Re-Visiting An ARPG Classic: Rings Of Anarchy

Re-Visiting An ARPG Classic: Rings Of Anarchy

Action MMO games are popular for a reason: They are easy to play, offer big content that will keep you busy for months, and provide instant gratification with almost every achievement you get. And once you learn how to play one, you can play all others – they all use the same mechanics. Some action MMO games already fall on to the “classics” category: They were among the first ARP games that started this genre, and still have a big player base. Rings Of Anarchy is one of these games, and if you did not play it before, now is the perfect time to give it a go. In this article, we will take a closer look at the game and tell you what to expect from this classic title.



The Gameplay Basics

This is a 2.5D game played from an isometric point of view: You see your character from the top and control it. Speaking of characters, you are asked to pick one of the three heroes at the beginning – warrior, archer, and mage. There is one more class called “dragonkin” which gives you the ability to transform into a dragon but you must have a level 280 character to choose this option.



We recommend picking the warrior class, especially if you are a beginner. As a general rule, the biggest and dumbest looking hero has the easiest gameplay – when in doubt, pick the brute. Mage and archer have higher DPS (damage per second) but they also have lower health points and require “kiting”.



The general idea of the game is killing dozens of enemies on each map. There is a simple story to follow: An ancient evil has invaded the world, you are the chosen one to fight against it, and each region in the game contains a “ring” that contains an ancient power. You complete all the quests in a region, defeat the final boss, and get the ring – you need to collect 32 rings in total. And each one you collect unlocks another skill of yours: In order to use all the abilities of your character, you must defeat all mini-bosses and face the ancient evil at the end.



Upgrade Everything

The story may seem a little weak but this is normal, “grind” games are not known for having captivating stories. The term “grind” means doing the same things over and over, until you hit the last level in the game. This is the case for Rings of Anarchy too: In order to level up your character, you need to do quests. However, at some point, the quests end and all you can do then is to kill the enemies on the map in order to continue getting XP points. Basically, you will attack the same monsters for hours.


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Doing so will award you lots of equipment which you can use to increase your CP (combat power). The general goal is to create the most powerful character in the game, and to do that, you can upgrade (literally) anything: Your hero, your mount, your equipment… Each activity will award you something that can be used to increase the power of these.




This is not as boring as it sounds: Sometimes, wandering on the maps and killing hordes of enemies is the best way to unwind. Moreover, Rings of Anarchy has several features to make this job easier: You can activate the automatic battle feature and let your character do the fighting. That’s right: Your heroes can fight automatically and keep getting those precious XP points. And of course, using the Combo Key feature of BlueStacks makes this feature more efficient, as explained in another article.


Click this button and switch to another game or start surfing: Your hero will continue to “work”. The multitasking capabilities of BlueStacks makes reaching the end game easier and lets you focus on other things when grinding becomes boring.


You can keep leveling even when you are “offline”. It is like having a bot of your own: Whether you are playing the game or not, your heroes will continue playing.


The Casual ARPG

And once you reach the last level, you can start participating in end-game events such as raids, dungeon runs, and daily bosses. The general goal is still the same: Keep grinding and empower your hero, as high as possible. Rings of Anarchy is not an “original” game when it comes to mechanics and it does not include anything you did not see before, but it is one of the oldest ARP games around and contains a lot of content that will require months of gameplay. Plus, it has a fairly small file size – Rings of Anarchy has everything to become your casual action MMO game. If you are interested in this genre, we highly recommend giving it a go: Take a look at other articles about Rings of Anarchy to learn more. Now, get back to work: You still need to kill thousands of enemies!

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