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Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

2020 was a good year for Rise of Kingdoms as the popular mobile strategy game got a bunch of additions, including a few new civilizations.

Now, for those who are unaware, civilizations are essentially the lifeblood of this game. Sure, you can have your armies, commerce, and everything else regardless of your starting civ, but it’s your initial decision that will determine your playstyle throughout most of the game. In other words, your starting civ is a very important choice, especially if you have a preferred strategy or way of playing these types of games.

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

Because of this, we decided to create a guide where we go over every civilization in Rise of Kingdoms, giving our personal opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of each. And in the end, we’ll also be our conclusions on what are the best civilizations as of early 2021.

Let’s begin.


  • Commander: Scipio Africanus
  • Special Unit: Legionary
  • Stats
    • Infantry defense +5%
    • Troop march speed +5%
    • Food gathering speed +5%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

The beginner’s choice, mostly thanks to its defensive bonuses and rapid food gathering speed, allowing players to develop quickly without having to put much thought into it. If anything, the increased defense will make would-be enemies think twice about attacking you.


  • Commander: Hermann
  • Special Unit: Teutonic Knight
  • Stats
    • Increased cavalry attack +5%
    • Troop training speed +5%
    • Action point recovery +10%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

While Rome is a good choice from a defensive standpoint, Germany is the exact opposite as it gives players a headstart when it comes to building and growing armies. This civ is ideal for those who want to get into the PvP scene ASAP, though it might lead to a premature end if not careful. Alternatively, this civilization also boasts rapid hero growth as their increased offensive capabilities allow them to farm barbarian camps for experience and resources.


  • Commander: Boudica
  • Special Unit: Longbowman
  • Stats
    • Increased archer attack +5%
    • Troop training speed +5%
    • Ally garrison capacity +20%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

Britain boasts a mix between offense and defense, being able to train units faster than normal and having slightly stronger archers, while also offering increased garrison capacity. The latter is quite important as it allows you to have more units than normal, thus increasing your strength in relation to other civs.


  • Commander: Joan of Arc
  • Special Unit: Throwing Axeman
  • Stats
    • Increased troop health +3%
    • Wood gathering speed +10%
    • Hospital healing speed +20%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

France is, by definition, the best civilization for farming in the game. Not only because of their increased wood gathering speed, but also because their commander, Joan of Arc, has passive bonuses to gathering, as well. This civ is ideal for players who want to build and advance as fast as possible, with the tradeoff being that they’re comparatively weaker than the rest in combat.


  • Commander: Pelagius
  • Special Unit: Conquistador
  • Stats
    • Increased cavalry defense +5%
    • Increased experience from barbarians +10%
    • Increased resource production +20%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

Spain is one of the best choices for starting civilization for players who know what they’re doing. Their passive bonuses allow the player to quickly level up their commanders, while also boasting slightly faster city development due to their increased resource production. Plus, the increased cavalry defense is a nice bonus to dissuade enemies from attacking you early on.


  • Commander: Sun Tzu
  • Special Unit: Chu-Ko-Nu
  • Stats
    • Increased troop defense +3%
    • Action point recovery +5%
    • Building speed +5%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

China has strong defensive capabilities in the hands of their starting commander, Sun Tzu, as well as thanks to their increased troop defense for all units. These defensive boons, coupled with their increased building speed, make China an ideal civ for most players who are looking to quickly develop without worrying too much about open warfare.


  • Commander: Kusunoki Masashige
  • Special Unit: Samurai
  • Stats
    • Increased troop attack +3%
    • Scout march speed +30%
    • Resource gathering speed +5%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

Japan is a civilization that favors tactical awareness and strategic development. Their passive bonuses give them superior map exploration capabilities, allowing them to easily spot important zones or easy prey to attack and pillage, as well as potential threats. Their increased gathering speed also makes them great farmers and grinders, which enables rapid expansion as long as the player is constantly collecting resources from the map.


  • Commander: Eulji Mundeok
  • Special Unit: Hwarang
  • Stats
    • Increased archer defense +5%
    • Hospital capacity +15%
    • Research speed +3%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

A quirky and niche civilization that favors defense over offense. However, while they’re not particularly fast at developing nor at growing armies, they can research new techs quicker than most, giving them an edge in either warfare or finances, depending on what techs they choose to pursue. Plus, their increased hospital capacity means that they’ll save plenty of resources in the long run since they can often heal more wounded soldiers instead of having to train more units.


  • Commander: Bajbars
  • Special Unit: Mamluk
  • Stats
    • Cavalry attack +5%
    • Damage dealt to barbarians +10%
    • Damage dealt through rallies +5%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

Arabia is the ultimate team player when it comes to warfare as they not only offer stronger cavalry and can quickly level up their commanders by easily killing barbarians, but they also have superior damage when assaulting enemies through rallies. This civ is designed to always be fighting, especially when it comes to rushing your foes with quick attacks thanks to their superior cavalry.

Ottoman Empire

  • Commander: Osman I
  • Special Unit: Janissary
  • Stats
    • Increased archer HP +5%
    • Increased troop march speed +5%
    • Active skill damage +5%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

One of the weakest, most circumstantial civilizations in the game, mostly due to the fact that one of their unit perks only benefits commanders that have offensive active skills. While the other bonuses are decent, in order to take full advantage of this civ, you need to focus on leveling up your commanders’ skills. In other words, the Ottomans are better for the late game, if anything.


  • Commander: Belisarius
  • Special Unit: Cataphract
  • Stats
    • Increased cavalry HP +5%
    • Stone gathering speed +10%
    • Increased hospital capacity +15%

Updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Guide for 2021

Last, but not least, Byzantium is another combat civilization, focusing on tougher cavalry as well as a larger hospital capacity to get more wounded soldiers back on their feet after a grueling fight. Their boost to stone gathering speed, while useful, is nothing special, except for this civ since it allows them to train more cavalry.

The Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

Now that we know what each and every civ in this game can do, choosing the best one for your playstyle is quite simple. The way we see it, there are recommended civs for every purpose, and we’ve separated into three categories for your convenience:

  • For Development
    • France
  • For Combat
    • Germany
    • Britain
    • Korea
    • Arabia
    • Ottoman Empire
    • Byzantium
  • Balanced
    • Rome
    • Spain
    • China
    • Japan

The exact mechanics and playstyle will vary from civ to civ. Nevertheless, this list gives us a quick rundown of what each civilization in Rise of Kingdoms can do. If you’re more of a pacifist, we suggest going with France, Spain, or China, and finding a good alliance to watch your back. Otherwise, if you want pure PvP and action, go with any of the combat civs and make sure to focus only on the units that the said civs benefit.

What do you think of our list of best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms? Leave us your feedback in the comments below!

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