State of Survival might be similar to the myriad of mobile RTS games out there, but it still manages to bring some novelty to the genre, which you can read about in our game review. Previously, we discussed how important it is to have an active and supportive alliance. Being part of a larger group will ensure that you can progress steadily through the game, while also giving you some security via your recruited army in times of distress.

State of Survival on PC: How to Raise Your Battle Power Quickly

But joining a powerful union in SoS is easier said than done. Much like you want your coalition to meet certain standards, you can bet that good alliances have steep requirements from their players. This practice is widespread in multiplayer games where you can team up with others. To help you overcome this obstacle, we’ve prepared this guide. Speaking of guides, you might be interested in guides on troop recruitment, explorer trail, heroes and more.

In it, you’ll learn how to increase the strength of your SoS settlement and make it possible for you to play with a great group of like-minded individuals.

What Is Battle Power?

In order to ascertain the strength of another player (or that of your own garrison), the developers at KingsGroup Holdings introduced the concept of Battle Power. The latter is a number that appears on the right side of your portrait, at the top left corner of the screen. Multiple factors contribute to it, all of which will be expanded further down. The kernel idea is that BP streamlines decisions involving other players – whether you join or attack them, for instance.

State of Survival on PC: How to Raise Your Battle Power Quickly

Since there is no limit on who you can attack, you’ll frequently see higher BP accounts praying on weaker ones. If there’s one core mechanic we disagree with in SoS, it’s this one. Basically, having no lower boundary on the strength of who you pillage enables whales and anyone willing to p2w to easily dominate f2p individuals. The only thing keeping a stronger settlement from taking your resources is the peace flare.

State of Survival on PC: How to Raise Your Battle Power Quickly

We recommend you keep this protective shield for when you absolutely need it.

Increasing Your Battle Power

Your total battle power is computed based on 7 kernel factors. The latter are your buildings, your troops, your technology, your chief’s gear and his level, as well as your heroes’ gear and level. Keeping all of this in mind might be a handful, but, rest assured, you’ll get the hang of it soon enough. Just play the game and everything will start to make sense.

State of Survival on PC: How to Raise Your Battle Power Quickly

Building Battle Power

The more advanced your buildings in SoS, the stronger you become. Even though KingsGroup have introduced the possibility of decorative structures, the latter will not modify your overall BP in any way. It only makes sense, if you ask us. We actually wrote an in-depth guide on constructing your settlement from scratch, so make sure to check it out if you want some building-related tips. Military and economy buildings usually have more of a contribution, while the Headquarters has the greatest impact.

State of Survival on PC: How to Raise Your Battle Power Quickly

Chief Battle Power

In State of Survival, you are the chief. If you want to customize your appearance, you’ll have to go on the Explorer Trail and locate more heroes. For now, we’ll just settle on Ghost. Overall, your Chief’s power, talents, and gear will make a noteworthy difference on the final BP, so make sure to always keep yourself levelled and upgraded.

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A word of advice: don’t rush to put in those talent points. You might want to focus your primary settlement on combat and raise farm accounts to funnel resources into your economy. Eventually, you’ll be able to complete the entire tree, but the choices you make in the beginning will have an outstanding impact on your progression until the late game.

State of Survival on PC: How to Raise Your Battle Power Quickly

Troops Battle Power

If you want to know how to recruit and maintain a zombie-smashing army that can also take on other players, feel free to check out the guide to SoS troops. The more you develop your base, the higher the tier of troops you’ll be able to recruit. Just don’t forget about including all six types of units in your army.

Tech Battle Power

Technology is often underestimated by new players, which is why you should hurry on and invest into researching the right abilities. We recommend you focus on the Development section to begin with, as this will exponentially decrease the time it takes to grow your garrison. Towards the endgame you can also expand into the Battle tree, as it becomes more and more obvious that the only way to move on is to fight other settlements.

State of Survival on PC: How to Raise Your Battle Power Quickly

Hero Battle Power

These special units are the ones responsible for clearing the Explorer Trail. However, they can also join your army in marches and increase your overall combat potential. The more heroes you have, the easier it becomes to make the right choice in a specific encounter. Just make sure to level them up appropriately. When you reach HQ level 16, a whole other aspect of gameplay will be unlocked, as you’ll be able to equip and craft gear for your heroes.

Beat those Zombies with BlueStacks

By focusing on your BP in SoS, you’re maximizing your potential to develop into the late game. Whatever you do, don’t turn your base into a passive resource-farming facility. Many have tried and failed, as the game will inevitably force you to go outside of your stronghold to look for more materials. If there’s one other thing that will speed up your progression, it’s playing State of Survival on PC with BlueStacks. We can’t even begin to explain how many hours’ worth of deadtime this emulator has allowed us to save.

State of Survival on PC: How to Raise Your Battle Power Quickly

If you lend your attention equally among these 7 battle power areas, you’ll be able to join a strong SoS alliance in no time. Just don’t forget that playing with other players is also about having fun and getting along, so don’t hold back on being supportive or making a bit of chit chat from time to time.

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