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How to Maximize Your CP in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul on PC

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There’s no doubt about the fact that 37Games did an amazing job of Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul. Despite its similar design to other RPGs on the App Store, SL brings a great deal of innovation to the table and it’s this unique approach that will likely continue to bring more players to the game. Still, some systems (like your CP) are not that different from those of other games. The more CP you have, the better your odds of completing content.

How to Maximize Your CP in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul on PC

In this guide, we’d like to focus on what you can do to increase your CP fast in Soul Land. Don’t make the mistake to think it’ll be a walk through the park, because it won’t be. In fact, part of the novelty that the devs brought to this RPG is related to the complex character improvement system. Now, let’s get to it.

What Is CP in Soul Land?

If you’re new to mobile RPGs, the CP system might seem a little confusing at first. The good news is that you’ll get used to it very soon, since it’s actually meant to simplify the game somewhat. The idea is that, when you look at another player’s CP, you get an overview of how strong they are. While it is, by no means, a perfect system, it does tend to be very helpful when you’re forming a party for Poseidon Raids or assessing a guildmate’s suitability.

How to Maximize Your CP in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul on PC

As you’ll soon see, a great many variables go into calculating it. Still, CP does not take into account team composition, nor aura combinations (unless some of them are more levelled than others). From this perspective, it can actually be quite misleading, especially in what concerns those individuals that are heavily P2W. We mentioned in our best builds guide that your character choice will make a world of a difference in terms of enabling your smooth progression.

How to Maximize Your CP in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul on PC

Having said this, you’ll want to maximize your current CP with every possible occasion. Sometimes, even a few thousands can make the difference between passing a Douluo stage or failing miserably.

How to Improve Your CP in Soul Land

The higher your CP is in Soul Land, the more rewards you get. These will range from awesome pieces of gear to materials for upgrading your gear, artifact, experience, starred warsouls, and much, much more. Here are the most important CP gains:

  • Starred Auras – as you may remember from our tips and tricks, starred abilities can be upgraded, unlike all the other ones. When you’ve chosen the right skills, make sure to keep them up-to-date with Aura Promotion as much as possible. In addition to boosting your raw CP, they’ll dictate the outcome of your engagements to a great extent.

Don’t forget that you can also upgrade these to two, three stars and more. Although costly, promoting them to the next level will significantly improve their effectiveness. For instance, our Skystrike went from dealing ~400% of ATK to 617%, while Cyclone climbed from 110% to 178%.

How to Maximize Your CP in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul on PC

  • Getting Auras – now, you may be wondering how to get your line-up to have all their auras starred. You’re not going to like the answer: you farm them either in Beastwood or you redeem them with Honor points in the Arena shop. It can be an incredibly tedious process, but it’ll be worth it, since these skills can be upgraded indefinitely.
  • Gear Enhancement and Sets – this is pretty much straightforward, as is the case in any other mobile RPG. Because we want to maximize the effectiveness of our F2P line-up, we’re prioritizing weapon upgrades for our main damage dealer and armor upgrades for our tank. Once you have three pieces of the same kind, you’ll be able to fuse them into a higher grade one.

Play Soul Land on PC

At chapter 6 of Douluo you’ll unlock sets. These are created and upgraded with entirely different materials than regular gear and they’ll give you approximately 100k CP for each character. It’s a substantial bonus to your overall power and it will allow you to overcome one of those mid-game progression walls, namely getting closer to unlocking your 4th character.

How to Maximize Your CP in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul on PC

  • Magister Rank – although this should come naturally to any player, you may lose track of your characters’ ranks as you progress further into the game. Enhancing their tier will not only significantly increase their power, but also unlock more content for you to enjoy, such as higher levels of the Lyceum, the Slaughterhouse, or more difficult bosses.

How to Maximize Your CP in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul on PC

  • Talents – unless you’re considering spending a little on your SL account, the last big power spike you’ll experience is with talents. These will become available once you manage to complete chapter 10, stage 5, so expect to go through a bit of grinding. Nonetheless, your choices here are as important as your Aura configurations.

Each choice you make here should reinforce your party dynamics, i.e. you should opt for more survivability and durability for tanks, better attack for your DPS, and more sustain for your supports.

How to Maximize Your CP in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul on PC

  • Spiritus – these provide flat bonuses to your attack, hp, and defense. Some of them, such as the Noir Tiger or the Darkclaw Bear, also have an additional effect, so be sure to combine them with the right characters. Since they’re not bound, you can mix and match to see what works best where. The only limitation is that you can only absorb the same faction on each magister.

Become the Master Magister of Soul Land

There are other things you can do to slightly improve your CP in Soul Land. Advancing your mount, upgrading your Artefact, and equipping Runes can also tip the balance of power in your favor. Unlike the ones we’ve mentioned before, these won’t have such an outstanding impact, but you’ll want to keep track of them as you progress further into the game.

How to Maximize Your CP in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul on PC

So far, these are the easiest, most straightforward ways in which you can maximize your combat power. As your level gets higher, you gain more versatility in terms of what you can do to stay relevant. Generally speaking, you’ll always be trailing P2W individuals. However, if you’re methodic and play regularly, this gap can be reduced to a point where superior strategy might give you the upper hand.

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