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Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role

Ah, the summoning system; the main attraction of any mobile gacha game. In Trial of Fate, whenever you’re not battling the evil Dynemperius, you’re likely spending time in your hero roster, upgrading your characters and equipping them with the most powerful gear you can find. Through constant improvements to both your heroes and your formation, you’ll work towards creating a team of unstoppable units.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role

Nevertheless, the problem when it comes to creating a good team is that there are many characters to unlock. There are over 70 characters, at the moment of writing, that you can unlock via summoning in Trial of Fate. Most of these units have a certain usage and can provide value to any formation. However, there are some heroes that, due to their awesome skill set, are universally praised and fit in any setup.

In this guide, we’ll go over the tier list of best heroes in Trial of Fate. These are some of the units that you should strive to obtain to create an awesome team early on.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role


These are the tanks of the formation. Defenders are meant to stand in the frontline, specifically in the middle slot of the first row, which grants them an HP bonus. These characters specialize in drawing the enemy’s attention to themselves, and away from your other party members. In this sense, they have many skills that damage enemies over a wide area, as well as other abilities that improve their survivability when surrounded by armies of mobs.

Here are some of the strongest candidates for defenders:

Leoric (SR)

You might recognize this incarnation of Leoric if you’ve played Dota before. In fact, some of his skills in Trial of Fate are similar to his iteration in the popular MOBA game. The Skeleton King is a strong tank with many skills that deal damage to nearby enemies. He’s also a powerful support as he can buff his allies with a lifesteal aura that allows everyone to restore their health with every hit. This is one skeleton you don’t want to mess with!

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role

Catalina (SR)

This powerful female swashbuckler, deceptively labeled as a tank, boasts powerful melee capabilities as well as a strong resistance to damage. Her primary skills singles out a target and deals three crushing blows to the foe. Meanwhile, her two other abilities deal damage across a wide area, which is ideal when tanking multiple foes. Her final skill is a passive trait that permanently increases her block rate by 50% allowing her to dramatically reduce the damage she suffers in combat.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role


These are the DPS characters in Trial of Fate. While the term “martialists” encompasses all physical DPS heroes, players unofficially divided them into melee, and ranged categories. This distinction is mostly due to their roles in PvP and PvE: While ranged DPS units are ideal for PvE, they’re not so great for PvP, and vice versa.

Keep an eye out for these martialists whenever you’re summoning new heroes:

Darius III (SR)

This monk is an absolute powerhouse for both PvP and PvE in Trial of Fate. However, his kit lends itself more for the former as he has some skills that increase his capabilities when battling other players in the arena. He has skills for stunning enemies, as well as for dealing extra damage to stunned enemies. Furthermore, he can debilitate a target and make them receive extra damage from your other units, making Darius ideal for whittling down powerful bosses. His “Ki Master” skill permanently increases his damage output and makes him nigh undefeatable in PvP.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role

Okita Souji (SR)

At the time of this writing, Mages currently dominate the meta. They’re strong and their skills cause lots of damage. Luckily, Okita Souji is the answer to this fact as this powerful martialist has a kit specifically-designed to counter Mages. His skills allow him to jump to the nearest enemy with the highest magic power, as well as to deal tremendous damage to the spellcaster. Furthermore, the higher the target’s magic power, the greater the damage Okita can cause. Lastly, he possesses an innate resistance to magic and has a skill that can drain the target’s rage meter, delaying the use of their ultimate abilities.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role


As their name implies these characters specialize in keeping their party alive and strong. Their kits revolve around healing skills and other traits to boost the performance of the party such as through damage increases, shields, or other beneficial effects.

Here are some of the best supporter characters in Trial of Fate:

Klara (SR)

This character is awesome for two reasons: She can heal and increase the damage of the entire party, and she can turn any unit into a tank for a few seconds. Her “Song of Warriors” skill targets the nearest party member and gives them a shield that absorbs 10% of the target’s max HP. Furthermore, this shield also taunts nearby foes, forcing them to attack the affected unit.

As you can imagine, if Klara uses this skill on a tank, it’ll greatly boost their survivability. For this reason, you should always position her right behind the Defender in the formation menu.

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Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role

Undine (SR)

She is an awesome all-around healer capable of dispelling negative effects from the entire party. Her entire kit revolves around healing so you won’t find a much better character in this role as her. However, while Undine can heal a considerable amount of damage from the entire party, she can also shield a single party member from harm.

When it comes to pure healers, you really can’t go wrong with Undine.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role


The spellcasters in Trial of Fate are some of the strongest units available. While they’re very fragile, they more than makeup for it with powerful spells that deal damage and cause myriad effects on the enemy.

Consider the following characters when adding Magi to your team:

Loki (SSR)

SSR characters are some of the greatest characters in Trial of Fate, and with good reason! They are some of the most difficult units to obtain via normal summoning, with a chance to acquire them of around 4%. However, Loki’s special both due to her very strong damage output, as well as due to how cheap it is to obtain her. By investing only $1, you can get your very own Loki character. While you can obtain her via regular summoning, being able to purchase such a strong character for so cheap is definitely an awesome move from the devs.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role

Case in point, Loki is a straightforward character. Her skills all deal tons of damage to multiple enemies, and can also silence her foes. Her passive skill increases her movement speed and magic power, allowing her to get out of the way of AoE skills, while countering with her own powerful spells. If you’re serious about getting into Trial of Fate, Loki is a steal and you should definitely consider getting her.

Pandora (SSR)

Pandora is a hybrid of sorts, sporting powerful melee skills that knockback her enemies and a passive ability that increases her max HP. Thought she’s not nearly as durable as her Defender counterparts, she can deliver tons of damage to multiple foes while standing her ground thanks to her superior HP pool.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role

Getting Diamonds for Summonings

Summoning new characters requires mostly diamonds. Though you can perform the ritual using other materials at times, you’ll use the game’s premium currency the most for your summonings. Luckily, Trial of Fate is very generous with its rewards. Not only can you obtain many diamonds by performing certain tasks, but the probability of receiving good heroes from every summoning game is higher than in other mobile gacha games.

As we mentioned in our guide on the basics of combat and team building, there are a couple of methods you can use to obtain diamonds.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role

The first is by completing your daily activities. These tasks consist of missions that refresh every 24 hours, and that revolve around completing certain levels, enhancing gear, and upgrading characters, among others. Some of these tasks award diamonds themselves, and also grant points that count towards a daily total. Once you’ve accumulated 100 points, you will receive a chest with additional diamonds.

The second consists of watching ads. Just below the daily activities menu, you’ll spot the “Watch” button that shows you an ad. You can watch up to five of these per day, with every advertisement granting you diamonds or other useful goodies.

Trial of Fate Hero Tier List: The Best Heroes for Every Role

By focusing on these daily tasks, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining the resources for your summonings. Keep in mind that, while the hero tier list we presented above includes some of the most powerful units in Trial of Fate, they are by no means set in stone. Since the game is still young, you should use your favorite characters and design strategies with them. Who knows, maybe you’ll set the new meta!

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