World Flipper combines the thrill and excitement of old-school pinball games with the modern elements of mobile gacha RPGs. The result is a game where we can create squads with a varied roster of unlockable characters, which represent the “balls” that go into play, and then use them to smash relentlessly against the enemy to destroy them and progress through the different stages.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

In our beginner’s guide for World Flipper, we went through all the basics elements of the game, explaining everything you need to know to get started. This time around, however, we’re going to go over a few tips and tricks that you can use to get a head start or to boost your performance in World Flipper. 

Play on BlueStacks and Never Miss a Single Shot

As we mentioned just now, the combat system in World Flipper, while fairly straightforward, takes a degree of skill and practice in order to master its intricacies. Particularly, since most of the combat takes place by using pinball flippers to fling your characters straight into the enemy’s weaknesses, you need to always aim carefully. Unfortunately, your aim can be significantly reduced if you’re playing with sub-par controls, which is what happens when you’re playing on your phone.

Instead of gaming on your phone’s small screen and touchscreen controls, you can play World Flipper on BlueStacks and enjoy this new pinball gacha RPG on your PC, with your large computer monitor, and with the unparalleled accuracy that your mouse and keyboard can provide. And the best part is that installing your favorite Android games on PC is very easy and takes only a few steps. Check out our PC setup guide for World Flipper to learn more about this topic.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

However, a large screen and better controls isn’t the only thing that our emulator has to offer when playing World Flipper. BlueStacks also offers numerous tools and features, all of which can be used to enhance the player’s experience with any mobile game. 

The most notable BlueStacks feature for World Flipper is the Keymapping Tool, which you can access by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A while This tool is an element with which you can create control schemes using your mouse and keyboard, which will in turn greatly increase your precision when in combat. Regardless of whether you’re looking to land precise shots with ease, or want to streamline using skills and simplify other aspects of the combat in World Flipper, playing on BlueStacks is definitely the way to go.

Reroll and Unlock Powerful Units from the Beginning

Even though World Flipper has quite a unique combat system, similar to that of a pinball machine, it’s still a gacha RPG at the end of the day. What this means is that, whenever you’re not in combat, you’ll probably be spending resources to upgrade new characters, or unlock new units through the gacha system. And regarding the latter, obtaining powerful units from the beginning is a great way to streamline your progression, as good characters can make it much easier to defeat enemies and bosses.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

As with most other gacha RPGs, it’s possible to reroll in World Flipper to summon a few powerful units from the very beginning. In fact, this game makes it quite easy as it not only lets you skip the tutorial, but it also grants you tons of free resources. Especially right now during launch week, players get enough freebies to do three 10x pulls, plus an additional 1x pull which is a guaranteed 4 to 5 star character.

By the way, playing on BlueStacks can also make it much easier to reroll in World Flipper, as our Instance Manager will let you reroll with multiple accounts simultaneously. Instead of doing three 10x pulls per run, imagine doing six, or maybe even nine, for a total of 90 pulls every few minutes. While this won’t help to increase your odds of getting good units from the gacha, the sheer number of rolls you’ll be pulling will significantly speed up the rerolling process.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Check out our reroll guide for World Flipper to learn more about this process.

Combos are the Key to Victory

Just like with regular pinball, you can probably do fairly well simply by mashing the flippers haphazardly and smashing into enemies back and forth. Or better yet, you can use the game’s auto-combat system and let it play itself to get fairly decent results. However, instead of randomly mashing the flippers, the most skilled players aim closely to strategic spots to unleash powerful combos and stay aloft as much as possible. This is because, as your characters strike the enemy without coming back down to the flippers, your combo will increase, which in turn will charge up the flippers and allow you to perform power flips.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Power flips are useful moves performed by your squad leader, which vary depending on the class of the character. However, regardless of the type, these powerful abilities can completely eradicate all enemies if used correctly. Furthermore, there are three levels of power flips, which are accessed by unleashing long combos. The longer the combos, the higher the level of the power flip. 

You can always check the status of your power flip by looking at your flippers while your units are in the air. For every time a character strikes an enemy, your flippers will fill up with energy. You can store up to three charges of energy, after which your characters will perform a power flip the next time you push them into the enemy.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

These combos are doubly important for bosses since, in these fights, you not only have regular power flips, but you can also fill a fever bar by unleashing combos. Once filled, the fever bar will bestow powerful benefits to your entire group, which vary depending on the boss.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Use the Trajectory Indicators to Aim with Precision

Something that some players might not realize is that World Flipper actually offers a guidance system to help aim your shots. This system revolves around the trajectory indicators that pop up whenever your characters are rolling over the flippers. As soon as your squad touches the flippers, you’ll see a translucent line pop up above them. This line indicates roughly where your shot will line up if you press the flippers button at that exact moment.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

While you can basically eyeball most of your shots, and you won’t really have much time to aim with the indicators in the tougher challenges and stages of the game, these trajectory indicators can be very helpful. Especially when it comes to fighting against bosses, the indicators can help to target their weaknesses, if you have enough time to line up your shots, that is.

Rush Through the Story

Like with many other gacha RPGs, World Flipper has an extensive story mode with countless different levels and stages. And while these levels increase in challenge as you progress, one of the best things you can do at the beginning is try to rush through all the levels. This is because not only do you get tons of premium currency to perform more summonings, but you’ll also progressively unlock new features in the game.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Whenever in doubt, just continue with the main story.

Keep Your Best Characters Upgraded

Even if you reroll and obtain powerful and rare units, you’ll still be hard-pressed to win the most challenging levels if you don’t upgrade them. This is because, in the grand scheme of things, even rare 5-star units are weak when they’re at level 1. For this reason, our best recommendation when it comes to increasing your power is swinging by the character menu often to see if you have any pending upgrades.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Remember that leveling up is not the only way to increase a unit’s stats; you can also progress through their mana board to unlock permanent stat boosts, as well as to uncover additional parts of their story, or equip them with better armaments. And speaking of armaments, you can also upgrade these pieces to unleash their maximum potential, though you won’t really have to worry about that in the beginning.

As long as you keep your characters leveled up, and focus on progressing through the mana boards of your most powerful units, you should be fine, particularly if you rerolled and summoned a few great characters from the beginning.

The Best World Flipper Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

As you continue to play the game, you’ll receive a wide variety of materials and armaments which you can use to keep your characters in top shape. Similarly, you’ll also unlock other modes which will introduce other ways to play the game, offering new challenges, as well as methods through which you can farm and grind for valuable materials.