Sea Fortress Tips & Tricks: How To Become A Better Commander

Sea Fortress Tips & Tricks: How To...

Becoming a better commander in Sea Fortress is not easy: This game has lots of different mechanics and features, which you must know in detail. Learning all of these, however, will take quite a lot of time and prolong the time required to conquer the seas. Well, you can play the game for weeks and try to find out these features by yourself, or you can simply read our tips & tricks guide and save time.

Catch The Free Resource Ship

If you take a closer look at your base, you will notice a small ship that keeps roaming around it. This tiny ship is quite useful because it gives you free resources from time to time. Find it, click on it, and collect the resources: It is that simple. You can easily get thousands of free food, metal, uranium, and oil every day by using this ship.

This is the ship we are talking about.

Find Out What Needs To Be Done Easily

Your base is big and there are lots of things going on. After a while, it becomes quite hard to notice what needs to be done: Did you complete that construction? Do you need to build more ships? What about research, can you start another one? Instead of clicking on the buildings to see the “status report”, you can use a progress list and issue all new orders instantly. Take a look at the bottom of your portrait: You will see a small button that says “progress”. Click on it, and you will see if any of your buildings is idle. An idle building is a wasted building, so you can click the “go” button and start giving new orders instantly. The progress list keeps track of things for you.

Donate To Your Guild, Get Buffs

Joining a guild has lots of benefits, but to be able to use Guild Technology is the best of them. Guilds can run separate research projects that will help all of the members. For example, you can increase the construction & research speed or resource production. It is even possible to increase the main stats (health and defense) of your ships – guild research projects can give you the edge you will need during the end-game phase. You can advance a research by donating resources, and the more members donate, the faster the research will complete.

Complete All Solo Challenges

Sea Fortress contains lots of events and solo challenges are the easiest ones. These challenges ask you to build ships and construct buildings, which you will be already doing by playing the game at a normal pace. Check the solo challenges every day and find out what you need to do. Completing them will give you lots of useful things, but more importantly, you will obtain materials that are necessary for ship upgrades. The sooner you collect these materials, the better: Upgrading ships during the early stages of Sea Fortress will give you a huge advantage.

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Teleport Your Base To A Safer Location

The world of Sea Fortress is brutal, and that peace shield won’t last infinitely.  Once it goes out, other players may attack you, and if you are surrounded by lots of bases, other players will definitely attack you.

Yeah, this is really not a good place to build a base – it is way too crowded.

You can teleport your base to an empty spot on the world map and for free – doing so will improve your chances of not being attacked. Nobody will want to send their army to a distant location, so the far away you are, the better. Open your bag, and find out your free teleportation scroll. If your base is lower than level 6, you get to make a free teleport. Oh, and you must use it within 7 days after starting the game.

This is the teleport scroll. Simply click on it and pick a spot on the world map.

Seems cozy and empty enough.

Take Advantage Of The Base Buffs

Sea Fortress is a new game, and it offers lots of goodies to players at the moment. One of them is the base buffs, which you can purchase directly with in-game credits. These buffs can increase your production rates and decrease construction & research times. Or, they can give you a ship attack buff. They will be effective for at least 12 hours, and some of them last up to 7 days. If you pick the right buff at the right time, they will be very useful – for example, take the hunting damage boost and complete Cyber Hunts easily. Or, take the construction speed buff and enjoy a bigger base: It is up to you. We recommend picking economy buffs during the early stages of the game.

And as always, using BlueStacks will give you lots of advantages – we gave some examples in a separate guide, so you should read it next. By using these tips & tricks, we believe that you will be a much successful commander. Take a look at our other Sea Fortress guides too and let’s conquer the seas together!

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