Unlike other traditional video games, Solar Smash has neither a linear storyline nor a progression system like stages and quests. The best thing you can do to get a sense of satisfaction before you move on to other games is to complete all the achievements available in the game’s current version. Some of these achievements are very tricky to complete, and there is no set way of achieving them since you aren’t given too many clues aside from the end goal.

Fastest Way To Complete The Achievements in Solar Smash

Casual players don’t really need to complete all the achievements, but even if they do, they aren’t likely to turn to a guide in order to help them complete all of it since they might think that they’re taking the easy way out. Although, players that are having a really tough time or those that simply want to move on will definitely need these guides, especially if they want to complete the ones that are extremely tedious. Let’s take a look at some of the trickier achievements and how you can complete them.

Planet Smasher (System, Cluster, Sector, and Galactic Included)

The Planet Smasher achievement is attained when you utterly destroy a planet. This is done by completely annihilating all life on the planet and destroying the planet’s core. The fastest way to do this is to chunk at least a fourth of the planet’s mass and wait one day (in-game time) for the planet to crumble. You’ll know that a planet is destroyed when the outer crust turns dark. You can also check up on the achievements panel to check if you are making progress towards this achievement.

Fastest Way To Complete The Achievements in Solar Smash

The easiest and fastest way to earn this achievement is to use the Solar Beam Satellite. It instantly explodes the planet after a short charge. Make sure to wait for the planet to explode before you move on to the next one. If you aren’t keen on repetitively destroying 10,000 planets by hand, you can always use the BlueStacks Macro System to create an automatic system that destroys planets for you and leave it running overnight to keep destroying stuff.

Weapons Master (I, II, III, & IV)

The Weapons Master achievement is another tedious task to complete, as it will require you to fire 100,000 weapons to gain Weapons Master IV. However, this achievement is significantly easier to get than the previous achievement since you’ll be firing weapons faster and more often than you destroy planets. These weapons include those from the Missile Tab and some from the UFO Tab. Generally though, it is significantly faster to use the Missiles Tab since the weapons there are spammable in nature.

Fastest Way To Complete The Achievements in Solar Smash

An easy way to do this is by equipping the Automatic Assault Laser Shot-like thing since it fires continuously and doesn’t destroy the planet as quickly as other weapons would. Hold it until you complete all of the achievements. Set the fast-forward tab so that you’ll be able to complete this achievement twice as fast. You can once again make use of the Macro Feature to create an automatic program that just shoots laser shots at the planet’s surface, so you should pick a big planet or even Machine World since it has a shield.

The Shield Is Down!

A tricky achievement to attain, for sure, since it’s easily misunderstood by a lot of players. This achievement is completed by shutting down the shield on Machine World permanently. Players may get confused since it’s easy to take down the shield, but disabling it completely is another story. You will notice that after a few seconds, the shield will keep coming back up even though you’ve already destroyed it once; that’s because you didn’t shut off the power source of the shield.

Fastest Way To Complete The Achievements in Solar Smash

To complete this achievement, just open up the northern part of Machine World until you expose the energy source, destroy it, and you will permanently destroy the force shields. A quick way to do this is to have the Celestial Entity punch through the shield at the Northern Pole of the planet and expose the core. Once the core is exposed, just have the Celestial Entity punch through the shields again until the power source is completely gone.

The Artist

The Artist is a simple achievement. Simply choose from any of the weapons on the Missile or UFO tab and click on the Gear Icon on the bottom left right corner of your screen. It will allow you to freely customize your weapon’s appearance. This achievement name can also be misleading since people may expect that they’ll have to create an entirely new weapon.


Sunburnt is an achievement that’s completed by playing the System Smash game mode. This is achieved when you collide a planet with the sun or vice versa. There are multiple ways to complete this, but the easiest way is by changing the trajectory of Mercury towards the sun with the fast-forward function enabled.

Fastest Way To Complete The Achievements in Solar Smash

Other fun ways you can complete this achievement is by throwing the Sun into the other orbiting planets or by using a Black Hole to pull the Sun towards a specific direction, colliding with another planet on the way. Changing a planet, moon, or star’s trajectory is done by pressing the button that looks like a ring and dragging the planet of choice like a slingshot in your screen in any direction.

Rogue Star

The Rogue Star achievement is similar to the Sunburnt achievement because you’ll need to play it on the System Smash game mode and use the trajectory button. Simply slingshot the Sun in a direction as hard as you can until it leaves the borders of your screen. 

Fastest Way To Complete The Achievements in Solar Smash

You can’t complete this achievement by any other means, so don’t think about using the Black Hole to pull the Sun since it will simply just eventually suck the sun’s energy away, causing it to fade into the background.


The Starlight achievement is the final achievement you can do in the System Smash game mode. To complete this, simply place a Black Hole beside the Sun and wait for it to suck all of the Sun’s heat and energy until it causes a Supernova that destroys the entire solar system.