The PvP mode in Rush Royale can be extremely competitive with players taking their time to build their decks and coming up with strategies to dominate every match. Raising your rank in the PvP mode is probably one of the main goals in the game since it’s actually fun to see if you or your opponent come out on top in what often is an extremely close match. It takes some getting used to, when it comes to becoming a pro at this game but the journey isn’t one that’s impossible to face!

The Best Battle Strategies in Rush Royale!

Strategy games like Rush Royale have some difficult game mechanics that really require the player to think about every move carefully, otherwise, one mistake might cost them the entire game. Playing the PvP mode in Rush Royale can be pretty frustrating, especially if you encounter your first losing streak, which may start once you reach the higher rankings. Check out our Rush Royale Deckbuilding Guide to help you prepare for these battles.

Quality vs Quantity

People always say that we should always prioritize quality over quantity. In Rush Royale, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s better to have more units on the board than having a  few merged units. In the early stages of the match, players should always strive towards getting their first 8 units before they attempt to merge the first pair of units that they have. There are different reasons why you want to do this which we’ll expand on later on.

The Best Battle Strategies in Rush Royale!

Players usually want to upgrade units by merging them after filling up half the board. During this stage, the threat of being overwhelmed by your opponent is extremely low and you’ll eventually catch up to them once your setup is complete. It’s a good idea to buy level-ups after merging as opposed to during the initial phase, when your board is only filled up with stage 1 units that deal almost negligible base damage. Once you reach the later stages of the game, prioritize trying to get Stage 2 and 3 units on the board.

Don’t Leave Too Many Supports on the Board

Supports are awesome cards that really help your team get going really quickly. The problem with supports is that they have a really low damage output which means that having too many of them on your board can screw you over in the later stages of the game. While players don’t have any control over which units appear on the field whenever you summon, there’s a way to control your board during the game and that is by merging two units together to summon a random unit.

The Best Battle Strategies in Rush Royale!

Players always want to remove support units as soon as they appear on the board. There’s a good chance you’ll get stage 2 or stage 3 supports when you merge your other units later on in the game so there’s really no need to save those stage 1 units on the board. If your board starts flooding with supports, your tempo might get affected so it’s difficult to get back in the game. In that case, there’s really nothing you can do in the game because everything is done randomly.

Save Your Hero Ability

It might be tempting to use your hero ability as soon as you gather enough morale to activate it. A more effective way to use your hero ability is to save it for a rainy day. There’s really no reason to use your hero ability as soon as possible if there isn’t any imminent threat to your safety. You might end up not having it available during a dire situation if you use the ability on cooldown, especially if your opponent suddenly finds a good series of summons that might turn the game around.

The Best Battle Strategies in Rush Royale!

The best application for the use of hero ability is during a boss battle and when the enemies are almost at your gate. Boss battles can really turn the game upside-down so dealing a ton of damage to them using your Hero to take them down quickly can save your board from being overturned. It’s a good idea to use hero abilities when the enemy is nearly at the gate because this is when there are a lot of enemies on the field so you’ll be able to nuke the entire field.

Prepare for the Boss Battle

The Boss Battle is the phase in the match where things could get really crazy. Even if you secure a huge advantage over the enemy, the shenanigans that the bosses do can turn the tables around and place you at the losing side of the matchup. The boss phase is probably the most dangerous phase of the game so the best thing that a player can do is prepare for it long before it arrives.

The Best Battle Strategies in Rush Royale!

The game randomly assigns a boss that will appear after a few minutes. This gives players enough time to prepare their board for the eventual threat, assuming that neither of the two players lose before that happens. Each boss has a different ability which you can read about online. It’s important that the player understands all of the boss abilities so that they can prepare their board in a way that will counter the effects of the boss before they even arrive to the fight.

Proper Unit Positioning

Summoning units will result in the appearance of a random unit placed in a random, unoccupied tile on the board. In light of that, it’s still important to have proper positioning in the game even if it’s a huge challenge to fulfill. How will you arrange your units, you ask? The answer is by merging one unit with another in a favorable area of the board. This allows the maximum damage output from those units depending on their abilities.

The Best Battle Strategies in Rush Royale!

Unit positioning is important if you have cards like Engineer and Banner, which boost adjacent units through their abilities. Having these cards affect as many units as possible should be a priority so if you’re running them, you’ll always try to expect that the units you’re summoning or merging will always result in these units. Even if it’s all by chance, being lucky and placing them on the right tile can really do wonders for your board.