Gamevil’s open-world mobile MMORPG Talion is one of a kind in its approach to the PvP system. Whether you prefer 1v1 matches to the death, 5v5 “capture the crown” or even bigger battlefields, Talion has you covered. To be fair, we were initially sceptical about the game and its reliance on the autoplay function in PvE. However, once we levelled past 20 and then some, we realised just how much potential for fun and entertainment it has.

We gave you a taste of the extraordinary strategic experience that Talion delivers in its Occupy RvR mode. But both the Occupy battlefield and other arenas are already stacked with players who know what they are doing. If you want to stay on top of your game, this BlueStacks guide will help you become a PvP god. You’ll still have to level up, upgrade your items, and make sure you know what you’re doing on the battleground, but you get the idea.

Pre-Game Preparation

Being consistently successful in PvP takes some planning. In fact, getting the right skills equipped before you enter the arena will often make a tremendous difference when you fight opponents that are similarly geared and levelled. Being able to crowd control, slow, knock down and stun is the bread and butter of defeating other players. The more you prevent them from casting their skills, the more chances for you to kill them before they unleash their own strengths.

As a Warrior, for instance, we have a wide range of skills available to us. Regardless of your character choice, similar abilities will give utility in PvP situations. Penalty, one of the abilities we’ve selected, is great both against players and monsters, since it applies a debuff to those you hit that reduces their defence by a substantial 50% for 10 whole seconds. We can’t emphasize how important this is. Use it before anything else to maximize your and your teammates’ damage output. It’s also inflicts decent area of effect damage in all directions, albeit not as strong as other skills.

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Passives can further improve your odds of surviving close combat. Bloodlust, for instance, boosts your PvP attack, while Craving increase the amount of health you can drain. For this class, Craving works particularly well with the Foresee active ability. The latter does damage to three enemies that are no further than 3 metres away from you, knocking them down. In addition, you gain a portion of your HP based on the amount of damage you deal. It works just like a lifesteal.

Foresee can be devastating in PvP encounters where you’re likely to fight a lot of people in a relatively small space, like the Team Battle. When everyone goes for the crown, use it to buy yourself some time and capture it yourself. It takes some practice, but when you get it right, you can be unstoppable.

Subdue is yet another ability that is useful against other players, since it knocks them down for 3 seconds and has an amazing 12 metre range. Still, none of these can compare to Overwhelm, the Warrior’s best friend when playing against others. With overwhelm, the warrior jumps to an enemy that is up to 12 metres away, lands, and then does damage to them and another 4 in their vicinity, simultaneously knocking them down and increasing defence by 50%. It’s a great initiator, since it gives you a chance to cast 2 or 3 other abilities afterwards, while also making you more tanky.

PvP Combat Tricks

We’ve witnessed way too many people auto-playing PvP battles. You don’t want to do this in any circumstance. If you don’t have the time to play them manually, do it at a later date, since you’ll be feeding away kills for free. Also, don’t just run in, cast everything and then stay there. Take a look at where this approach landed us: in a Major Clash, we were dead before we even had a chance to hit the enemy team’s Governor.

Ideally, you want to initiate and then keep chain-hitting people to increase your combo. After 10 chained hits, you steadily increase your odds of landing critical blows up to a maximum of 3%. It’s a viable strategy in both PvE and PvP. If you stop either using your abilities or your regular attacks for more than a couple of seconds, the bonus resets to 0 and you have to start over again. It’s a smart way of rewarding strategic use of skills, as well as a thoroughly fun approach to combat.

Additional items, such as Life, Defence, Penetration, or Destruction scrolls can be immensely useful towards making your abilities more impactful or increasing your survivability. The same holds true for the Magic Stones. It might seem like you have a lot to begin with, but, believe us, that’s not the case. Don’t, under any circumstance, put them on auto-use.

Another thing you should do is avoid enemy skills. Evading your opponents’ abilities is not possible with auto-combat, which is why we thoroughly disapprove of it. A well-placed roll will get you out of line of sight and spare you tons of damage. In addition, rolling being your opponent will give you a chance to keep hitting them and increase your combo, thereby eventually giving you a boost in your critical chance.

More importantly, where this is possible, always go for objectives first. For instance, in Occupy, you want to capture and defend as many utility sites as possible, whereas in Team Battles, the squad that manages to keep the Crown for the most amount of time will eventually win. You will often be tempted to get locked in skirmishes with one or two players. Don’t.

Getting the Upper Hand with BlueStacks

If everything is mostly automated in Talion’s PvE mode, this is clearly not the case in PvP. Letting the game play for you in the arena will certainly result in an instant death, unless you’re ridiculously overpowered. You might be, but in the off chance that you’re not, choosing the right abilities in the pre-combat phase, but also timing them in such a way so as to maximize their impact when fighting others will make the difference between victory and defeat.

Playing Talion on BlueStacks helped us win every time. Well, almost every time. We can’t control what our teammates do. Sometimes, you’ll lose, but that’s ok. What matters at the end of the day is that you’re having fun.

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