Sea Fortress Battle Guide: How To Become The Grand Admiral Of Ocean

Sea Fortress Battle Guide: How To Become...

The battle mechanics of Sea Fortress seem to be trivial at first glance: Once you “unleash” your units, they start to attack automatically. However, after completing the first stage, the battles become surprisingly challenging. There is a deep and complex system underneath that trivial glance, so you need every help you can get to win every naval battle. And this is what we are going to do in this article: We will explain the battle mechanics of Sea Fortress so you can become a mighty admiral.

Basic Things To Know

Each skirmish battle has a starting point: It is marked with a big blue line. After clicking on the “start” button, you can place any type of ships onto this line. Once you drop a ship, it becomes “autonomous”. This means it starts to attack the nearest enemy – you cannot pick targets and/or give any commands. (Other than using a beacon, which counts as an action skill.) Your goal is to destroy the enemy base, so it is possible to win a battle just by doing this. If your ships pick the right route, they can start attacking the enemy base directly and you can win a fight even without destroying a single enemy ship.

This is the blue line we are talking about.

And this is the enemy base you need to destroy.

As a commander, there is only one thing you can do: Use the “action skill” button. There are several action skills you can choose from, and each one is different. In the beginning, you get the “orbital strike” skill: You can shoot laser beams from above and destroy enemy ships – mines – enemy bases. It is not that powerful, and it is on a cooldown; so you cannot use it continuously. However, it might help you to get rid of an annoying ship or land the final blow to the enemy base.

List of all action skills you can use.

Click this button to activate an action skill. You can automatize this process by using the BlueStacks Combo Key.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Which Ship Beats Which One

Choosing which ships to use in a battle is important, because each one encounters another. It is like a rock, paper, scissors game: You need to analyze the enemy fleet and use the ships that can counter them. Plus, you also need to analyze the fixed defense towers of the enemy, because each tower is strong against a particular type of ship. Let’s take a look at some table to understand what we are talking about.

Battleship Destroyer
Destroyer Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft Carrier Battleship
Submarine Destroyer, Battleship, Aircraft Carrier

Missile Launcher Battleship
Laser Turret Destroyer
Rocket Turret Aircraft Carrier
Vulcan Turret None
EMP Turret None

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Simply put, if the enemy fleet contains destroyers the most, you should use your battleships, for example. You can quickly see the units of the enemy fleet by clicking on the “i” button at the top right of the battle screen.

All information about the enemy fleet can be seen on this screen. You should pick your own ships accordingly.

Tips, Tricks, Basic Strategies

  • If there are mines on the battlefield, use your action skill to clear them first, before clicking on the “start” button. Those mines deal a lot of damage and your ships are not smart enough to avoid them.

 We are talking about these mines.

  • Once again, destroying the enemy base is enough to win a battle. Focus on the base, not the ships.

More than half of the enemy fleet is still alive, but we will win this battle – the enemy base is about to blow.

  • Picking the right officers will increase your might power.

We already explained this topic in another guide. Officers give you battle bonuses, and you should assign them to the correct ships.

And of course, you should know about the ship types and their unique powers. Luckily, we prepared another guide about them, so you should read it next. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your fleet is the most important thing: You must know which ships to use and when. Well, we are sure that you are well informed about this topic after reading this guide. To become a better commander, don’t forget to look at our other Sea Fortress guides too. Good luck on the ocean!

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