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Tales of Radiance on PC: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class

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Tales of Radiance may offer a fast-paced, no-nonsense (and no-storytelling) approach to combat, but it remains a Gacha game at its core. It’s definitely a wonderful change of pace that players have more tactical options in the planning phase of each battle, but no matter how brilliant of a strategist you may be, you can’t complete end-game content or compete in the highest arena tiers if you don’t have a decent pool of heroes at your disposal.

Tales of Radiance: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class

This is where the Summoning Shrine comes in. Top tier heroes are significantly more powerful than their 3- and 4-star counterparts, but, fortunately, you get to pull new ones fairly often. Not only does the game give you plenty of Diamonds to begin with, but the odds of drawing 5-star heroes are also pretty high. With that in mind, you’ll soon have to decide which heroes are actually worth your resources, which is why we’ve put together this list of favorites for each class.

The Sturdiest Tanks

You can use anywhere between 1 and 3 tanks in a squad depending on the situation and your available formations. These heroes won’t do much in terms of damage, but they will ensure that the rest of your team stays alive long enough to defeat your enemies.


This Fire-spec hero strikes a good balance between defensive and offensive potential. His first ability is an AoE that targets the entire front row for moderate damage, but also has a chance to cause the “On Fire” debuff, which can significantly increase the DPS of other Fire heroes. His ability to Resurrect himself with 25% HP is also a plus.

Tales of Radiance: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class


This Light hero has great stats and can inflict a Taunt-like debuff on enemies she attacks with her AoE ability. Her third ability, Guardian of Order, is a passive that throws a handy damage-absorbing bubble on the ally with the lowest HP. Every turn!

Tales of Radiance: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class


This Dark-spec character has the stats of a tank, but the abilities of a DPS. He can inflict curses (stackable DoTs) with freakish frequency thanks to both his two active skills and his passive ability.

The Most Reliable Supports

Although you probably won’t need one to begin with, supports become very important later in the game, when their heals and buffs ensure that your team can outlast their opponents.

The Oracle

This Light-spec hero brings the entire support package. Her first active skill heals the entire party, while her third ability can act both as a res and as a powerful single-target heal. Thanks to her passive ability, she even heals an ally when auto-attacking.


A Fire-spec character, Prometheus is a DPS-oriented support. His first active ability deals moderate damage to all enemy heroes, while the bubble he places on 3 random allies reflects damage back to attackers. His passive is a team-wide heal that is triggered by crits.

Tales of Radiance: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class


This Wind-type hero also boosts the team’s overall DPS, but, unlike Prometheus, his active abilities heal allies in addition to dealing damage. His most impressive skill is Hymn of Nature, which heals all allies and has a chance to grant them +20% ATK.

Tales of Radiance: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class

The Best AoE Mages

Although not all mages have powerful AoE abilities, the best of them excel at multiple-target DPS. They do not deal as much damage per target as a Fighter, for instance, but they are a great solution to reach squishy enemies on the backline and eliminate them before they cause trouble.


 A Dark-type hero, Anubis is the god of curses in Tales of Radiance. His first active skill targets three random characters for high damage and the chance to inflict a curse, while his second skill deals damage to and may curse the entire enemy team. Even his auto-attacks have a chance to place a curse on the targeted opponent thanks to Anubis’ passive ability.

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Tales of Radiance: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class


Although his base damage is not necessarily amazing, this Fire character can wreak havoc on the enemy team if he is used together with a fire tank and/or hero. Both his second active skill and his passive ability deal significantly more damage to enemies who suffer from “On Fire” or “Red Hot!” debuffs.


It’s only natural that the ruler of the Greek Pantheon should feature abilities that match his title. This Light-type hero is a master of AoE damage. Both his first and second active skills target all enemy units for high damage and a chance to paralyze, while his passive ability grants each hit the possibility to Silence the target.

Tales of Radiance: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class

The Hardest-Hitting Fighters

Some fighters can target multiple enemies at the same time, but the most effective of them are actually single-target characters. They may not be as flashy as mages, but the massive damage of their abilities can be used to take down dangerous enemies one at a time.


This Dark-class hero is one of the hardest-hitting in the game. His first active skill deals almost 200% of his ATK to the frontmost two enemy heroes, while his second active skill does no less than 360% damage to a single target. The latter ability does render him unable to strike during the following turn, but if you add together its damage and the hero’s passive 10% extra damage on tanks, the wait is more than worth it.

Tales of Radiance: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class


This Light-type character doesn’t equal the damage of Darklord, but he does make a good frontliner in case you want to replace one of your tanks. Most of his DPS comes from his two passives, which can deal additional damage on hit or retaliation, respectively.

Count Vlad

A Fire-class fighter, Count Vlad is an equally sound choice for a frontliner. His first active ability deals decent single-target damage, has the chance to inflict the “Bleed” debuff, and heals the hero for 20% of his HP. In addition, his second active ability does massive damage and can be improved even further when used on bleeding targets.

Tales of Radiance: Favorite End-Game Heroes for Each Class

Any of these heroes will make your life easier while you progress through the campaign or climb the ranks in the arena. This is why you’ll want to make sure that you get at least one during your initial pull, which, of course, will likely imply a couple (of dozens) of re-rolls. Before you curse your fortune and all the gods of Gacha, however, remember that you can re-roll much faster when you’re playing Tales of Radiance on BlueStacks.

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