War Paradise: Lost Z Empire uses the standard RTS war tactics to pit players against each other in the grand battle for supremacy. No player in this game can survive without some drawing help from the military, whether it’s the power of their own army or the protection of other players with more threatening militia than theirs. However, you can’t rely on others forever, so here’s how you can improve your military to become an independently strong city that can fend off other players.

The Best Way To Improve Your Military in War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

Developing a strong army takes a lot of military knowledge, good decisions, and a ton of time and resources to achieve. Check out our War Paradise Resource Guide to learn more about how you can improve your economy first before venturing into the PvP aspect of the game. Once you’ve established a good economy, you can move on to mastering the basics of creating your army so that you’ll form a decent enough force to fight against at least 80% of the players in your server.

Soldier Classes

There are four types of soldier classes: Infantry, Vehicle, Marksman, and Siege. Each of these classes has unique strengths and weaknesses, which makes diversifying your army such a critical task. The Infantry, Vehicle, and Marksman classes are the primary attack/defense units that have a rock-paper-scissors relationship in terms of counters towards one another. The Siege unit makes for a terrible defender but is used to attack other players’ bases to destroy traps and get rid of other defensive units.

The Best Way To Improve Your Military in War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

Players must balance the number of troop types they train so that they won’t get steamrolled after getting scouted. Having a diversified army forces the enemy player to send more troops to ensure a victory, which may discourage them if they think that the losses won’t be worth the risk they are taking. Unless you’re planning on attacking other players later on, you might want to reduce the number of Siege troops that you want to train so that you’ll have more potent defensive capabilities.

Importance of Heroes

Heroes are the centerpiece of an army and the city. There are different types of Heroes that you can collect as you play the game. These heroes are unlocked by collecting medals which can also be used to promote that specific soldier to improve their quality. Each hero improves the stats of a specific troop type when they are used to lead an army into an attack. Players can only add a specific number of heroes per march, so determine which troops need the bonuses more.

The Best Way To Improve Your Military in War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

To get the medals to upgrade a specific hero, you’ll need to join events, attack zombies, or occupy resource plots in the overworld to get a random chance at collecting specific character medals as a reward. Once a player collects enough medals, they can unlock/upgrade the character to whom the medals belong to. Upgrading your hero will also improve their Command influence and increase the bonus that the hero gives to all the soldiers that he/she inspires during a fight.

Improving Soldiers

There are two ways to improve a soldier: stat improvement or promotion. Stat improvement involves trying to increase the troops’ stats such as attack, defense, and health by using upgrades like research, hero bonuses, item bonuses, or account buffs. Stat improvement affects specific troop types and can have a large price tag. Since it involves upgrading a specific stat multiple times while using your resources for hours on end, you might want to stock up on resources before doing so.

The Best Way To Improve Your Military in War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

Promotion means unlocking the upgrade of a specific troop type to the next level. This is a permanent upgrade that allows the player to train new types of soldiers that have better stats than their previous versions. Troops that you already own won’t be promoted even after completing the research, so don’t expect your army to improve instantly. You’ll need to train a new batch of soldiers from that type, which you can stock up on while you use the weaker versions for expendable actions.

Scouting Ahead

Information is the key to winning any war. Scouting an enemy base will reveal necessary information such as the number of defending troops, resources, and fortification details that help protect the city. Assessing the defensive capabilities of the enemy that you’re trying to attack will help you determine if a fight is winnable or not. In case of a fight that you might not win, you can call upon your Alliance to rally some troops to help you eliminate the potential threat.

The Best Way To Improve Your Military in War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

Scouting depends on two things – your scouting level and the enemy’s defenses. If the enemy has a higher power rating than you, chances are high that they have better defenses against scouting, so the information that you get will be limited. In addition, players should be careful when scouting out others because this can be seen as an act of aggression that might prompt the enemy player to attack you before you can make heads or tails of the information that you gathered.

Types of Military Conquests

Raiding and sieging are the two types of military conquests that players often carry out. Raiding simply means that the player is only interested in getting resources, so they send troops to lightly-defended cities to collect loot without the risk of losing any soldiers by doing so. For this to work, players will often simply attack weaker players or those that have been AFK for a couple of days to ensure that defenses in that city won’t be sufficient to deal any major damage to them.

The Best Way To Improve Your Military in War Paradise: Lost Z Empire

Sieging is the more serious attack type. This involves sending out several waves of troops to destroy the enemy’s defenses until the enemy player is left with nothing but their resources to get collected. Sieging is often a group effort, but a major player can likely siege by themselves. The aim of sieging is either to break the opponent’s morale until they quit the game permanently or are forced to restart their progress in another server.