Construct A Sea Fortress, Save The World From Aliens (And Other Humans)

Construct A Sea Fortress, Save The World...

If you like playing conquest games but tired of seeing the same medieval theme over and over, we have good news for you: IGG invites you to the future, where you don’t need to deal with dragons (or, airships). And this time, we are not trying the conquer an imaginary kingdom: Our goal is to save the world, yes, this world, from invading aliens. We will build a base on the sea, construct robotic ships, and fight against aliens. And since we have weapons of mass destruction in our hands, we will also eliminate other humans too: After all, only one commander can save the world. Welcome to Sea Fortress: Let’s start playing and find out what this new conquest game truly offers.

Main Mechanics Of Sea Fortress

The game gives you a headquarters right from the start: It is on the sea, it is big, and it needs a lot of resources. Your first goal is to establish an “industrial” zone to construct buildings required for resource production. And your next goal will be establishing a “military” zone to start training troops. (Well, ships, actually – all of your army units are different types of battleships.) In the first 10 minutes, you learn all of the basic mechanics of Sea Fortress: Construct buildings, gather resources, and build an army. In other words, the good old formula of all conquest games – just the theme is different.

This is your headquarters.

And this is your industrial zone. Yes, it is on land – not every building is on water.

Food, metal, uranium, and oil are the resources you will produce and use. Different buildings are required for each of them and every building can be upgraded to level 30. Each upgrade increases the capacity & production rate. We will talk about buildings in detail in another guide, so take a look at it too. But buildings are not the only source of your income: Like all other conquest games, Sea Fortress also has a world map and you can “invade” resource spots on this map too.

Our humble future farm.

An oil spot on the world map. Any player can invade this spot and gather this resource, so hurry up.

Officers And Battleships

Construct buildings, gather resources, fight with other players… All of these may sound too familiar, but Sea Fortress has some unique features too. In fact, it is similar to Start Trek Fleet Commander in some ways. First of all, it has light gacha mechanics: You can recruit and assign officers to your fleets, and each one gives a different battle bonus. There are 15 officers to recruit and you can collect their “medals” by simply completing skirmish battles and other events.

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The list of all officers. Take a look at our officer guide to learn more about them.

This one requires collecting 10 medals and gives a lot of bonuses.

But recruiting officers is not the only thing you can do to empower your fleet: Each of your ships can equip items and those can be enchanted. There are four types of ships you can build, each with a different skillset.

You can build four types of ships: Battleship, Destroyer, Submarine, and Aircraft Carrier. Yes, it really looks like Star Trek Fleet Commander. We will give detailed information about ships in another guide.

And from here, you can enhance the features of your ships.

The battles are mostly automatic: After placing your ships onto the battlefield, they automatically target the nearest enemy and fight. You cannot give them direct orders. The only thing you can do is using an “action skill”, which buffs your fleet or damages the enemy ships. Again, we will talk about the battle system in another guide – it is surprisingly deep and requires complex strategies.

The battle screen: Your goal is to destroy the enemy ships and the base. The button at the bottom right corner is your action skill, which you can use multiple times in a battle.

And of course, the usual guild features are available: Once you join a guild, you can ask for help, trade resources, and get access to special buildings. There are “guild spots” on the world map too, which contain a large amount of resources and can be invaded only by guilds. As can be guessed, these spots are the location of guild vs guild battles.

The world map also contains “cybers”, which are monsters that can be attacked by every player. In other words, they are the “monster hunt” feature of Sea Fortress.

Sea Fortress is a new game and it is obvious that there will be lots of updates: We expect to see new officers, additional guild features, and new types of buildings in the upcoming months. So far, it looks like a hybrid of King of Avalon and Star Trek Fleet Commander: Yes, it is a conquest game but also offers some nice and modern features. We are planning to play Sea Fortress for a while and already prepared lots of guides about it – we recommend checking them all. Once more, it is up to us to save the world and become its humble but merciless ruler. BlueStacks offers you everything you need to reach this goal: Let’s start playing together!

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