There are a lot of weapons and catastrophes which are available for use in Solar Smash. These weapons and catastrophe range from realistic, futuristic, and straight-up fiction. Players want to use the best weapons possible for certain situations but there isn’t much explanation on the game on what each of them does. Luckily, we’re creating a guide just so that players will be familiar with all of the weapons and give each one a name that may or may not be accurate to what they actually were intended to be.

Explaining Weapon Types in Solar Smash!

 Solar Smash is a great game to play when you have that casual need to destroy some planets. The game made sure to make it as casual as possible but left out some things that would add interest to the game like descriptions. The game has a pretty straightforward gameplay that 90% of the player base would probably be satisfied with. The remaining 10% might be looking for something more since they genuinely enjoyed the game on a higher level than most people.

Catastrophes & Phenomena

Catastrophes and phenomena are natural events that happen in the universe. These are some of the most realistic parts of the game, except for the part where you can spam them endlessly. The game designers have done a great job at making sure it follows the way objects or elements would react to these catastrophes & phenomena.

Explaining Weapon Types in Solar Smash!

  1. Asteroid

The Asteroid is a gigantic chunk of space rock that collides with any point of the planet. It deals a decent amount of damage at a specific point of the planet you’re targeting. Great for targeted attacks.

  1. Meteor Shower

The Meteor Shower uses a cluster of space rocks to attack a wide area. It deals a small amount of damage but the area of effect is decent. This is great for when you want to randomly nick some spots on the planet.

  1. Moon Collision

The Moon Collision basically just smashes the moon onto the Earth. It deals massive damage on a large area of the Earth. Use this if you want to destroy a planet quickly.

  1. Black Hole

The Black Hole basically just summons a black hole beside the planet. It will consume a large portion of the planet’s mass. If used in the Solar Smash, it will affect the planet’s orbit.

  1. Space Storm

The Space Storm is a gigantic thunderstorm that summons purple lightning bolts which hit random parts of a large area. It’s super slow destruction but worth the watch.

Futuristic Weapons

Futuristic weapons provide the game with a less natural way of destroying the planet. These weapons don’t exist as of yet but may exist in the near future. They use real scientific theories as basis.

Explaining Weapon Types in Solar Smash!

  1. Laser Machine Gun

The laser machine gun basically just shoots a continuous barrage of laser shots on the planet.It deals very little damage but is great if you want to just destroy the surface. You can use this to complete the Weapons Master achievement.

  1. Missile Barrage

The Missile Barrage sends out a series of standard-issue missiles onto a specific point of the planet. The missiles are able to penetrate the outer crust of the planet.

  1. Focused Shot

The Focused Shot sends out one red laser beam at the surface which deals high damage on a large area of the planet. It’s great at wiping out one or two countries at the same time.

  1. Continuous Laser

The Continuous Laser just basically shoots out an energy beam that you can hold indefinitely. It deals a lot of damage the longer you use it. It’s perfect for destroying the shield at Machine World quickly.

  1. Catalyst Bomb

The Catalyst Bomb by itself doesn’t deal that much damage. However, if you attack the bomb with another weapon, it will explode and deal a lot of damage. Stack these for a larger explosion!

  1. EMP Missile

The EMP missile sends out a missile that sends an electromagnetic pulse onto a large area before it implodes. A very beautiful way to destroy the planet.

Vessels & Satellites

Vessels and Satellites are basically objects that carry weapons. They act autonomously and don’t need your control for them to continue attacking. Each of them has a unique interaction and will end only if the condition is met.

Explaining Weapon Types in Solar Smash!

  1. UFO

The UFO is basically what every old-school TV show or cartoon tries to depict. It’s a floating disk that continuously fires a laser beam at a specific point in the planet. You can summon multiple UFOs to create a stereotypical alien invasion scenario.

  1. Solar Beam Satellite

The Solar Beam is the most powerful weapon in the game. It summons a small vessel that charges the Sun’s energy for some time before releasing a tremendous beam of energy that will cause the planet to explode completely.

  1. Rotating Laser Satellite

The Rotating Laser is a fun satellite. It basically summons another small vessel that fires a continuous laser beam while orbiting the planet. It will leave only if it has sliced the planet in half.

  1. The Drill

The Drill is a simple vessel. It shoots itself onto the planet’s surface and digs until it reaches the other side before leaving permanently.

  1. Shield Generator

The Shield Generator is a peculiar satellite. It basically just summons a small force shield. It’s the only vessel that doesn’t have any destructive capability in the game.

Space Titans

The Space Titans are basically fictional beings that have an insatiable appetite for planetary destruction.

Explaining Weapon Types in Solar Smash!

  1. The Celestial Serpent

The Celestial Serpent is a giant worm/snake-like creature that approaches the planet and tries to feed itself by consuming the planet’s mass. It will bury itself inside the planet and eat it from the inside.

  1. The Eldritch Horror

The Eldritch Horror gives the target planet some Japanese-style love by opening a portal containing large tentacles that consume the planet’s mass. Once the planet has satisfied its appetite, it will return to the portal.

  1. The Celestial Being

The Celestial Being is some sort of manifestation that takes human-like form using the essence of the universe. Once it has manifested itself, it will punch the planet, dealing devastating damage.