Strengthening your team of Soul Masters in Soul Land Reloaded is going to be very critical as you progress through harder stages. You will need to ensure that your team’s power is going to be enough to defeat all enemies in a stage, ideally without ending up having at least one hero dead after clearing the stage. 

Your team’s collective power is represented by an attribute called BP. Each Soul Master also has their own BP attributes; however, the game combines the BPs of all four selected Masters into one to give you a clear picture of their overall strength. The rule of thumb is that the higher the BP, the stronger the team. In this guide, we’ll be talking about features that can increase your Soul Masters’ BPs and how to use them to effectively make them stronger in the battlefield.

Summoning New Soul Masters

The simplest way to make your team stronger in Soul Land Reloaded is recruiting new and better Soul Masters into your team. Recruiting, or rather summoning, of new Soul Masters is done through the Soul Hall.

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

There are two types of summoning: the Normal Summon and the Premium Summon. The Normal Summon requires an item called an Elder Decree to function; on the other hand, the Premium summon requires a Pontiff. Elder Decrees can usually be obtained from rewards chests gained by defeating bosses in the story mode. The Pontiff can be acquired as a reward for ranking up to a certain level.

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

One thing you must take note is that the Normal Summon and Premium Summon do not always guarantee you a Soul Master that is ready to use. Oftentimes, they give you shards linked to a certain Soul Master, and you need to have a specific number of shards to ultimately unlock said Soul Master. For example, if you want to unlock the A grade Soul Master Dugu Yan, you need to have 60 shards of that Master. 

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

Those shards can be garnered through the two ways of summoning. The Normal Summon randomly grants you shards of Soul Masters up to a grade of A+. The Premium Summon gives much better offerings as you can acquire shards of Masters up to a grade of S. There are also substantially more shards available in the Premium Summon so that means you have more chances of getting better shards.

After using Normal Summon for a certain number of times, you are guaranteed to receive an A or A+ Soul Master shard. You can see the number of summons required to receive this rewards in the Normal Summon’s menu.

A similar rule applies to Premium Summon however it is split into two categories. Using “Summon 1x” for a certain number of times guarantees you an A+ or S grade Soul Master (not a shard, but a Soul Maste that is ready to use) while using “Summon 10x” for a certain number of times also guarantees you an A+ or S grade Master. Do note that the counters of “Summon 1x” and “Summon 10x” are completely independent of each other.

Equipment Breakthrough

Equipment Breakthrough is the primary way of upgrading your Soul Masters’ gear. Each Master has four pieces of gear that can individually undergo either a breakthrough or an enhancement.


Breakthrough exponentially increases an equipment’s stat. For an item to undergo breakthrough, certain conditions need to be met such as the Soul Master being at a specific level, owning specific items that can be garnered from story mode, as well as a certain amount of gold.

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

When all four equipment items of a Soul Master successfully undergo breakthrough, you can now activate the next stage of breakthrough and doing so unlocks a new skill for the Soul Master to use.


Equipment items can also have their stats increased through enhancement albeit the upgrade is less than what you get from breakthrough.

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

Enhancement increases the item’s level, and it can be done by spending gold coins. You have the options to enhance it only once or enhance it five times in one click.

Upgrading a Hero’s Soul Skills

You can spend gold coins to upgrade a Soul Master’s Soul Skills to make those skills more powerful during combat.

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

Upgrading Soul Skills also requires Soul Skill Points aside from gold coins. One upgrade consumes one point. You only have a maximum of 10 points and these points are shared among all your Soul Masters. If you run out of points, you will need to wait several minutes to regain one point.

Levelling Up

Levelling up a Soul Master gives a slight boost to their base attributes. The base attributes of a Master are: ATK, HP, P.DEF, and M.DEF.

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

A Master levels up when they meet the EXP requirements. EXP can be obtained through items called Soulforce vials. There are four types of Soulforce vials: Small-Soulforce Vials(gives 30 EXP), Medium-Soulforce Vial(gives 150 EXP), and Large-Soulfouce Vial (one type gives 750 EXP while the other gives 3000 EXP).

A Soul Master’s maximum level depends on your current level. For example, if you are currently Level 14, then your Master’s can only reach up to Level 14 as well.

BP Cultivation

BP Cultivation is another way of increasing your Soul Master’s base attributes. Cultivation stones are the primary material for this feature.

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

There are three types of cultivation: Normal, Advanced, and Deluxe. All three types always consume six cultivation stones per cultivation. Normal cultivation simply increases base attributes by a small amount. The Advanced cultivation gives 1.5x more buffs than the Normal cultivation and additionally consumes 1200 gold coins. The Deluxe cultivation gives 2x more buffs than the Normal cultivation and consumes 5 diamonds per cultivation.

Douluo Martial Soul

Base attributes can be individually upgraded via the Doulouo Martial Soul. An item called a Martial Soul Essence is used to activate these upgrades.

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

There are four pieces that you need to “light up” individually by consuming Martial Soul Essence. Each piece that is lit up boosts one base attribute. When all pieces are lit up, you are rewarded with shards of a Soul Master of your choice and you can also gain bonuses such as damage reduction.

Soulforce Trials

Base attributes can also be boosted through Soulforce Trials. What is interesting about this one is that completing several trials rewards you with a title that you can attach to your profile, which gives you some bragging rights.

How to Upgrade Your Soul Master Team in Soul Land Reloaded

Completing a trial simply involves fulfilling two conditions. When these conditions are met, you can “light up” the trial to redeem a reward and also progress to the next trial. Completing all trials ultimately rewards you with a new title and unlocks the new set of Soulforce Trials.