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Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

As we mentioned in our review, Sea Fortress includes lots of officers to collect. By choosing the right ones, you can easily increase the power of your fleet. They are useful for lots of things and also unique: Each officer must be placed in an appropriate ship that matches his skills. Otherwise, they won’t offer any bonuses at all. In this guide, we will list all of the available officers in Sea Fortress and show you how to collect them. Let’s create the mightiest fleet together on BlueStacks!

Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

So… What Are Officers And Why They Are Important?

Officers are the commanders of your ships. Once you place them on a ship, they will start to give lots of bonuses – like increasing the attack power of that particular fleet. However, each one is specialized in a different ship category. For example, some officers should be placed only on destroyers, because their bonuses only affect this kind of ships. This part is important: You can place any officer on any ship, Sea Fortress allows this. But if you pick the “wrong” vessels, those officers won’t give any bonuses.

Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

The list of all available officers, 13 in total. This figure will likely raise in the future, with updates.

So, how to find out the specialization of officers? This is actually quite easy: Click on their portraits and find out which ships they should be placed.

Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

If you place Carlos on a battleship, it will increase the attack speed by 60%. If you promote Carlos, this bonus will increase and change: This officer starts to increase the HP of battleships by 40% when you promote him to “Commodore”, for example.

How To Collect Officers?

At the moment, all officers in Sea Fortress can be recruited by collecting 10 medals. Think medals as “shards”, which you are familiar from gacha games. After collecting 10 of them, you can recruit any officer. And these medals can be obtained from skirmish battle missions. Click on the portrait of an officer and find out which skirmish battles you need to finish in order to get his/her medals.

Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

The medals of Matthew can be obtained by completing Stage 1-10, 4-3, and 7-3 missions. Note that you can complete a mission multiple times in order to find more medals. The Combo Key feature of BlueStacks will greatly help you – check our setup guide to learn more about this.

If you don’t like to wait, you can purchase officer medals from the in-game store too. However, since you need to use real money, we don’t recommend this method.

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Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

The List Of All Officers And Their Bonuses

Please note that the “bonus” section of this table only shows the default bonuses of officers at their fully upgraded ranks. When you promote them, you will get different bonus types and/or the effects will change.

Lea Destroyer 60% Attack Power
Matthew Aircraft Carrier 60% Attack Power
Stone Battleship 50% Defense Power
Beta Submarine 30% Ship Building Speed
Mina Aircraft Carrier 50% Research Speed
Philip Submarine 40% HP
Nagumo Aircraft Carrier 40% HP
Heinrich Destroyer 60% Attack Power
Carlos Battleship 60% Attack Power
Borel Battleship 50% Critical Power
Gloria Aircraft Carrier 75% Hunt Damage
Sherine Battleship 60% Attack Power
Sophia Destroyer 40% HP
Heinz Aircraft Carrier 60% Attack Power
Nina Battleship 40% HP

Heinz and Nina can be obtained right from the start and for free. You can recruit the rest, as explained above. Mina and Gloria are the most useful ones: A 50% increase in research speed is very useful and can give you a big edge against other players. And by using Gloria, you can easily complete all of the Cyber Hunt missions.

Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

Upgrading And Promoting Officers

Upgrading an officer will only increase its rarity. For example, it is possible to upgrade a “common” officer to “uncommon” type. Doing so will not change the bonus type but increase its efficiency. Let’s see an example: Common type of Nina gives 4% HP increase. If you upgrade her, the bonus will stay the same but increase to 8%. A fully upgraded Nina will give 40% HP bonus.

Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

This process requires using additional medals. You will keep winning “Nina medals” even after you recruit her. By using these additional medals, you can upgrade Nina.

Promoting an officer, on the other hand, may give you a completely new bonus. There are 5 levels (cadet, ensign, lt. commander, commodore, fleet admiral) and at each level, your officer will gain new abilities. We gave an example above: The cadet and commodore skills of Carlos are completely different. Unlike upgrading, this process requires using badges, which can be obtained from completing skirmish battles.

Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

You should upgrade all of your officers, but be careful when promoting them: The new bonus may not be that useful for you at that moment. Lea starts with a 60% bonus to destroyer attack power, for example, but at the next rank, she starts giving 150% bonus to metal production. If you don’t need such a bonus, you will just waste your badges – so, promoting her may not be a good idea.

Sea Fortress Officer Guide: Recruit The Best Ones

Picking the right officers and finding the right moment to promote them is the key to creating the mightiest fleet in Sea Fortress. To continue, we recommend taking a look at our ship guide and battle guide. Both of them will give you lots of tips and tricks on crushing your enemies easily. See you on the sea commander!

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