Today, we wanted to have a little fun with Solar Smash, and drain some of that pent-up stress from daily life by engaging in the very cathartic experience that is destroying planets. For those who don’t know, and before you call us out for being complete psychopaths, Solar Smash is a mobile game with one simple concept: You can travel to different planets or celestial bodies, and use a wide assortment of tools to, for lack of a more sensible word, terraform them. The thing is, your tools are basically all weapons, and the terraforming that you can do is actually cracking and breaking the planets. So yeah, Solar Smash is a game about destroying planets using various entertaining and exciting methods, just for the fun of it.

Now that we got our power-hungry intro out of the way, there are lots of ways you can destroy planets in Solar Smash, some of which are more straightforward than others. In fact, your creativity is often the limit for the things that you can achieve in this game. Why rain missiles down on the planet when you could deploy aliens and UFOs to drill holes into them, or summon eldritch beings and otherworldly tentacle monsters to reshape the planets to your will? Similarly, why go through all that trouble when you could drop a hundred bombs inside a giant crater and watch as the planets get turned to space dust?

There are many fun ways to go about your business in Solar Smash, and we’re going to show you our favorite ones in this article.

Play on BlueStacks to Get the Best Experience

Before we begin, however, we wanted to make a side note about the limitations of this game. 

Solar Smash was originally developed and released as a mobile title that players could only play on their phones. This is all fine and awesome, particularly since the game is quite small and not very demanding, which means that you could get good performance on most compatible devices. However, whenever sparks start flying, and you start cracking planets, all but the most powerful phones will have performance issues, which can seriously detract from the enjoyment of blowing stuff up.

The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Planets in Solar Smash

Since most of you won’t probably be interested in dropping a few hundred bucks on a high-end phone just to play Solar Smash, why not play it on PC with BlueStacks? Our Android emulator is quite lightweight and fast, and can provide the very best performance without any sort of issues. And since you’ll be playing on your PC instead of your phone, you won’t ever have to worry about battery drainage and overheating. Furthermore, the fact that you’ll be gaming on your large monitor will help to significantly enhance your experience as you’ll be able to appreciate every little bit of detail as you rain fire on all the planets in the system.

Also, the System Smash mode runs great on BlueStacks, especially when you consider the size of the maps and all the elements and physics that are going on in real time. Give it a try for yourself and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

With that being said, let’s get started with our list!


One of our favorite ways to destroy the planet is to hollow it out while trying to cause as little damage to its structure as possible. The absolute best way to do this is via two tools: The EMP missile that you can find in the bottom of the Explosives category of tools, and the catalyst bombs, which you can find as the second item of the same section. 

The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Planets in Solar Smash

Once used, the missile will cause a small crater, and then explode with a huge bang, causing an even larger hole to hole. The resulting crater is a great zone to place around 50 or so bombs nestled in the center. Once placed, all you need to do is shoot them with a few lasers to make them all explode at the same time. The result should be a perfect hollowed-out sphere floating aimlessly through space.

The Bagel

Experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And what better way to start your morning than with a nice, hot bagel sandwich? This one is quite tricky to do correctly, especially since you need to get used to how the alien drills work. However, we find that it’s a good challenge to try and do it the best you can.

The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Planets in Solar Smash

The idea of this method is to drill as much of a perfect circle as you can, using only alien drills, which is the second tool from the bottom in the Vessels & Satellites category. These tools are quite simple; they only land on the designated location, drill a hole clean through the planet, and emerge on the other side. However, if you space them correctly, you can potentially drill a large, perfect circle through the planet, making it look like a big bagel.

This is the best we could do. Can you do better?

Withstanding the Might of a Celestial Being

This one isn’t as much about destroying planets as it is about trying to protect them.

The aliens have an interesting tool at their disposal, located right at the bottom of the Vessels & Satellites category. This tool is essentially a shield projector that, when deployed, erects a barrier on the designated location. These shields are quite strong, and can even withstand the force of a falling moon, with no major issues. However, one thing that destroys every single barrier no matter how we place them, is the celestial being that you can summon from the Space Titans category.

The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Planets in Solar Smash

Every time we place our barriers, this powerful being manages to punch through them all and destroy them, causing minor damage to the planet below. Is there a way to completely block a punch from the celestial beings? We don’t know, but we’ll be happy if you manage to find out and share your results in the comments below!

A Thunderous Applause

Most people would agree that, if you gotta go out, you better do it with a bang, and this is exactly what this method is all about.

Using the power of the space storms that you can summon from the Catastrophes & Phenomena category, you can easily level any area you place them on. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how destructive these bolts of lightning can be until you see it for yourself, as they’re actually one of the fastest ways to completely destroy a planet in this game.

The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Planets in Solar Smash

For maximum effect, we recommend thinking of the planet as a cube, and spreading out your thunderstorms so that they’re in the middle of each of the faces of the cube. If you do it correctly, you should place only 6 storms, and this should be enough to reduce the planet into several small chunks of floating space debris. Fun!

The Independence: Revisited

Remember that famous movie of the mid-90s where aliens invaded Earth and destroyed several important landmarks via the lasers from their huge motherships? That was pretty awesome, and you can do it in Solar Smash easily, using the flying saucer tool in the Vessels & Satellites section.

The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Planets in Solar Smash

One fun way to go about this is to place the flying saucers in the correct geographical locations where the ships attacked in the movie, and witnessing firsthand the devastation they cause. Awesome, devastating, morbid, and fun!

And there you have it; 5 fun ways to terraform planets in Solar Smash using the tools that the game hands you. What are your favorite ways to play this awesome mobile game? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!