You may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one has experienced loss due to teammates in Solo Queue. Solo Queue is hard, however for some players it’s the only option when playing Ranked. Maybe they just don’t have the friends to play with, or maybe they’re climbing into the higher ranks and can only solo or duo. If you’re struggling to climb in Standoff 2 though, this is going to be your Ultimate Solo Queue guide, on how to quickly climb the ranks, and put those past nightmares behind you. This Standoff 2 guide is going to go over everything from communication to decision making. 

Find a Fellow:

Moving straight into it without wasting your time, starting out with the first Solo Queue tip. You need to recognize that although you are Solo Queued, you still have 4 other players on your team, who want to win the game. Maybe these players are just 4 clones who don’t sound like they want to win the game, but 99% of players don’t queue into a ranked game intending to lose it. This means it’s very possible there is another player on your team who is willing to work with you to achieve this goal of winning. What you should be doing is paying attention to how your teammates play, and trying to figure out who the best player on your team is. 

Standoff 2 Guide for Solo Players - Climb the Rank Ladder Alone

Forget about yourself, and think about the other players on your team. Which one of these players would be willing to play with you, and create opportunities for success. Which one of these players will help you grab kills, or double swing the guy peeking you every round. You want people that you can set up baits with on defense, or take control of areas with on Offense. Generally, when you find that player, try to stick with them. Don’t just leave them and go off to do your own thing because this player is your holy grail. You may be playing in Solo Queue right now, but now you have an actual teammate that you can work with. 

Now, sometimes this teammate isn’t going to be as great as other times. Sometimes they might not even be using their microphone, but that doesn’t mean they’re not listening. If you make good callouts to these players, they often times are willing to play with you. Just because you’re playing in Solo Queue, does not give you an excuse to only play Solo. Players oftentimes ask how to find good players to play with. 

Standoff 2 Guide for Solo Players - Climb the Rank Ladder Alone

To answer that question, THIS is how you find good teammates to queue with. When you play solo queue and have a cool teammate on your team, add them, and then queue together. There are some nice players you’ll get queued with in Standoff 2. You just need to take the initiative to not only work with them in that game but add them afterwards. That’s just if you want to find people to stack with. 


Moving onto the second tip. There are going to be times in your games where somebody on your team needs to step up, to fill a role. Sometimes, you may not be the right person to fill that role. The easiest example you can provide for this is an engagement. For example, if you’re playing as a sniper, you’re probably not the best person to engage in the open. 

Standoff 2 Guide for Solo Players - Climb the Rank Ladder Alone

However, if no one else on your team is going to engage, you could either lose by you attempting to engage only to die or you could also lose because no one on your team engaged, and you all sat back and just took aim duels in an unfavorable position, and died. At least in the first one, you attempted to step up, and fill the role that other players on your team were supposed to be filling. Now in a perfect world, everyone is going to do their job, and everything will work out. 

Standoff 2 Guide for Solo Players - Climb the Rank Ladder Alone

However, Standoff 2 solo queue is far from a perfect world, and sometimes you’re going to have to fill roles that you are not supposed to.  This is all perspective really, but what you need to know is this. Just because your position isn’t necessarily perfect for a specific role, does not mean you can’t accomplish that role. Every player can gather info, engage, defend, bait, lurk, and create pressure. Some of them do it better than others, but just because your position isn’t the best, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. So if you feel that role needs to be filled on your team, attempt to pick it up. 

Solo Defusing:

Moving onto the third tip though, that’s going to be to take advantage of utility, especially on offense. This is a great way to give your team an objective for every round, beyond just getting the bomb. Players don’t realize there are a lot of different objectives in every round of Defuse in Standoff 2. Find that teammate that will work with you, and just ask them to throw a utility for you. This is going to do three things. The first is it will help you get an advantage. If you’re a player who doesn’t use utilities that well, give it to someone who does. 

Standoff 2 Guide for Solo Players - Climb the Rank Ladder Alone

The second thing this is going to do is get you kills. Players love to solo peek certain areas like maniacs, and if you’re able to double swing them, it’s almost always at least a trade, which will favor your team in the long run. Not only that, but you still get to save on utilities as well. The final thing that this is going to do is help your team grab territory, which is a bigger deal than you may think. When you prioritize using utilities, you give your team a sub objective, that will in the end help them win the round. When you narrow down your goals from “Win the Round” to “Take this area”, it helps your team get on the right path of winning the round.

Solo Comms:

The last tip is, just overall, communication is key. If you’re not communicating, you’re not trying to win. You should be calling out everything that you see, and everything that you’re doing. One thing that separates better players from terrible players, is just their ability to call out what is happening, as well as what they plan to do. Saying things like “I’m going to flash in and peek left” is a lot more helpful for your team than just doing it. Although it may not seem like a big deal, when you inform your teammates of what you’re going to do, they’ll be a lot better at playing off of it. 

Standoff 2 Guide for Solo Players - Climb the Rank Ladder Alone

If you inform players what is coming, oftentimes they will be more inclined to wait those few seconds. If you don’t say anything, they’re not even going to be thinking about you. They will be more preoccupied with getting kills themselves. Call out your utilities, let them know what the plan is, and you will be able to win so many more games. Communication is a skill that takes a VERY long time to master. Just keep at it, and you’ll for sure improve over time. Lastly, remember, if you want to improve that KD, win more gunfights.