Resource economy in War Paradise: Lost Z Empire is the backbone of building a successful future to improve your standing in your server. The economy affects all of your other tasks. Resource scarcity can heavily slow the rate at which your city grows, making you a potential target for stronger cities to increase their kill count. Even worse, if you’re a part of a competitive guild, you’ll potentially give them grounds to kick you out because your wasted slot may be better suited for a player who can contribute more to the guild.

The BlueStacks Guide to War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Economy

Developing a good economy requires a deeper understanding of the different parts before you can improve it. War Paradise uses the standard system of economic growth that most mobile RTS games use to ensure that players have a consistent flow of resources. The only problem that players may face when using these resources is that they may not be choosing the best times or places to use these bonuses. Once you figure that out, you can maximize the development of your kingdom without losing out. 

The Primary Resources

The primary resources in War Paradise include oil, iron, stone, food, and silver; gold is the premium currency that’s completely optional to get. These resources can be obtained by various means, but the most common way is by upgrading your resource production buildings. You can see how much resource you have left by looking at the uppermost part of your screen. The blue bar indicates how many resources you have per maximum limit that you can achieve.

The BlueStacks Guide to War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Economy

War Paradise might have a resource limit, but players can exceed that limit to add more resources in addition to their production. One might do this if they are in need of upgrading/researching something that costs more than the maximum limit. Players can also increase the number of resources they can store and produce by upgrading resource buildings. Not having enough resource buildings can be devastating, as it bottlenecks your entire operation and causes you to lag behind in your server.

Resource Nodes

Resource Nodes refer to the tiles on the overworld that give free resources. Depending on the resource node’s level, the number of resources that can be gathered there increases. Players may send troops to occupy these nodes or attack an occupied one to take control of it for themselves. It takes a while to gather the resources, especially if the player is collecting a large amount, but they have the option to pull back their troops any time that they want to.

The BlueStacks Guide to War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Economy

During the later stages of the game, especially if you’re situated in contested territory, gathering resource nodes becomes a heavily military-based conquest. The strongest players will always try to monopolize all of the resource nodes on the map so that the competition will have fewer ways to catch up to them in terms of resource production. The person that has the strongest military will always be the one that controls all of the resource nodes – either for them or their guild.

Production Upgrades

Upgrades aid resource production the most. These upgrades can come in the form of building upgrades, hero equipment, hero talents, and research progress. The best and most reliable way to get resources is always through the use of your natural resource production, especially if you’re an F2P player or one that doesn’t have a strong military presence in your quadrant of the map. The later stages of the game will involve more expensive upgrades that are difficult to keep up with.

The BlueStacks Guide to War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Economy

During the earlier stages of the game, players will make use of their inventory resources since a lot of the buildings cost almost nothing. As weeks go by, players will realize how quickly the resources that once filled their bag would drain, mostly from the sheer costs of doing all the tasks necessary to upgrade your city. When the time eventually comes that your inventory starts running dry, you’ll need to rely on your city’s production. That means players need to start upgrading as soon as possible. 

Military Conquests

There are two ways to earn resources using military conquests – gathering and attacking. Gathering involves units collecting resources from nodes in the overworld. Attacking is much more complex in the sense that your troops are always at risk of being completely wiped out. This implies that the resources you used to train them will weigh down the resource that you gain from attacking other players. Military conquests are usually carried out for long-term games.

The BlueStacks Guide to War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Economy

The best way to make sure that your military doesn’t get wasted is to invest in attacking an AFK player. Even if you lose a lot of your troops during the attack, you can continuously farm that player to reimburse the costs of war since they won’t go online to train more units to defend their base, but their city will still continue to do its regular functions such as producing resources until they reach the maximum capacity that they can build. Attack those cities once or twice a day to get the maximum resources.

Inventory Resources

Inventory resources are the new player’s saving grace in such a competitive game. War Paradise gives players a ton of inventory resources that they can use any time whenever they’re short on upgrade requirements. The best part about this is that it’s completely free, and there are a ton of ways that players can collect these inventory resources simply by playing the game. Unfortunately, it falls off after a couple of weeks when you reach the 1 million power rating threshold.

The BlueStacks Guide to War Paradise: Lost Z Empire Economy

Players should maximize the use of these resources but shouldn’t go overboard because overflowing your resources above the maximum limit is a waste. Don’t be afraid to use these resources to do necessary tasks because they will just keep on flowing later on. In fact, players should try to use it as much as possible in tandem with speedups to upgrade their city so that they’ll have a faster time catching up with the strongest players on the server.