites from your main account, and form your own party. Remember that you don’t need to do anything on these other instances after creating the party: Just keep playing the game from your main instance.



In this regard, don’t forget to complete the daily missions with your “special” party too: They are another source of XP points and being in a team will make them more efficient.



That’s it: There is no need to purchase something with real money in order to level up faster, BlueStacks already has all the tools you need. We are sure that you will reach the last level in the game in 15 days or so with the help of these suggestions, there is no need to grind for months. Remember to check our other Rings of Anarchy guides to play more efficiently and get ready for end-game raids: You will start to participate in them pretty quick!

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