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World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

As you progress through the early stage of World War Rising, it’ll soon become apparent that your resource needs far exceed what you can produce at a time. This might not seem the case when you’re at Command Center 7 or 8, as the rewards from completing missions will generally give you enough mats to continue playing, but it will definitely be the case once you hit level 10 and beyond.

World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

For instance, to upgrade our Command Center to level 12, we need close to 500,000 Stone. Our overall income is at about 10k Stone per hour, whereas our upgraded Warehouse can only hold about 300,000 – unless we give up on any of the other resources. The CC might be the most expensive to promote, but it’s also just one building. Think of how much you’d need to level all of your buildings just one rank.

Building a Sustainable Base

Now that you have some perspective on why you need to farm, we’re going to tell you how you can do it quickly. Before you go on, though, you might want to check out our tips and tricks for WWR beginners, as well as our guide to growing your Command Center fast. Both of these pieces have invaluable information for new players – from general mechanics to specific details that’ll save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

Unless you are a P2W player, you’ll need to figure out several sustainable ways to generate resources. Having your resource income maxed out, as well as several deployments constantly gathering mats from neutral resource nodes in the world will definitely help. However, resource demands will continue to increase at an exponential rate, which will make it impossible to manage things alone.

World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

So, what you’ll want to do is make sure to join an active and strong Alliance. A tall ask, you might say, but nothing is impossible if you’re hard working. Just take to the region chat and interact with players. We managed to join a mid-to-late game group of people within our first couple of days just by asking nicely. Once you’re in an Alliance, you can construct the Trading Post, which lets players exchange resources between themselves.

World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

Play World War Rising on BlueStacks

Now, from here onward, you have two avenues which you can pursue. Most people go either-or, but you could try to do both if you’re dedicated enough. The first and one of the more popular methods to expand your own operations is by means of multiple farm accounts. This is made incredibly easy with the BlueStacks’ Multi-Instance Manager feature.

World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

All you have to do is first link your main account to an e-mail, preferably your main address, since you do not want to lose the progress here, and then set-up several more, proportional to the number of farm accounts you feel OK managing. The Multi-Instance Manager lets your run as many accounts simultaneously as your machine can handle. Talk about multitasking!

The other alternative you have is to do hyper farming, which basically means that each alliance will have specially designated people maximizing just one type of resource income and distributing the latter to everybody else by means of the Trading Post. If the latter’s tax is too demanding, attacking one-another while the base is empty also works.

Farm Accounts and/or HyperFarming

Having just one WWR account severely restricts your growth possibility, so you might want to have at least one, possibly two other bases doing grunt work for you. This is a good idea even if you’re part of an active, hyper farming group. You never know. In this manner, you can have your main account focus on military research and troop improvements, rather than economics and resource gain.

World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

The second reason why you’d want to have some farming accounts is that the space outside your main base is quite limited. As you can see, we already filled up everything we could and we’re still falling behind. Imagine how it’s going to be once you pass CC level 20. For your secondary bases, you’ll be doing a variation of the skeleton build – namely building only the strictly necessary to advance your command HQ, as well as investing in the Economics skills of your Hero and Research Lab.

World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

Later on, you’ll also be able to equip your hero with resource-boosting items, such as the Piped Cap, but you really don’t want to do that on your main base. The latter should, instead, be optimized to attack and defend. This method basically ensures your main is not dependent on resource gathering at any time.

World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

With hyper farming, you have several groups of 4 people working together to produce all the resources needed to evolve, except for energy, or course. Then, they divide what they get among themselves, equally.

The main problem with hyper farming is that you’ll have to have a person that does not have long-term ambitions for their base. To produce food at a large scale, you can’t have any meaningful troops, since big armies will require tons of upkeep. Typically, food farms will have to fulfill orders both big and small, so they have to be active on a constant basis. They’ll be the ones sacrificing themselves to help everyone else out.

A Booming Base with BlueStacks

Because hyper farming is such a complex endeavor that requires ultra-specialization, a high level of dedication, and extensive sacrifices, not many alliances resort to it. Instead, everyone usually sets up farming accounts to get what they need, when they need it. With BlueStacks, you can do this at your own leisure, without having to constantly log off and on your main account. You can still trade, by all means. What are alliances for if not to help one another out when in need?

World War Rising: How to Farm Resources Quickly

All you have to do is make sure to have the latest version of the application and then get as many instances of the virtual machine up and running as you have accounts. A commonplace for WWR top tier players is to set-up secondary Alliances entirely for farming in order to keep things neat and organized. After all, some of the greatest military blunders in history were due to lack of food; just remember Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow or the Battle of Changping.

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