War Paradise: Lost Z Empire is a game that will place you in a situation where the concept of win or die is constantly looming over your shoulders. As the leader of a militarized city trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, you must make smart decisions that help you survive until the end of the server’s lifespan. Remember, you don’t have to be the #1 player in the server to be able to dominate your quadrant or become strong enough to play the game the way you want to.

War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Tips & Tricks To Help You Become Stronger

Power rating is the primary way to determine how strong a player is. Players need to raise their power so that they’ll get noticed by the bigger guilds while avoiding aggressive players who are trying to find easy targets to start raiding. New players aren’t as familiar with how to achieve this task compared to some of their veteran counterparts, so this guide will introduce some general tips and tricks to help the player become stronger to quickly increase their rating.

Spending Resources & Speedups

Inventory Resources and Speedups were meant to be used. During the first week of playing the game, players should always try to use all of their speedups and resources to skip annoying countdown timers just enough until they can skip the waiting time for free. This will speed up your progress later on and give you more time to upgrade buildings or do research that may take more than 20 hours to complete.

War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Tips & Tricks To Help You Become Stronger

Inventory resources help cover you in the early game while everything is low-cost, but the middle stages of the game will be more expensive. Early resource production is extremely slow even if you max-upgrade everything, so you won’t have a choice but to rely on inventory resources. Combine these two to reach Headquarters Level 10 or higher by the end of your first week so that you can give yourself a big boost and pat on the back. 

Making Use of the Military

Soldiers inside your city aren’t simply meant to be displayed or left alone to consume all the food in your city. Put those troops to good use by making them do their jobs. Deploy your soldiers all around the map to attack players or occupy resource nodes to help your city develop by a huge margin at a rapid rate. Beginners will get a free one-week shield that serves as a pass to leave their city completely undefended. 

War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Tips & Tricks To Help You Become Stronger

Be careful; attacking or scouting another player will destroy your shield, so make sure you’re ready to defend your base first before attacking another player. On the plus side, having a big kill count can also attract some of the more aggressive alliances to invite you into their alliance. After all, that kill count shows that you are willing to do some dirty work and allot your troops to their cause by joining in on attacks and raids against other players.

The Importance of Hero Equipment

Hero Equipment is crafted inside the Weapons Factory. Different equipment sets can be acquired and crafted here. Each set gives specific bonuses depending on the item that the player chooses to have their hero equip. Each equipment set depends on what kind of player you want to be. There are equipment sets meant for economy-based players, military conquest, and PvE content such as fighting zombies or occupying resource nodes, so choose the one you want to use carefully.

War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Tips & Tricks To Help You Become Stronger

Players don’t have to use one set of equipment for all of the slots, especially if they’re just trying to focus on one bonus type. It all depends on which bonuses you like more, so equip items accordingly. Don’t forget to upgrade your equipment to the next tier (indicated by the color) so that their bonuses will also be upgraded. Materials may be hard to find, but that’s exactly why you should always attempt to complete some PvE content.

Maximizing Alliance Perks

Joining an alliance is often more of a survival move to get protection from potential attackers. However, joining an alliance has other benefits that players might be interested in too. Once a player joins an alliance, they should think about moving to the Guild Hive, which is the location on the map where most of the alliance members gather to create a defensive advantage against enemies; it’s easier to send troops to one another this way.

War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Tips & Tricks To Help You Become Stronger

Players will also benefit by getting Alliance Gifts from the progress of other members. These gift boxes contain rewards such as inventory resources or speedups that you’ll need to stock up on as the game progresses. To get the maximum amount of perks from joining an alliance, make sure to choose one that is at least in the Top 5 rankings of the server to ensure that a good number of the members are active.

Raising the VIP Level

The VIP Level is pretty much a premium feature of the game, but even F2P players can maximize the bonuses received by this feature. Use the gold that you receive during the early stages of the game to upgrade your VIP Level since it offers a lot of useful permanent upgrades such as resource production bonuses, troop stats, and an increase in the Free Skip requirement so that you cut down on speedup ticket expenditure.

War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Tips & Tricks To Help You Become Stronger

Don’t be afraid to use your gold since there aren’t many things worth using this currency for, other than raising your VIP Level if you’re an F2P player. Using gold for countdown skips is a huge waste since you have a lot of free speedup tickets anyway.

The Shield Countdown

Maximize doing as much as you can before your Beginner’s Protection runs out. The Shield that is applied around your base won’t last forever and is a simple countdown for when other players can and will start attacking you. Finish all of the important tasks included in our War Paradise Resource Guide and Military Guide so that you’ll exit the protection safely with the right tools to survive the bloodthirsty world.

War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Tips & Tricks To Help You Become Stronger

Players have one week after starting to prepare as many things as they can in their safety bubble. More often than not, players that exit the shield safety period prematurely get destroyed immediately because of the game’s competitive nature. Prepare yourself for the worst, but if you follow all of the tips and tricks included in our guides, you’ll be head and shoulders above the competition.