Everything You Need To Know About Sea Fortress Ships

Everything You Need To Know About Sea...

Commanding a naval fleet isn’t easy: You need to know every little detail about your ships and decide which one to use in a battle. Also, you need to know which officers to put in charge. Each ship in Sea Fortress can serve a different purpose, and knowing their strengths & weaknesses is quite important. As always, we are here to help you: In this guide, you can find everything you need to know about Sea Fortress ship types and tips on how to successfully commandeer them. Let’s start: Our crew is depending on us.

Ship Types And Using Them In A Battle

There are four different ship types in Sea Fortress. These are:

Battleships: They are the “tanks”. Battleships have high HP and defense points; they also have an energy shield that can absorb attacks. (However, energy shields are ineffective against action skills.)  It is a good idea to “unleash” this type of ships first: While the enemy is attacking to them, you can start using destroyers, submarines, and airship carriers. In general, this should be the first ship you place onto the battlefield. They are especially effective against destroyers.

Destroyers: These are the “damage dealer” class. They are fast and more importantly, their attacks deal area damage. So you can damage more than one target at the same time. You should place them second, right after the battleships. They are effective against aircraft carriers.

Aircraft Carriers: They have the highest attack power (and the longest range) but also the lowest HP and defense. They are also very, very slow. If the enemy’s attention is not on them, aircraft carriers can destroy anything in mere seconds. Do not place them first – instead, let the battleships and destroyers take the hit. Aircraft carriers should always be placed last, to deals the maximum damage. They are especially effective against battleships.

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Submarines: The “stealth boys” of Sea Fortress. Submarines are invisible until they start attacking, so they can come close to the enemy base very easily. They are effective against all other ship types but do not waste them in battle. Instead, while your other ships are dealing with the enemy, send submarines directly to the enemy base. As we explained in our Battle System guide, destroying the base is the only thing you need to do, and submarines are the perfect ship type for this.

Building Equipment For Your Ships

Each of your ships has multiple equipment slots, and you can craft five different “gear” types for them: artillery, armor, bridge, and assist. Artillery and assist equipment increase the attack power. Engine equipment is for increasing their health points. Armor equipment, as can be guessed, boost their defense power. And lastly, bridge equipment gives them a critical boost, which will further improve their damage.

All equipment can be constructed in Workshop building, which we mentioned in another guide. All equipment starts from grade I, and can be upgraded to grade V. Upgrading equipment will improve its bonuses. For example, a grade II laser cannon increases the attack by 20%. But if you upgrade it to grade V, this value will change to 110%. You need different parts to upgrade equipment, and these parts can be obtained from Cyber Hunts and/or solo events.

In addition to upgrading, you can enhance equipment, and this is also done in Warehouse.  Enhancing will increase the main attributes of equipment and its level up to 15. In a way, they give the same results as upgrading. But enhancing costs less than an upgrade, and the results are not that impressive. For example, enhancing a missile will increase the attack power only by 2%. You need different materials for enhancing, which can all be collected from completing skirmish battles.

Enhancing is the “poor man’s upgrade” but it is still useful, and you will collect tons of materials while playing the game at a normal pace. So, make sure to use them and enhance all your equipment first. Also, do not forget that in order to gain access to new equipment types (such as new weapons) you may need to complete the required research. Lastly, do not hurry up and spend all of your resources to build/upgrade your ships: Creating the perfect fleet will take time, and you should focus on your base & resource generation first. And once you build a big fleet… Well, the ocean is waiting for you, commander – good luck!

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