Even though the essence of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes revolves around collecting characters, assembling squads, and increasing team stats, maintaining the combat effectiveness of your troops is crucial. It’s not enough to simply unleash the strongest units and mash random buttons to win battles. You must think strategically before committing to any move to get the most out of every turn and defeat your enemies efficiently.

Understanding the Game

Galaxy of Heroes combines elements of turn-based RPGs with deep squad management mechanics. Players collect characters from across the Star Wars universe and form squads to battle through various game modes. The core gameplay revolves around assembling teams, each with unique abilities, to strategically defeat opponents in turn-based combat.

The game features an auto-battle system, enabling players to automate the combat process for repeated missions. This system is essential as it allows for efficient grinding, a necessary activity for acquiring character shards, gear, and other resources. Given the game’s gacha nature, players can unlock characters through various means, including completing specific missions, participating in events, or using in-game currency to open packs.

Character progression is a significant aspect of the game. Players must invest in leveling up their characters, equipping them with gear, and enhancing their abilities. Each character has unique synergies, making team composition a strategic decision. For example, pairing characters from the same faction, like Jedi or Sith, can activate powerful bonuses that enhance the team’s overall effectiveness in combat.

Healers: Your Frontline Support

There is a wide variety of characters in this game, some of which are inherently stronger than others. However, a dead character is the weakest link in your team. Healers are as important as heavy damage dealers, as they maintain and restore the health of their allies.

In Galactic War, healers are particularly crucial, as this mode consists of a series of back-to-back battles that don’t stop until you finish them all. Additionally, the damage taken in each battle doesn’t get healed for the next, making your healers essential for survival.

Combat Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

While you may not find the best healers at the beginning, characters like Ahsoka Tano and Luminara Unduli are now considered excellent early game options due to their effectiveness and ease of acquisition. Ahsoka, for instance, not only heals but also provides buffs to allies, making her a versatile choice. Outfit them with mods that increase their max health to boost their healing capabilities, ensuring they can sustain your team through multiple encounters.

Blocking Enemy Healing

Blocking your opponent’s ability to heal is crucial for winning in both PvE and PvP. By preventing enemies from restoring their health, you gain a significant advantage. The AI often fails to consider adverse status effects when performing actions, allowing you to trick it into wasting turns trying to heal allies who cannot be cured.

Combat Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Characters like Anakin Skywalker, IG-88, and Kylo Ren can inflict healing block, making them valuable assets in your lineup. This tactic can be particularly effective against teams that rely heavily on sustain, allowing you to whittle down their health without fear of them recovering.

Adaptability: Unlock Characters of Every Class

While focusing on your main 5-man squad is essential for most of the game, certain modes limit your class options. To ensure you’re always prepared for challenges and arbitrary restrictions, unlock at least five characters of every class: DPS, Healers, and Tanks.

Combat Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

For example, having a diverse roster allows you to adapt your strategy based on the specific challenges you face. In some game modes, you may encounter restrictions that only allow certain classes, so having a well-rounded selection ensures you can always put together a competitive team.

Smart Crystal Spending

Crystals are the most challenging currency to gather in the game. Free players can only obtain them through daily arena rank rewards, first-time stage completion, and Galactic War rewards. While the Chromium Megapack can still provide valuable rewards, targeted character farming and event-specific crystal spending may offer better value for most players.

Combat Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Many players now prioritize acquiring specific characters or resources that are harder to obtain through regular gameplay. For instance, focusing on character shards for strong units or investing in event-specific offers can yield better long-term benefits than relying solely on the Megapack.

Exploiting the AI

By blocking enemy healing and thinking strategically, you can create teams capable of surpassing any challenge the game throws at you. Mastering the tactic of exploiting the AI’s limitations is a powerful tool for winning battles. The AI tends to prioritize healing over other actions, which can work to your advantage if you can manipulate its decision-making.

Understanding Game Modes

In addition to Galactic War, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes features various game modes, each requiring different strategies and team compositions. For instance, Squad Arena focuses on PvP battles where you face off against other players’ teams. Here, understanding your opponent’s lineup and countering their strengths is essential. To get some insight into the various game modes check out our Beginner’s Guide for the game. 

Combat Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

In contrast, Raids require a more collaborative approach, as you team up with other players to take down powerful bosses. This mode emphasizes the importance of synergy and coordination, as different characters can provide unique advantages based on their abilities.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

The game’s meta is always evolving due to new character releases and balance changes. Staying informed about the latest updates, community discussions, and tier lists can significantly enhance your gameplay. Engaging with the community through forums and social media can provide insights into effective strategies and character viability.

With these updated tips, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefields of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Remember, adaptability and strategic planning are the keys to success. By understanding the importance of healers, blocking enemy healing, and diversifying your character roster, you can create formidable teams that can tackle any challenge. Embrace the complexity of the game, stay informed, and may the Force be with you as you embark on your galactic journey! Enjoy playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on PC or laptop with BlueStacks!