War Paradise: Lost Z Empire is actually quite an entertaining game to play for long periods of time, especially if you find the right people to play with. The only problem with strategy games is knowing the right tactics to get the strong start that most players have; such tactics propel them to the top of the server. It’s pretty unreasonable to expect a total newbie to learn all of this information right off the bat, so we’ve prepared this beginner’s guide to help them get on track.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

Keeping your city fully functional should be your main priority in War Paradise. It’s easy to carry out maintenance for such a small city, but it’s difficult to do so in a way that you don’t get left behind by the competition. If you’re a slowly developing city in a war-torn realm, it may spell your death sentence since other players are looking for weaker targets to attack and loot resources from. These are some of the things that players should carry out to avoid getting left too far behind and curb becoming an easy target: 

Maintaining A Good Economy

The city’s economy is the most important element of creating a strong empire. Resources such as oil, food, iron, and stone keep the city afloat by secondarily upgrading necessary buildings, researching new tech, and training troops that will defend your city. If you find that your city is constantly in a state where you don’t have enough resources to upgrade or train something in the early game, that means that your economy is chopped liver, and you’ll be left in the dust.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

War Paradise gives players a lot of free resource bundles in the early game, but you shouldn’t be dependent on them by any means. The city should be able to sustain itself by collecting resources, whether from its own facilities, by collecting it from an outside source – via military skirmishes – or both. This means that players shouldn’t minimize the importance of building and upgrading their resource production buildings or sending their troops to pick up some resource nodes in the overworld.

Preparing The Military

The military is another important part of your city and is the source of most of your power ratings. Even if you’re not planning on being a military-based city that attacks other players, you should still train troops either to defend yourself from other players or to collect resources from nodes or zombies on the map. Having a powerful military will keep you safe and earn the respect of other players.  Who knows, it might even get you noticed by a powerful guild that’s willing to take you in.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

There are four different types of troops in War Paradise. You should constantly be training troops until you reach the limit of soldiers that you can keep inside your city. Keep your army diversified by training different troop types so that you don’t get stomped by another player’s army. Heroes affect the troops’ stats, so it’s best to find out which troop type will benefit from various in-game sources’ passive bonuses. 

Maximizing Worker Efficiency

Countdown timers are the main hurdle in your quest to become the strongest player on the server. While there’s no easy way to deal with countdown timers (assuming you’ve used up all your Speedups), you can maximize the efficiency of your workers by trying to reduce the downtime it takes for you to start another action once the previous one is finished. You can do this either by setting up alarms or simply turning on the app’s notifications to keep you posted.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

Constructing buildings, training troops, researching new tech, building traps, harvesting resource nodes, and attacking players/zombies are all countdown-based actions. Make sure that all of your buildings, workers, and soldiers are always busy doing one thing or another so that your city’s progression won’t be hindered. The only time that you should allow yourself to have long downtimes between actions is during the night when you’re sleeping.

Completing Campaigns

Campaigns are sort of like an alternate game mode to give War Paradise: Lost Z Empire a bit of diversity and spice. However, this game mode can also be extremely rewarding; it drops some useful items that you can use to make your game marginally easier. Players should always participate in campaigns and events, especially when they’re just waiting for a few minutes before one of their actions is completed. This way, they don’t waste the potential to get something valuable.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

Players use their troops to complete campaigns, which implies that as long as you have a sizable army, you can finish all of the stages in the campaign. You can also re-attempt a stage that you’ve already finished just in case you want to retry getting a reward from that area or if the following stages in the campaign prove to be too difficult to handle. If you are stuck in a stage that you can’t complete, try to upgrade your military strength either through research or by training more troops.

Joining an Alliance

Joining an alliance is the most rewarding thing you can do in-game. An active alliance with a lot of members will surely serve as your primary lifeline when playing War Paradise: Lost Z Empire. Unaligned, solo players are usually easy targets since they don’t have anyone to back them up in case of an attack from a bigger player. Alliances can help out their members by sending troops to a member that’s being attacked to add to their total defensive power.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

Other perks of joining an alliance include receiving free resources, items, and even extra help constructing a building or doing research – all of these increase the efficiency of upgrading your city and make progression a lot easier because of the various rewards. Try to join a good alliance as soon as possible once you start. Don’t stay with inactive alliances because you might miss out on the chance of being scouted by better guilds that will better your city.