The Basics of Combat and Team Building in Trial of Fate

The Basics of Combat and Team Building...

A significant part of your time in Trial of Fate will be spent navigating menus to access the game’s many levels, stages, and challenges. As we discussed in our BlueStacks usage guide for the game, you can significantly boost your performance in this aspect via the proper usage of the tools that our platform offers. However, quickly and easily navigating through menus is meaningless if you can’t beat the stages that you’re supposed to access.

To this end, you not only have to optimize the way in which you navigate the menus and automate gameplay, but also your team composition and combat strategy. This is the only way in which you can complete any level on the first try, as long as you fulfill or are close to the required power level for doing so.

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when designing your strategies, which we’ll be discussing in the following paragraphs.

Controlling Your Team in Combat

While your team will handle most of the attacking automatically, you’ll need to issue certain commands to stay safe and avoid damage when possible. Even though your squad will rush towards the enemy automatically, you can control their movements via two main methods:

The first is by clicking and dragging on any character to make them move in any direction. This command is great for helping them to get out of the way of incoming attacks, as well as for positioning them so they can cause maximum damage with their skills. The second command you can issue is by clicking on an enemy, which orders your units to focus all their strength on a single target. For fights where there are tough enemies, this is your best bet for getting them out of the way early on.

Every battle has different objectives. In some cases, you’ll need to move through several zones defeating all the enemies located within. After clearing a wave of opponents, a portal will open up, allowing travel to the next area. In the end, you’ll run into a boss enemy, which is sometimes stronger than its peers. However, in most cases, we find that the boss enemy is a bigger version of other foes, with slightly higher stats. Nevertheless, you’ll have to go up against enemy heroes in some stages, which can prove challenging at times.

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In other stages, you’ll have to protect a crystal from enemy attacks. In this mode, the enemy spawns from several locations. Instead of you having to clear zones and moving to the next area, the enemy will come to you. If the crystal is destroyed, you lose the level. However, if you survive the onslaught with at least one character standing, then you’ll clear the stage—with a one-star rating, but a clear is a clear, right?!

A good strategy to use regardless of the mission type is to keep your squishy ranged attackers away from the enemy. As soon as the level starts, be sure to click and drag your ranged DPS away from the main group so that your frontline tanks can keep the enemy’s attention, while your ranged units destroy them from afar. The fact that your team is arranged in formation doesn’t necessarily mean that they always have to move as such. Flexibility in combat is the key to success.

Working Towards Creating a Good Squad

Once you’ve mastered the basics of combat, the rest is up to your team. Since your characters attack and use most of their skills automatically, it’s imperative that you find and create compositions that would have great synergy between them. After all, since this is a gacha game, you’ll likely find yourself grinding through the same levels over and over-farming materials. In this sense, the last thing you want is to have to babysit your squad through every level since they don’t work well together.

The idea of a favorable team comp is that they have positive synergy so that you can turn auto-battle on and forget about having to manage your members in battle since they’ll easily sweep the enemy. To this end, you’ll want some tanks to capture the attention of the enemy, a support or two to keep yourself healed, and several melee and ranged DPS to destroy your opponents. However, the difficult part about creating good teams is not so much about the complexity of the characters themselves, but from actually unlocking the units that you want to add to your group.

Like in any other gacha game, the only method through which you’ll obtain new characters is through the summoning system. By investing precious resources such as diamonds, you’ll be able to conduct special rituals to summon random heroes from the void. The result of every ritual is completely random, and herein lies the main timesink of these games.

Because we don’t have control over what units we summon, it’s better to make do with what you have at the start, and upgrade your starter characters until the RNG gods shine on you and you receive some of those powerful heroes. But don’t fret, many players report that the summoning rate of SSR characters, the highest quality in the game, is of about 4%, which is much higher than in any other gacha game, to our knowledge.

Make sure to save up enough diamonds for the initial 10x summoning offer, which goes for 1980 diamonds each. However, the first 10x summoning is always 50% off, so that’s 10 awesome characters for only 990 diamonds! You can easily get around 500 to 700 diamonds by doing the daily missions, which only take a few minutes to complete every day. If you’re looking to create a good team early on, then these missions should be your top priority. If you have little time to play every day, then make sure to at least complete them.

Knowing how to move in battle is imperative for your continued success in Trial of Fate. However, you’ll also want to work towards creating a team that can handle all types of situations without requiring too much micromanagement. By following the tips in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming self-sufficient in this game.

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