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A First Look at Warface: Global Operations on PC

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Warface: Global Operations is yet another long-standing FPS franchise that’s looking to get their share of the mobile market. Honestly, after Activision’s resounding success with CoD: Mobile, we wouldn’t blame them. On paper, Warframe looks like it has everything it needs to enter the mobile market from a strong position. After half a year of beta-testing, the devs over at say that it’s finally ready. However, whether the game achieves what it sets out to do… is a matter of opinion. It definitely has potential, but we’re kind of on the fence on whether it’s worth your time and/or money just yet.

A First Look at Warface on PC: Global Operations

Don’t get us wrong. WGO is still fun to play, but we wouldn’t get too excited about it if we were you. In this BlueStacks guide, we’ll go though each of the game’s facets in great detail, showing you all of its strengths and weaknesses. We got our first look at the game in its pre-release format, but it’s safe to assume that this is pretty much what we’re going to get in terms of mechanics and combat even after the game is officially launched.

Is WGO actually Warframe?

Short answer: no. The way we see it, the unique selling point of the Warface franchise is its complementary class system. Are these implemented in the mobile version? Nope. At least, not yet. Does the game run as smoothly? Niet, as the CS: GO comms would say. So far, the game is a less than ideal version of CoD. Moreover, since it doesn’t have a battle royale mode, it can’t fully compete with CoDM or the other two elephants in the arena, Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. We were really hoping for something to enter the room and really challenge this triad.

A First Look at Warface on PC: Global Operations

We were also promised a PvE mode, which is currently nowhere to be seen. Despite the fact that the PC version of the game is backed up by the immense potential of CryEngine V, this doesn’t seem to be the case with the mobile version. In fact, one of our major complaints is related to latency and the engine itself. We’ve lost count of how many times we ended up dying at the same time as our opponents. No grenades, just plain ol’ rootin’ and shootin’ – Mexican standoff spaghetti western style. Only that nobody wins. Or everybody does?

A First Look at Warface on PC: Global Operations

Is it just us or should this not be happening in any shooter game, ever? Even if we allow for a statistical possibility, it shouldn’t occur more than, say, once or twice in a game, if at all so often. Instead, we end up in simultaneously dying anywhere from a quarter to a third of all close encounters. This would actually be romantic, if it weren’t so aggravating and physically defying. If only star-crossed lovers had our timing.

A First Look at Warface on PC: Global Operations

For anybody over at who is reading this, please tell us whether it’s a feature or something-about-to-be-fixed. We want to know whether we should plan to die together on a regular basis or stop putting ourselves in situations where this is possible.

What About the Fun Stuff?

We promised that Warface: Global Operations is fun and, well… it is. Kind of. The trick, as we see it, is to run laps around your opponents with SMGs and Shotguns. The auto-aim helps out tremendously. It doesn’t guarantee you the kill, but it does nudge your crosshair in the right direction. Just like in CoDM, you can restore health over time, if you manage to find a place to hide. The respawn window is no more than 10 full seconds and you bet that people will be coming for you the instant it runs out.

Play Warface: Global Operations on PC

A First Look at Warface on PC: Global Operations

Grenade kills are omnipresent, while running to a safe spot to recover one’s armour is a staple tactic, both of which we find render the game more fun to play.

Upgrading our rifles is yet another satisfactory aspect of the game. There’s just something alluring about guns and talent trees. We think there’s great potential to develop this FPS into a tactical masterpiece. As we can tell from the character customization menu, there is one skin that we’ll be able to get by levelling our free Season Pass, but the coolest ones remain locked behind real-money purchases. This is kind of disappointing, as we were hoping to be able to create a female character or perhaps minimally customize the default one.

A First Look at Warface on PC: Global Operations

Even if it’s a small feature, we do enjoy the fact that we get to see our lifetime Win and K/D ratio as soon as we get into the character screen. If possible, we’d like to see a breakdown of these stats by league. For example, if we were to pass from Bronze I to a higher one, we’d want to find out how we did in that skill range independently of what happened in the newbies’ section.

When it comes to the P2W perks, the WGO loses us completely. For 950 gold, you can buy a Kevlar vest that’s 10x more powerful than your initial one and 3x better than the one you unlock at level 10. The same is true for weapons. The more you advance in level, the better the paid options become. If big spenders wanted to make a name for themselves in the FPS genre, this is definitely where it’s going to happen.

A First Look at Warface on PC: Global Operations

Given how much your power counts in WGO, this P2W advantage generates even more inequity. The higher your in-game power, the bigger your damage and defence bonus against weaker opponents, a buff which can go up to a whopping 50%. FPS enthusiasts will know right away that this feature effectively destroys the possibility of having a balance between F2P and P2W individuals. Devs, please nerf accordingly.

Daily and/or weekly quest rewards come in handy, but you’ll be using the money to unlock the necessary basic weapons, while keys will take you down the lootbox avenue. After what happened to us in CS: GO, we’re not keen on going down that path.

Play Better with BlueStacks

We’re happy to report that playing Warface: Global Operations on PC with BlueStacks will definitely improve your PvP experience. You can read more about it right here, but, for now, suffice it to say that it diminishes the odds of those lovely engagements where you and your enemy die at the same time. Now, we got some levelling to do. That AK and M40A5 aren’t going to unlock themselves.

A First Look at Warface on PC: Global Operations

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