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A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate

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Part of the challenge in gacha games like Trial of Fate is unlocking the best heroes for your squad. In stark contrast with Soulstone summoning, which always yields a specific hero corresponding to the type of Soulstone, regular summonings are randomized. Consequently, building a good team with the best and most powerful character will take some time since you’ll need to grind for diamonds for every summoning ritual.

A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate

However, even though obtaining rare characters is very difficult in its own right, upgrading them is an entirely different matter. Nevertheless, upgrading is just as important as unlocking the characters themselves as even the powerful SSR heroes are weaklings when compared to a fully-upgraded unit. In other words, while the characters offer their raw skill and potential, these must be tempered through battle experience and upgrades.

Just like the summoning of heroes, performing upgrades requires its own set of materials, some of which vary per hero type. Furthermore, there are several methods through which you can improve any unit, all of which are aimed at upgrading a specific parameter. Nevertheless, if you wish to squeeze the maximum potential out of your best heroes, then you’ll want to become intimate with each and every type of upgrade.

Luckily, BlueStacks always has you covered. In this guide, we’ll go over the methods for improving your heroes in Trial of Fate.

A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate

The Hero Roster

Throughout your adventures in this game, you’ll spend a considerable amount of your time in the hero roster menu. In fact, we visit this menu so often that we even created a combo using the BlueStacks Combo Key to access it with the press of a button. If you want to know how to optimize your controls using our app player, then we recommend reading our BlueStacks usage guide for Trial of Fate.

One of the best things about this stats screen is that it doesn’t only show you random numbers. By clicking on the red “Details” button, and then on the “?” in the stats screen, you can view exactly how these parameters affect your character’s performance. After all, it won’t help much knowing that your character has 259 attack speed if you don’t know exactly how that translates to his performance in battle.

A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate

Regardless, the hero roster is where you’ll perform most of your upgrades in Trial of Fate. On the right of the screen, you’ll see four buttons through which you can carry out improvements on the selected characters. These improvements affect certain stats, and include the following:

A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate


While your heroes gain experience after completing a level, you can speed up the leveling process by using magical fruits. These fruits come in different sizes and grant bonus experience to the hero. They’re an awesome way to help a new recruit catch up with your main team so you can send him to battle without having to wait.


In this menu, you can use gold and skill books to upgrade a character’s skills. For every level you upgrade, the effectiveness of the corresponding skill will increase in turn.

Rank Up

The rank of your character is determined by the color of their portrait (grey, green, blue, purple, and orange). As you use runes and evolve your characters, they will rank up and learn new skills. This is one of the most important upgrades as it unlocks the maximum potential of any character.


In this section, you can use excess character shards to increase the corresponding character’s star level, greatly boosting their stats. Every awakening grants another star to a character, up to a maximum of five yellow stars and an extra purple star.

A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate

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The fifth button, “Reincarnate,” is not an upgrade per se, but a way through which you can refund all the resources that you’ve invested in the selected hero. In this manner, you can safely experiment by investing in your favorite characters, and work towards creating your own meta in Trial of Fate.

Even though the best heroes are usually those of higher rarity, you can still uncover some hidden gems by investing in underdog characters. To this end, we always suggest playing with the heroes that catch your attention. After all, if you’re going to sink hundreds of hours into this game, you might as well use the characters you like most!

A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate

Obtaining Upgrade Materials

As there are many ways to improve your heroes in Trial of Fate, you’ll also require many different materials to perform the said upgrades. Skill books, magical fruits, gold, shards, and runes, are among the most important ingredients for strengthening your team, and you’ll find yourself dumping hours into the game just to farm enough of them.

A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate

The game is nice enough to tell us where we can find some of the materials, while leaving it up to you to find the rest. Once again, BlueStacks is watching out for you. Here are some of the best ways for farming materials in Trial of Fate:


You can farm money from the Demonic Palace. However, you’ll want to purchase gold from the store later on when the costs become too high for farming through conventional means.


Shards are farmed in various levels of the main campaign. The exact level varies per character. If you wish to learn where to find a specific shard, click on the “+” symbol in the awaken menu.


You can get runes by completing levels in the main campaign. Like with shards, the exact runes you can farm varies per level. If you need a specific type of rune, you can click on the item in the rank up menu to learn where to look for it.

Magical Fruit

These awesome fruits are farmed in the Demonic Palace. You get two allowances per day and are rewarded according to your progress in every run. This is a good place for farming gold as well.

Skill Books

Once you unlock the Trials mode, you’ll be able to use this game mode as your main source for farming skill books.

A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate

A Guide to Leveling and Upgrading Heroes in Trial of Fate

Leveling and upgrading your heroes in Trial of Fate can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. However, this doesn’t have to be the case every time. As long as you know where and how to look, finding the materials to strengthen your formation is only a matter of consistency. To this end, make sure to complete your daily activities, and to use up your daily allowances for all game modes.

What’s your favorite strategy for improving your team in Trial of Fate? Leave your best tips in the comments below and help your fellow gamers out!

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